Ok, the Jacob hater's story that I promised!!! Have fun

"Ok, we have the eggs, dog biscuits, dynamite, machine gun filled with silver bullets, and toilet paper!" Myrtle Maneet said, grinning evilly.

"HA! He will never know what hit him!" Ectwforever said, taking the dynamite and laughing evilly.

"Yes I know! Ok so who is going to ring the door bell?" I asked, looking at our group for any volunteers.

"Oh, I will. This is going to be so much fun!" Bella Swan aka Mrs.Cullen said, standing up and walking up to the front door.

"Ok, I will take the machine gun." I said, grapping it off of the ground and loading it up with silver bullets.

"I have the dog biscuits, but I put vampire cologne inside of it." Myrtle Maneet said, getting the dog biscuits in position as Bella Swan aka Mrs.Cullen was almost at the door now.

"I have the dynamite!" Ectwforever said, getting in position also.

"I've got the eggs." Edwardcull3nfan13 said.

"Kyasurin15, hurry and put in your fake vampire teeth!" I whispered.

"I'm hurrying, just hang on! You can't rush these things." Kyasurin15 said, putting in the vampire teeth.

"Ok, I stand right here."Em'sgirl123 told us, getting ready.

Ectwforever, Edwardcull3nfan13, Myrtle Maneet, and I all ran towards the bushes, waiting for our brilliant plan to work.

We saw Bella Swan aka Mrs.Cullen ring the door bell, and who opened it was no other then our target.

"Can I help you?" I heard Jacob ask. We all started to laugh quietly to ourselves, knowing that Jacob might never want to come out side again after this.

"No, wrong house." Bella Swan aka Mrs.Cullen said, smiling as she slowly turned around and started to scream.

Kyasurin15 was pretending on trying to suck the blood of Em'sgirl123, and she was doing a good job at it.

"Oh my god! Hang on!" Jacob said, sprinting down the walk way towards them.

"NOW!" I shouted, while everyone emerged from the bushes, pointing there weapons at Jacob who was now frozen in place.

"What the hell is this? Am I getting punked?" Jacob asked, now smiling at all of us.

"Silence!" Edwardcull3nfan13 yelled, throwing an egg at Jacob's head. He stumbled back a bit, but then gained balance again.

"What the hell is this?" Jacob asked, clearing irritated now.

"We are here to tell you to stay away from Bella and Edward." I said, aiming my machine gun at him but he didn't even seem to notice.

"And what if I don't?" Jacob asked, slowly taking a step towards us, trying to scare us away.

"You are about to find out." Myrtle Maneet said fercily.

"You think a bunch of kids are going to tell me to stay away from my love"- I cut Jacob off by signaling Ectwforever. She lit the dynamite and threw it at Jacob, who caught it in his hands.

"What is this?" he asked, but we all started to run away as comprehension slowly dawned on his face. He threw it in the air but it already blew up, causing him to go flying backwards.

"AHHH! You stupid punks are going to pay!" he shouted, limping his way over to us but we all aimed our weapons at him.

"FIRE!" I screamed as I started shooting him.

"DIE SCUM!" Ems'girl123 screamed, throwing eggs at him.

"Take that!" Myrtle Maneet shouted, throwing dog biscuits everywhere.

"HA!" Edwardcull3nfan13 said.

"Yeah try running from this!" Ectwforever said lighting and throwing a couple more dynamite in his direction.

"Oh what are you going to do now fool!" Kyasurin15 said grapping the toilet paper off of the ground and throwing it over his house and trees.

"Oh yeah, what are you going to do now!" Bella Swan aka Mrs.Cullen said, grabbing some of the dog biscuits and throwing it at him.

We all ceased fire after a couple of minuets and waited for the dust to go away so we could see what damage we did.

Jacob was standing there, with a couple of scratches on him but it looked like that we didn't even damage him at all.

"Rip off." I muttered, as me and our group started to advance a little on him. He just merely smiled and started to come towards us too.

But all of a sudden there was a loud honking sound and then this truck started to come towards us. Correction is started to come towards Jacob.

Jacob jumped out of the way just in time as we started firing off our weapons again at him while we started to slowly go towards the truck.

"Hurry up!" BlackIrises said, opening the door for us to get in.

"Where did you find this?" I asked as everyone got in.

"Not the time to ask questions, we have to go now!" she said as she stepped on the gas peddle, leaving a very pissed Jacob behind.

"We need to go back and finish our job." Edwardcull3nfan13 stated, looking back behind us.

"No we don't, Jacob's stupid little pack is following us." BlackIrises said, gripping the wheel tighter.

"No there not"-

But all of a sudden there was a car behind us that was gaining speed fast.

"I'll take care of this." I stated as I rolled down the window, pointed my gun and started firing at the car.

But they dodged my bullets very well, so I rolled up the window and looked anxiously up ahead of us.

There was two cars in front of us, which made BlackIrises stomp on the brakes causing the truck to go spinning to a halt.

As all of us lifted up our heads, 7 people emerged out of their cars and stood in a perfect spaced out line.

"Wow." We all said at once as Jacob and his friends came to a halt also.

To be continued…..