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Seto Kaiba is not attracted to his brother's secretary! He doesn't find her attractive. He doesn't want to know if her kisses are sweet. Kaiba is NOT turned on by her. So why does he stare at her butt when she's walking? Oh denial. Seto x Serenity

Betcha Never

Chapter Six

This wasn't how Seto Kaiba expected his evening to end. He was expecting another restless night of reviewing outlines, punching numbers, signing some contacts, and making calls to some idiots cross the world about new installments to one of his games.

Instead, what he got was a drunken woman, who had him on fire just moments ago, nuzzling her face into his neck.

Seto didn't know if this was better than his usual nights. Definitely better…

Her moist lips brushed against him. Kaiba felt a hot sensation again. He bit back a groan. He had to remain in control. He needed to be composed. Serenity, obviously, wasn't.

The red head was off in her own little world. The day's events, the stress she felt, and work had finally gotten to her. The alcohol gave her sweet release. Yes, it was a drunken, not thought out, and will give her headaches in the morning release, but it eased her inner turmoil. Serenity was simply happy and craving for more. And she went for it.

Seto was having a hard time remaining in control when she leaned up for another kiss. Unlike their first kiss where he dominated, she was the one with the power. Serenity wanted to make the Seto Kaiba weak and she did. Seto melted in her touch. She didn't hold back. She nibbled his lip and quickly was granted access. She moved fast and swiftly as she tasted every bit of Seto Kaiba.

This time Seto couldn't help back the groan. Not only was the kiss turning him on, but as well how her fingers tangled themselves into his hair slightly massaging him sending shivers down his spine. Who would have thought that the little woman was a vixen? Seto liked it. He liked it a lo-


The sound of glass breaking broke Kaiba away from his lustfully trance. Serenity moaned in frustration at his actions.

"Sir…" Miku stood at the entrance of the living room. The older woman tilted her head in a questioning manner. "Tanaka wishes to know if he will still be taking Ms. Wheeler home." She asked as if she didn't just want in on her boss making out with said woman.

Kaiba felt a wave of heat rush to his face. "No…" He whispered. "She will be staying the night." It was already too late. She was in no state to be in her apartment alone. She was even barely awake. He looked down at the woman. Serenity had her eyes closed as she rested her head on his chest. She was slowly drifting off.

Miku watched with amusement, but she made sure to keep her best poker face on. She had been working for the Kaibas for some time now. She has seen both good and bad moments…but this was something new and interesting. She didn't really believe Mokuba's words when he mentioned Seto's interest in someone. She brushed him off, but now she couldn't do that…not with this pretty little scene.

"Will she be taking in one of the guestrooms or in your room, sir?"

Seto instantly looked up with a glare at his maid's implications. "Guestroom."

Miku nodded as she tried not to smile. "Very well."

Mokuba cursed as Miku walked in on them. "No!"

The moment was ruin…well not completely. They managed to kiss again. That was something. He watched on the screen as the maid left leaving Seto and Serenity alone. He couldn't make out what his brother was saying to Serenity, but he knew the passionate moment passed. The young man sighed. Tomorrow was another day. Something else would happen.

'Well Becky is coming…' He thought to himself with a smirk. Even though, she hung up on him after his bathing comment, Mokuba knew she was coming. She wouldn't be able to resist her curiosity to see if Mokuba's words were true.

He gave the video feed a last look before grabbing his phone and heading to his own room. Seto had already left carrying Serenity bridal style to one of the rooms. The image of his brother carrying his secretary like that made Mokuba smile.

Would it be too soon to register them up for the wedding? The younger Kaiba laughed.

"There you go…" Seto laid the woman down on the bed. Serenity had reluctantly let go of her hold on Kaiba as she was placed down on the soft bed.

The brunette watched as the woman made herself comfortable on the bed. He pulled up the covers before retreating back a bit and taking a seat on the edge of the bed. He looked down at the floor as he collected himself. He really didn't know what to think tonight. And that frustrated him. The woman whom he was eying at for sometime now has flipped his world upside down in one single day. One single day.

Kaiba needed order, logic, and reason. He didn't like this turmoil of confusion and raging emotions. And today it all exploded in his face. First he was acting like a schoolboy with a crush going over to her office, then seeing green envy and jealousy, then back to the fucking crush and admiration over their dinner, and now like a horny teenager in the living room. This wasn't him, this wasn't Seto Kaiba.

'All blame on my male urges!' Kaiba went back to his number one excuse. 'I'm only acting this way because of my body…I'm..I'm…' The excuse started to sound ridiculous to him as he thought it over.

If it was only his hormones to blame then he would be acting the same way towards the other women at his company. He would be staring at them when they walked away from him. Or would be thinking of them when they were close. Yet, he wasn't. He was only like this when it came to Serenity Wheeler. If another woman had kissed him, sober or not, he would have pushed her away. Yet, he didn't with Serenity. He embraced it.

The man allowed himself to sigh and admitted defeat. (Thankfully, there was no one around to see it. The only witness was sleeping peacefully and luckily no cameras for Mokuba to watch.) It wasn't just physical attraction. The conclusion scared the CEO.

Seto looked Serenity's sleeping figure as he thought about his new realization. His feelings were based on more than her sex appeal. Yes, she had stunning features…but also a personality. Though, she worried a little too much about small things. And she was a perfectionist which made her very stubborn, annoying to work with, and a pain at times. And she wandered too much in her thoughts. And she was a little naïve as well. And she had a habit of biting her pens. And she constantly hums when she's typing. And…Yet with all of this, Seto was ok with it.

"Damn it…" How did it get to this? He gently rubbed his temple as another sigh escaped him. Seto couldn't pin point the moment it happened. He never would have bet this would happen. She was the mutt's little sister and yet, here he was with his heart beating a little faster when she was around. It-

"Seto…" The man snapped out of thoughts and looked back at the red head. He feared she was awake. What would she say? Do? She would remember?

Fortunately, he didn't have to worry about that. Serenity still slept soundly. She snuggled into the oversize pillow and once more whispered her boss' name.

Shock over came the brunette. She was dreaming about him. This was interesting. A sudden thought hit him. Wasn't there a theory that alcohol exposed the truth and one's hidden desire? Could it be that Serenity had a crush of her own on him? He didn't take her feelings into consideration, but now he did. Seto smirked as it settled in. He couldn't help, but wonder.

Serenity smiled as she continued off in her dream. What she was dreaming about? Seto didn't allow himself to think too much about it. He quickly cut it short as his male mind wandered to some impure thoughts. He couldn't deal with more. It was time for him to go.

But, not before indulging himself with one more kiss.

It was delicious.

Ha! It was funny. She described a kiss as being delicious. How was that possible when all she tasted was the bitter cranberry and vodka? Regardless, the kiss was delicious and just oh so good. Serenity smiled to herself as she recalled her dream. She buried herself deeper in the bed.

'Mmm, the pillow is so soft.' Serenity loved it. 'The bedding and cover too.' Everything was just so comfy.

Too comfy.

Serenity opened her eyes. Her wide hazel eyes took in her surroundings. She wasn't in her room.

'Calm down.' Serenity sat up as she collected her thoughts. Panicking wouldn't do her any good. She had to take it step by step. What was the last thing she remembered?

'I went home with Kaiba…Mokuba had some papers…Miku gave me some juice…But it wasn't juice…Oh my…' Little by little everything started to come back to her in a haze. She was in the living room alone. She was poking at the glass figurine and it shattered. Then Kaiba came. Then…

Serenity gasped. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't a bloody dream. She had actually made out with her boss. This was not good. Not good at all. The woman started to hyperventilate.

It took Serenity a good five minutes to work up the strength to move out of the bed. She needed to get out like now. She had to get ready for the worse. She was going to get fired. She had to look for another job. She would be lucky if she got even a recommendation and not blacklisted. 'Calm down!' She told herself as she gathered her belongings on the nightstand.


She jerked up at the sound of her phone. Serenity wasn't going to bother with it now. It was probably Ryouta to make fun of her or be nosy about last night. She didn't want to deal with it. She walked towards the door. Before she had a chance to touch the knob, it opened.

Serenity instantly covered her mouth to mute the scream.

"Oh dear, I didn't mean to scare you." Miku said with concern as she walked in the room with a box in hand. "I'm sorry."

Serenity shook her head. "It-it's okay."

Miku frowned, but didn't push on the topic. "Well…good morning. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." She was lucky she didn't have a hangover. Though, she would like that rather than dealing with what's to come. Kaiba must want to talk to her about her bad behavior last night.

The maid had a feeling what Serenity was worried about. She wanted to laugh. This morning Seto was the same…still in wonderment and shocked over the events that happened. "Here are some fresh clothes. I ordered them this morning from one of our tailors. I'm sure you it will fit your perfectly. You can get ready in the bathroom over there." She gestured to one of the doors in the spacious room. "It will have everything you need. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to call me." She pointed at the phone. "Dial 005."

Serenity nodded as she took it all in.

"And Mokuba is making breakfast this morning. You can call him at the kitchen by dialing 016 if you want something specific done. Though, it might take him a while to pick up, he's entertaining his guest Ms. Hawkins. My best bet is to just go downstairs." Miku smiled and continued answering Serenity's unasked question. "As for Mr. Kaiba, he's still in his room. I doubt he will be going to down for breakfast."

Serenity sighed in relief.

"So are you going to kiss the chef for the awesome blueberry pancakes?" Mokuba said as he leaned on the counter. He gave the lovely blond in front of him a charming smile.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow. She stared at the other with a bored look. She didn't utter a word, but just took a bite of her pancake.

Mokuba touched where his heart was. "Oh I see how it is the silent treatment." He cried dramatically. "Fine! Be that way. I will weep in sorrow." Once again, he received no reaction.

Yet, it didn't discourage the Kaiba. She needed some time to warm up that was all. He decided to give that for a while. Mokuba turned around ready to make more pancakes. Serenity should be waking up by now and she will surely be hungry. The dark headed man started to hum to himself as he poured the batter.

The blond at the counter watched with amazement as the other cooked. Rebecca had expected to be served by one of the housekeepers. She did not think that Mokuba Kaiba was a master in the kitchen. Though, she won't admit aloud the pancakes were delicious. She'll damned if she let that slip out. The younger Kaiba already had a big ego and she wasn't going to feed it. But, she was interested what else could Mokuba do…?

"I was thinking…" Mokuba said as he watched over the stove. "for our date, I would make you dinner."

Rebecca snorted. "It's not going to happen."

"Tsk, tsk, don't be a sore loser, darling." The boy teased. He looked over his shoulder with playful purple eyes. "After all I told you and showed you, you still think you are going to win?"

Rebecca frowned as she recalled what she was shown earlier. The first thing Mokuba did when she came to the manor was pull out the feed from last night. To say that the little genius was surprised by what she saw was an understatement. It just wasn't possible. Yet, the proof was there recorded. Sadly, there was no sound, so she didn't know what they said. But, their actions spoke loud enough. The scene was straight out of a romance flick. (Not that Rebecca watches them…Lie!)

She was worried. She was actually going to lose the bet.

'That might not be bad…' Rebecca's eyes widened at her own thought. Where did that come from? No, it was not good. She wasn't going to funded! And she wasn't going to give Mokuba the satisfaction of the date…even if he was willing to cook for her. It was a nice, considerate, and romance thought…(Hmm, another in denial?)

"It was just a kiss. There was no emotion behind it. Just lust. He was acting on the moment." Rebecca reasoned with that. This was Seto Kaiba. He doesn't do romance, damn it! Alas, it was hard to believe her own words.

Mokuba watched with pure glee as the girl got angry. Oh how adorable. He could kiss her right there but resisted from doing so. They were near sharp objects…and Becky might go wild.

"We'll see…" He grinned. "Now for our date, maybe we can go to the villa-"

"Not going to happen." Rebecca got up from the high chair. "I need to get away from your insufferable ego." She stormed out of the kitchen.

Their date was going to be hell. Call him a masochist…he'll call it love.

Seto walked down the hallway for the fifth time. Before he would reach her door, he would walk away. He didn't know what to do. (That has been happening a lot lately.)

Last night, he went to bed thinking about his little epiphany. His last conscious thoughts led him to a very ravaging dream…but he wasn't going to think of that now. He needed a clear mind if he were going to talk to Serenity. That's if he did.

What was he even going to talk to her about? 'Oh, you recall last night? Yea, about that…'

He should probably wait longer. Kaiba started to like that idea. He had other things to see too. This could wait a little longer. Plus, he had to make sure this wasn't just a passing thing. (Nope it wasn't…) It was a crush, right? It's not like he actually admit anything about lo-love. He rolled his eyes at the love. No, it wasn't…right?

The brunette started to walk away, but stopped short when he saw a familiar girl.

"Good morning, Seto." Rebecca greeted cheerfully. Ah, just the person she wanted to see.

"What are you doing here?" Kaiba raised an eyebrow. Shouldn't she be off in a lab or playing with her toys?

The girl brushed off his question. "I heard a rumor from a little raven."

Kaiba remained silent as he crossed his arms. She was up to something. If she was working with Mokuba this was going to trouble for him.

"You're having an affair with the secretary?" She wasted no time to get to the point. As much as Rebecca wanted to believe it was just a spur of the moment kiss…it was difficult. She had to see how Kaiba would react to the idea of a relationship with Serenity. She wanted to push his buttons and see if this crazy idea Mokuba had held some truth.

Kaiba held his composure. However, his blue eyes betrayed his astonish and angry. How did she? It donned on him how she found out. "So you're boyfriend told you." He fired back getting her angry as well. Kaiba was well aware of his brother's relationship and feelings towards the American.

Her green eyes narrowed. "Haha, very funny." Her voice was deadly. It didn't faze Kaiba. Come on, he invented the whole scary persona act. "Now, what's your deal with Serenity?" She got back on topic.

Kaiba didn't like her question. It was none of her business in the first place. "Why do you care?"

Rebecca smirked. "So you aren't denying there's something going on?" Now she needed to know was it lust or love? "What exactly are your intentions?"

Kaiba was at lost for a moment. There was really nothing going on…but last night. "There's nothing going on." He finally said. "I have no intentions." He didn't...yet, then why was he going to go to Serenity's room?

The girl wasn't convinced. She adjusted her glasses as she gave the CEO a hard look. He was unsure. He wasn't lying, but he wasn't telling the whole truth either. Sadly, what she was seeing was helping Mokuba's claim. "Liar…" Rebecca said hoping maybe one more push will do something.

And it was really what he needed. Kaiba's pride was showing its ugly head. He wasn't going stand here getting questioned by a kid! He didn't have to deal coming from her! She was just nosy…nosy little brat. This was his matter, his fucking problem. "Look Hawkins, what I do with my secretary is my business." And just to make sure, she dropped it for good, he added. "And that is what Wheeler is, a secretary to me and nothing more." He lied through his teeth.

Rebecca retreated to silence. It wasn't because of his words or that cruel tone of his, but because of the woman that stood by the guestroom door.

Kaiba looked over his shoulder to follow the girl's gaze. His azure eyes met hurt hazel ones.

Serenity forced herself to be professional. "Thank you for clearing things up."