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Kimberly Hart was in cloud nine and she wasn't sure she wanted to go back to earth.


She had never felt more beautiful than that one time when Tommy called her with the new nickname less than 24 hours ago. Okay, it was pretty embarrassing to faint right in front of everyone, including Zordon and Alpha, but it's not like she could have prevented it. She couldn't think of another occasion where she felt more surprised and ecstatic than that moment when the White ranger revealed his true identity to the team. Tommy Oliver was back.

Granted, they had been dating for only a few months but she could honestly admit she'd never felt anything like this about a guy before; the warm, tingling and fuzzy feeling that rushed through her everytime Tommy was around.

Sometimes when she looked at her boyfriend (it still felt too weird to think about him like that—a boyfriend), all she wanted to do was punch the wall with happiness and perform ten rounds of backflips that could impress any gymnastics judges. Their relationship was still very new and they're still trying to get used to it. Fortunately, they were best friends far before they started dating, or in Jason's words, before they stopped being stupid and realized their true feelings towards each other.

It's still hard to believe that they were truly together. When her eyes caught the first glimpse of Tommy, he seemed really… cool, and distant. Honestly, the thought of Tommy preferring a girl who was more lady-like came across her mind more than a couple of times. Someone who was more attractive, serene, soft-spoken, graceful, elegant…very different from her bubbly and bouncy personality.

However, Trini helped her to realize that their differences were one of many important factors that made their relationship worked. They're compatible after all.

Kim kneeled in front of the dark blue tent in the middle of Zack's backyard and carefuly pulled down the zipper. After the small celebration party at the Youth Center, they had gathered in the Black ranger's house to continue the fun.

Trini had told her to check the boys' tent when she asked the Viatnemese about the newest member of the power team. Now that everybody was busy playing twister in the living room, Kimberly was gazing longingly at the sleeping figure of the White ranger. The weather was fairly warm that he had discarded his long sleeved shirt, leaving him only in his white tank. That was a sight that made her breath catch in her throat. She knew it was silly since he often went shirtless everytime he was practising karate, but still.

It took all her power not to shout to the world that she loved him. Sue me, I'm still a girl after all. A girl in love…

Kim crawled over to Tommy's side and for a while just looked down at the face that had haunted her dreams since she saw Tommy bowing to Jason on his first karate match in Angel Grove. Kissing him was allowed, right? He's her boyfriend. With that thought in mind, Kim leaned over and lightly brushed her lips against his forehead.

Oh my… I have it so bad.

The pink ranger laid down on her side and propped her head on the back of her hand. She could spend all day watching Tommy. She felt as giddy as a five year old who just got an early Christmas present.

Chewing her lips somewhat nervously, she slowly supported her body on her forearms. Tommy had his right arm stretched out and she was seriously tempted to cuddle up next to him. The question here was, did she brave enough to do that? True, they were officially a couple now, but they rarely ever showed that kind of affections. Something that still frustated her till this day.

There were times when all she wanted to do was to grab Tommy and kiss him like she'd always dreamed of. The problem was, she didn't want to appear too eager. Scaring him off was the last thing she wanted to happen. They had shared three more kisses after their first kiss near the pond and sometimes he would hold her hand in public; but it felt like Tommy was holding back. Still, a simple look from him could make her heart racing faster.

Though he never told her, she could tell that the new leader of the Power Rangers was still very self-conscious about himself. The fact that he had been evil once and nearly killed his new friends only made it even worse.

Kim slid next to Tommy and so very slowly put her head on his arm. The urge to wrap her own around his middle and snuggle up closer into his side nearly overwhelmed her, but she held back. She didn't want to wake him.

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply of the scent of Tommy's aftershave and perspirations. Feeling fully content with here and now, she drifted off to sleep.

Two hours later

"I can't believe I fell asleep like that!" Kim hissed to Trini who had been truly amused when she found Kim sleeping peacefully in Tommy's arm. "It's a good thing that Tommy was a heavy sleeper. He didn't even budge," she said again, for a strange reason feeling a bit disappointed.

"He's your boyfriend, Kim," Trini said with a sly smile which made Kim blush even deeper. "Just relax and don't be so uptight about it,"

"You say one word…," Kim warned. "You know what? Maybe I'll tell him. I didn't do anything ilegal," Kim declared fiercely, watching Trini's eyebrow raise and she insisted. "I'm serious! If you don't believe me, I'll go to him now and tell him. You may come with me if you...-,"

The words died in her mouth when the large glass door opened and Tommy walked inside. Kim's face turned redder when she saw Tommy lifting his right arm and tried to move it with a grunt.

"What's wrong?" Jason, who just walked into the living room, asked. He stood beside Kimberly with a wide smile that he didn't even try to hide and Kim's guard rose almost immediately. She suddenly had a really bad feeling…

"I don't know," Tommy replied with a frown, still trying to swing his arm back and forth. When his eyes met Kim's, he shot her his lopsided grin that normally would melt her heart. But not now. A knot suddenly formed in her stomach. "I fell asleep and when I woke up, my arm was numb. It feels kinda sore. I almost can't feel it,"

At Tommy's blunt complaint, Jason burst out laughing and Kim wanted to hide under the table.

"What?" The long haired guy asked perplexed.

Jason swiftly pulled out something from his pocket and shoved it to Tommy's free hand before Kim managed to snatch it from his grasp. She couldn't believe it. Jason had taken a picture! Kim shot Trini a dirty look and lowered her head. She didn't dare to look at Tommy.

"Kimberly molested you in your sleep," Jason announced lightly.

Kim closed her eyes in embarrassment, feeling Tommy's eyes on her. Jason was so going to get it!

So much for a romantic evening…

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