This fanfic is at some point after Ryuu begins to stay with Kyuu. It is a work of fanfiction and has nothing official to do with the official version of this anime and manga in any way whatsoever. For interesting info about this fic, please see its blurb in my profile page.

Shounenai-BL-Yaoi warning! If the thought of two beautiful men who are attracted to each other makes you squick, best go read something else!! Rated PG-13 for fun sexual overtones. Rowr!


It's All an Act, You Know

(one: Kyuu)

Kyuu watched from the corner of his eye as Ryuu delicately nibbled at an octopus-sausage. Ryuu's pale and graceful hand held the chopsticks in that almost feminine manner which always made Kyuu's pulse race. Ryuu's teeth were white against the dark red skin of the sausage. When they cut into to the firm meat, Kyuu softly moaned. As Ryuu's lips pulled the sausage into his mouth, Kyuu's tongue touched his own lips in a slow lick.

Ryuu swallowed. Kyuu found the movement of the other's throat completely erotic, and he stared, hypnotized, until Ryuu noticed and raised an eyebrow in puzzlement.

Kyuu met his gaze and grinned, then deliberately lifted the drink he had 'accidentally' stolen from Ryuu to his own mouth. He took a deep, long pull, tilting his head back, his eyes holding Ryuu captive. He swallowed once and kept drinking, even when a drop of juice escaped the corner of his mouth to trickle down his jaw and neck. With satisfaction, Kyuu saw Ryuu's lips part slightly, and his breathing quicken. The other boy finally ripped his gaze away, his face bright red.

Ryuu stared to the side and wordlessly held out his napkin.

With a gasp of breath, Kyuu finished the bottle. He took the napkin from Ryuu, making sure his fingers brushed the other boy's skin. Kyuu wiped his face and neck with a disarming laugh.

"I really like this flavor of juice! How about you, Ryuu?"

"Ummm..." Ryuu fiddled with his bento box, his cheeks still pink, still avoiding Kyuu's gaze.

Kyuu grinned. "Here, let me open yours for you!" Without waiting for an answer, Kyuu snatched up the unopened bottle and twisted off the lid. He took a quick sip, smacked his lips in pleasure, and held the bottle out to an astonished Ryuu.

Smiling his most innocent smile, Kyuu laughed. "This one tastes even better, Ryuu! Have some!"

"Uhhhh..." Ryuu stared at Kyuu, then at the bottle, whose opening was still moist from Kyuu's mouth.

"Go on!"

Ryuu's full blush returned with a vengeance. He took the bottle from Kyuu, paused for a second, then drank.

"See? I told you it was good!!" Kyuu laughed.

"Ummm..." Ryuu set the bottle down. "Yes, it was good." He picked up his chopsticks, taking two tries before he could grasp his last octopus-sausage and lift it to his mouth. He paused, cut his eyes to Kyuu, and softly added, "I like that...flavor...too."

(completed 8-10-07, last tweaked 3-5-10)