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This is an exchange to a friend who completed a challenge that I proposed to her. One of her favorite characters in the entire anime world is Seto Kaiba. (who doesn't love this guy?) So I decided to write a story about him (and Serenity) since writing is the only thing I'm good at. Plus lately I have been fangirling over Yu-Gi-Oh and the Seto/Serenity pairing. This story is going to be short; I planned it out to be less than ten chapters. (Though, I doubt it.) I'm hoping to get it done before Christmas. (Failed!) I'm warning you now that characters will be a bit OOC. Flames will not be allowed, but constructive criticism is welcome.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the title of the story is from a song sung by Cherie.

Seto Kaiba is not attracted to his brother's secretary. He doesn't find her appealing or attractive. He doesn't want to know how she tastes or feels like. Seto Kaiba is NOT turned on by her. So why does he stare at her ass when she's walking? Seto x Serenity

Betcha Never

Betcha never you'd touch my heart…

"Seto, you need a date for Sands' party."

The typing stopped and blue eyes looked up.

"Schroeder will have field day if he sees you unaccompanied again. You do remember what happened last time, right?" His younger brother teased.

"Mokuba, you know very well-" However, the younger man didn't let his brother finish.

The nineteen year old man walked around his brother's spacious office. His light purple eyes held mischief as he spoke. "I know…I know…you don't care what he thinks or what anyone thinks, but do you really want to deal with the women?" He looked away from the window that over looked the city of Domino. "Every time you go alone, you have women throwing themselves on you." He watched as Kaiba continued with his work, "You remember that one that slipped her hand down yo-" The typing stopped yet again.

"Don't you dare finish that." It was not a request, but a demand. Unlike others, Mokuba was not affected by the famous Kaiba glare. "Mokuba, don't you have work to do?"

"Nope, I finished the Singapore papers already." Mokuba sat down on the black leather couch in the office. "I have Serenity adding the finishing touches before faxing them over to Tan."

Kaiba felt a bit uneasy when he heard her name. Mokuba felt this and smirked, "I'm sure Serenity would make a perfect date." He made himself comfortable as he thought back to his secretary.

Serenity Wheeler had been working for Kaiba Corp for the last two years as his secretary. She was very good at her job, Mokuba never complained. He didn't hire her because she was Yugi's friend or Joey's little sister, he hired her because was an intelligent young woman who was organized, formal, responsible, and she was the only one who made his brother drool. Mokuba's grin grew as he remembered the many times he caught his brother staring at the young Wheeler. Mokuba couldn't blame Seto, after all Serenity was a fine woman with nice curves. However, Mokuba wasn't interested in her, he had his eyes on a certain American blond, but that's another story.

Kaiba couldn't believe what his brother was saying. He, the Seto Kaiba go out with the mutt's little sister? Just the thought of that made the CEO laugh. Going out with that woman was the last thing the twenty-four year old man was going to do. Kaiba had women crawling for him; he can pick any actress or model he wanted. If that was so, then why do his eyes always look at her figure when she walks down the hallway? Or why does he stare at her lips as she talks? Why does he wonder if she tastes as sweet as she smells?

'Damn male urges!'That was only reasonable explanation, the CEO could think of. After all, he was a man who was interested in the opposite gender and had certain urges once in a while. Even though, Serenity was the mutt's sister, she was a female with nicely developed parts. She was completely different from the time he remembered in Battle City a few years back. Kaiba was acting like any other man; he was just observing the eye candy.

His brother's voice snapped Kaiba out of his thoughts.

"Serenity won't so anything inappropriate." Mokuba emphasized a few words, "She's a suitable woman with morals and she can be friendly to even the fakest of people." The dark haired boy listed her traits with such a happy tone, but that changed.

"You know Seto…" Kaiba's sapphire eyes met the gaze of his brother. "Serenity is a very attractive woman. She'll turn heads at the party. You, like always, will became the envy of every man in that place with her at your side, don't you think?"

"Mokuba when did you became a perv?" His sweet innocent brother was acting like a over grown man who only had sex on his mind.

Mokuba gasped, "Seto, I'm nineteen, remember? How do you want me to think?" He asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And don't think I'm blind!" He stood up and walked over to his brother's desk, "I have seen the way you look at her and Joey would get pissed off if he found out."

Kaiba rolled his eyes at his brother's statement. "I don't know what you're talking about…" He closed his laptop and moved it aside to look over at some papers.

Mokuba placed his hands on the black wooden desk. He continued pressing on the topic. "You don't have that lustful look in your eyes when you stare at her, but more of a-"

Kaiba didn't like where this was leading too, he didn't want to hear anymore of this. "Enough!" It was one of the few times he raised his voice at Mokuba.

The dark haired man was taken back a little. It was his cue to stop. "Very well…" He placed his arms at his sides, "However, I still think Serenity would be a good date to the party."

Before Kaiba could reply back with a witty comment, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in…" Kaiba said expecting it to his secretary with the folders he had asked for an hour ago. His cold eyes stayed focused on the documents in front of him. He didn't see his brother's mischievous grin.

"Speak of the devil…" Mokuba whispered so only his brother could hear.

"Mr. Kaiba, Neya asked me to give you these folders."

It was her.

"I need coffee…" The young woman with ginger locks rested her head back as she finished with the papers in front of her. "That took longer than I expected…" She continued saying her thoughts aloud. She closed her hazel eyes for a moment, just relaxing before getting up.

The twenty-two year old woman sighed before getting up, today was such a tiring day for her. Even though, she did the same thing almost everyday (Monday thru Friday) today felt so much slower. The woman gathered her things and neatly placed everything on her desk before walking out into the main hallway of the floor. She held the folder in her hand tight, it held important documents.

'All I need is Kaiba to approve and sign them before I can fax them out. Luckily, Mokuba signed them before he went out…'Serenity thought to herself as she walked over to the elevator.

The secretary thought of boss and couldn't help, but smile. He was such a nice boy well man. In Serenity's eyes, Mokuba would always be the little boy she met in Battle City. She had been working for Kaiba Corp for two years, during this time Mokuba was more involve in the company and he needed some assist. Serenity instantly applied for the job like many other women did. She desperately needed the money to pay for college. Awful college debt. She was fortunate to be hired and to have Mokuba as her boss. If it was Seto Kaiba, Serenity was sure that she was going to get fired on her first day. After all, Kaiba never did like her friends or brother.

The hazel eyed woman felt a bit uneasy as she recalled that part. Seto Kaiba, the young CEO with the power and money that many dream of having. He said to be a cold hearted person who will do anything to get what he wants, even if he has to crush a soul of another. Serenity did remember how he acted during the Battle City tournament and she always heard Joey say something bad about him, but during her work at Kaiba Corp, she didn't see that cold hearted person many talked about. On the contrary, he was just like every man she had met, every business man that is. He is, of course, angry, stubborn, and arrogant at times, but that was just to keep up an act. In the business world people don't take you seriously if you act nice or gentle.

The so called dragon wasn't that scary to begin with. Serenity recalled her short moments with the CEO. She never felt that terror when his sharp cold blue eyes were upon her or when he spoke to her in his icily tone. She felt nothing…well maybe her heart beating a little faster. Like the majority of the women in the world, Serenity found the young CEO attractive. There was a reason why he was voted the number one bachelor in Japan for five years in a row, Seto Kaiba was just gorgeous. Serenity had a little crush on the brunette, but she knew that her fantasy would never come true.

Serenity knew her relationship with the older Kaiba was never going to get further than business. Unlike some women who try daily to grab his attention, Serenity just admires from away knowing that someday her prince will come and her crush on Seto Kaiba will fade away. Seto Kaiba only loved two things, power and Mokuba.

Her smile still graced her face. Ah...Mokuba. The one person that made Kaiba human. She had caught the brothers interact a few timed and, though many might not believe, Kaiba had a soft side.

"Excuse me, miss?" Serenity instantly snapped out of her thoughts and looked up at the eyes of the man who held the elevator doors open for her. "Are you going up?" He asked again.

Serenity nodded, "Yes, thank you." She stepped inside and the doors behind her closed.

"Ah, Serenity..." It was a hoarse voice, "It's nice to see you."

Serenity smiled as she got closer to the desk of the older woman. "Hello Michiko-san, I see that you're still sick." She greeted the older woman.

The forty-nine year old woman glared, "Oh please stop being so formal, Serenity." The dark haired woman coughed a bit. "And yes, the cold hasn't gone away, but don't worry some tea will do the trick." She took a hold of her mug on the desk.

Serenity would suggest going to see the doctor, but the older woman would just argue that she was fine. She shook her head, "I really hope you get better and soon. You could have taken the day off."

"You know that is impossible." Michiko said before taking a sip of her tea. "Remember, I'm the secretary of the older Kaiba. I'm sure Mokuba would have given me the day off, but Seto is a different story."

Serenity couldn't help, but agree. Michiko was Seto Kaiba's secretary, he was very demanding after all he was running an empire. "Is he in there?" She asked remembering that she needed him to look over some papers.

Before Michiko had a chance to answer, the young woman in front of her started to sneeze. "Oh dear, I hope you didn't catch the cold." The dark haired woman said worriedly. She gave the girl some tissues.

Serenity took them and shook her head. "Oh no, maybe some dust or allergies." She didn't want the woman to be worry over her.

"Or maybe someone is talking about you."

Serenity shrugged at the other woman's words, "You never know." She giggled as she threw away the tissue paper. "So is Mr. Kaiba in?"

Michiko nodded, "Of course he is. You know well that he never leaves his cave. Mokuba-san is in there as well."

"Really?" Serenity questioned, she thought the boy went out. She started to walk towards the office doors.

"Before you go, can you give this to Mr. Kaiba? He asked for them a while ago, I was too busy with some stocks updates to give it to him." Michiko held up a few folders, Serenity nodded and took them before knocking.

"Come in."

Serenity walked into the office and closed the door behind her, "Mr. Kaiba, Mrs. Neya asked me to give you these folders." Kaiba didn't look up from his papers. Mokuba, however, had his full attention on her. She smiled towards her boss, who returned the gesture.

"Serenity did you finish the papers?" He asked as the woman stood beside him.

She nodded as she placed the folders on the Kaiba's desk. "Mrs. Neya is sorry that she didn't give them in earlier, but the stocks updates were keeping her busy." Her hazel eyes looked at the brunette behind the desk. He still remained silent. She continued, "I finished the Singapore papers and only needs your signature, Mr. Kaiba." Serenity presented her folder and saw from the corner of her eye Mokuba's smile widen.

The younger man chuckled, "I knew, I could count on you Serenity." He placed a hand on her shoulder, "Seto, Serenity deserves a treat for her work." The woman looked confused at her boss, something was up with him.

"Mokuba, I-" She was interrupted.

"No, no…Serenity you are a valued employee here in the company." Mokuba said with such pride that Serenity was so close of blushing of embarrassment.

"Mokuba quit it." Kaiba finally spoke and his blue eyes looked directly at his brother. He refused to see the woman. Her scent had already wrapped around him. "Wheeler, you can leave. I will have Neya send the papers down after I finish."

"Oh big brother, that's rude. You know that Michiko-san is sick and making her go up and down is mean." The boy's voice was teasing yet again. "Serenity will stay here until you finish." His eyes laughed and Kaiba knew this.

"Now if you don't mind…" In reality the others did, "I'm going to the coffee shop, Seto I'm getting you sandwich cause you have to eat something and Serenity I'll get you a vanilla latte since it's your favorite. Plus it's your treat." Mokuba started to walk towards the door, "Like I said before, Serenity you stay here until he finishes with our papers and that's an order." He closed the door behind him.

Kaiba knew Mokuba did all of this on purpose. His mind was already thinking of ways to get back at his brother.

He didn't want to, but he had to, Kaiba's blue eyes looked at the woman before him. Luckily for him, his desk covered her slender legs that attracted him however, he still had a nice view of her other assets. Her white blouse fit her perfectly, he was sure to get a good view if she bent down a bit. He mentally cursed at himself for thinking such things.

"Give me that folder." He snatched the folder from her hands quickly. His eyes needed to focus on something else.

Serenity was a bit surprise at his sudden action. It broke her train of thoughts. She was thinking about Mokuba's behavior, he was a bit too happy to her liking. It was as if he was plotting something. However, she got rid of the thought. Mokuba was a growing boy, so it was normal for him to act weird once in a while. She then thought to her other boss...the older Kaiba looked as if something was bothering him.

'I wonder what that is…'