Title: Fate Never Gives Up

Author: nilereina

Pairing(s): Logan/Harry, Scott/Jean, Logan/Harry/Remy, Scott/Jean/Remus, Implied Remy/Rogue, Scott/Remus, Sabertooth/Remy, Sabertooth/Harry

Rating: M

Archive: Unique Realities, FFN, SlashGalore

Summary: Harry suffered betrayals of his friends and kidnapping by a madman but he found acceptance for who and what he was…Finally he thought he was safe until Fate stepped back into his life…Once more Harry found himself suffering Fate's whim; finding secrets and truths long hidden, rediscovering betrayals close to home, being conflicted of himself, and learning a madman still desires him.

Disclaimers/Warnings: HP characters and world belong to J.K. Rowling….Marvel Characters and world belong to Stan Lee…Gods and Goddesses came from Encyclopedia Mythica own Sheik, Predator Hybrids, and Alpha….Situations of bloodshed, torture, violence, rape/sex, character deaths….Pairings of M/F, M/M, M/M/M, M/F/M…Implied pairings of F/F…AU HP/X-men Crossover

Author Notes1 (Please Read): I have some chapters marked with A/N warnings…Please pay attention to those warnings as the chapter content may offend some readers

Author Notes2: Possible spoilers of HP Books 1-6…Some things will be altered from HP's original timeline to fit this story…Possible spoilers of the X-men chronicles will be changed from their original time-line to fit this story…Time line for some chapters will occur upon the same day but at different times…There will also be jumps in the timeline between the Magical World and the Mutant World

Author Notes3: I would like to take this time once more to thank my beta…She's been quite wonderful dealing with my misspellings and grammar problems and any other confusing things I've done…She's also been wonderful squeezing in time to edit my stories with her RL, especially this one as RL really kept her from putting as much time as she wished (she got the main problems…any left are my doing even though I did a quick read through)….So, thanks to Kiritsu

Key Code:

Blah—thoughts, emphasis

Blah—yelling/screaming, Parseltongue

Blah—telepathy among others


//Blah//--telepathy between Sheik and Harry

Chapter One

He sat alone, high among the tree tops, wallowing in depressing thoughts and memories. Of the past. Of the present. Of the future. Not one did he truly enjoy. Each one made him acknowledge how few people worried of his mental state. He worried himself but not what they were thinking.

Arroow! And that wasn't why either, though a good reason too. It was a full moon that week. Moony was out in the forest remarking his territory. Every month that was a ritual of habits between Remus and Logan or more precisely, Wolverine and Moony. Both men thought the forest as theirs and fought to prove that each month.

Those same nights the students were on lock-down. Every month they held a group session, sometimes two if a new member joined, to renew the rules for full moon nights until their resident werewolf found a way to re-control his beast. It was mandatory safety precautions as Remus would each time express the dangers and damage a single werewolf was capable of when out of control.

A second meeting was held for the team and those branched off from the original X-men. They were the one to run surprise drills upon the students, drills for their safety if Remus, in wolf form, was able to storm the mansion, looking for innocent victims to satisfy his blood thirst. All the children were to run to the hangar for the Blackbird, all but those who could shift into animal and/or metal form or had pretty powerful attacks to keep him at bay while the others could escape or help arrived. These students were drilled constantly on their positions throughout the mansion and making sure every single student made it safely to the Blackbird. After all, they were the only ones who stood a slightly better chance against a rampaging werewolf.

Many students had complained until they were shown a simulation in the Danger Room. The chosen protectors were the only ones able to fight back without much damage to themselves. Remus always said the same thing to them, 'a bite of a werewolf is not fatal to most but venomous in its own way. To be bitten and to survive an attack would force one to become a werewolf on the next full moon. Like a vampire kiss, you would turn.'

A loud echoing howl pulled his thoughts from Remus. He worried as had Remus about the openness of the forest with high walls that a werewolf could climb. That was until the Mother aided her child; strengthening his magic to contain a wild creature, casting powerful barrier spells. Remus had rather storming a fortified mansion and powerful defenders than harming an innocent easily. Charles had agreed with them, asking and receiving aide from his fellow teams whenever it was needed.

"Hey." A gruff voice startled him, showing that his senses and magic had been distracted. He had been too deep in his thoughts.

"Aren't you on duty, Logan?" Emerald eyes turned to find Logan crouched on a nearby limb, eyeing him in concern.

"Yeah. Smelt ya up here. Thought ya fergot."

He grinned, flashing his fangs. "No. I feel…closer, I suppose, to everyone." In truth, he did feel that way. Full moons seemed to have a mystical power that made one feel as if all would be well and that they could hear the whispers of lost loved ones, as if they were a part of nature, dancing beneath the bright light cascading about. To him, it really was as if those he loved and lost were speaking through Mother to him.


"I'm fine. Just thinking." He glanced away as Moony howled with grief to the moon. "You'll need to get back before Scott notices."

Logan eyed his mate before nodding, "Alright, darlin'. But it ain't over."

Emerald eyes watched the feral mutant's retreat, waiting until the wind changed courses before murmuring, "No, it isn't. It's just beginning again." He turned back to the slight wind, listening to the softly hissing tone.

Coming. Soon. It comes once more.

Beauty in destruction. Lovely creation. Such rivers of chaos. The two sides were warring again. One begging his safety while the other whispered dark promises, telling him he'll never be ready. Something was coming, hard and fast. Usually that meant trouble and hardship to destroy what little happiness he had but this time a part of him was anxious to know, anxious to finally remember. Then again, that was his life. Fate seemed to desire his suffering before granting a reprieve, just to start again.

Crashing of the underbrush jerked away his attention to Mother. Moony was searching, searching for a pack that were no longer were among the living, except the cub, Harry, who dwelled among the tree tops. And Moony was all that was left of Harry's family. Those truly loyal to Harry had perished in the war against Voldemort as others had betrayed him. Remus, except two others, had remained at his side as they cast their hateful remarks. Remus remained as he fled for a new life. But unlike Remus, Harry found a new family, a new pack. He had a mate, two chosen pack members, and Remus.

But why? Harry still couldn't understand it. The Weasleys and Hermione had been his faithful friends and family, standing by him through it all as he grew up from a frightful eleven-year-old to a young man ready for war. They were there for the trials of the Sorcerer's Stone, the Basilisk and his being a Parselmouth, the Dementors and Sirius Black and a rampaging werewolf, the Triwizard Tournament and the rising of Voldemort, Umbridge and the Ministry's need to quiet him and the assault on the Ministry, the attack on Hogwarts and Dumbledore's demise, the tireless search for Horcruxes and preparations, and finally the ending of a long bloody war for peace.

How could they have betrayed me for being a Hybrid? They were always there before when I was called Dark. Hermione and Ron became his friends when he thought no one would ever like him at the tender age of eleven and he was overwhelmed by his famous past. They were his friends despite his connection to a Dark Lord and being a Parselmouth, a trait of all Dark wizards. They even befriended Dark wizards and creatures classified by the Ministry. Hagrid was a half-giant with a love of dangerous beasts. Remus was a werewolf on full moons. Sirius was called a murderer and follower of Voldemort but was innocent. Firenze was a centaur, scrying the stars. Grawp was Hagrid's brother, also a giant. Dobby was a House-elf, even if he wasn't Dark but classified as beneath wizards and witches. Buckbeak was a hippogriff, even if he was Dark for supposedly trying to kill Malfoy. Ron was friends with Hermione who was classified as 'dirty blood' or a Mudblood. Tonks, even if she and her mother were disowned, was a Black, a family of nothing but Dark wizards.

But the second Harry become infected by a creature called a Predator Hybrid, they turned on him. So much for loyalty and friendship. He had thought they learned their lessons before. Just because someone or something was Dark didn't mean it was evil or out to hurt everyone. Guess they forgot that memo.

Then again, betrayals weren't the only thing roaming through his head. There was another. One that even had his beast doubting. One that worried him for future meetings he was sure would happen. One he feared the answer when the time came. Many a thought that kept him awake but not as often as this one, nor was the whisper of Mother helping matters when they concerned one of his pack.

Remy. His Thief. The strange Cajun with his own feline tendencies. A man who some times shared his and Logan's bed. A Master Thief with an explosive touch and empathic link, as only a very rare few learned. He also had the most unique eyes since Voldemort, red on black, the perfect cat burglar. Then again, for some reason Remy reminded Harry a lot of himself, which gave him a warm feeling to have someone who understood.

Speaking of the thief, Harry maneuvered through the trees for a closer view of the mansion. If one glanced closely to the shadowy tops, they would find faint silver glowing as a predator was stalking its prey. The bright moonlight aided him as he searched for Remy. A barely there flicker of magenta gave way to the lanky form as Remy lit up a cigarette. Wonder what today is?

They accepted Remy into their bed whenever he needed comfort. They accepted that Remy wanted to try for his own lifetime lover, one he thought he would find in his fellow Southerner, Rogue. That was an uneasy relationship or in Harry's mind, unhealthy. She hated it whenever Remy went out, just to a bar or on a job. She hated it when he was free with touching or flirting with others. She broke up with him for the littlest infractions and had him crawling back afterwards. Oh, how Harry tried to carve her pretty little smirk right off her face but he just couldn't hurt Remy. He couldn't stand to see his Thief in pain whenever he even mentioned making her pay. Remy pleaded and begged with them. And like Logan who gave in to his pleas, he gave to Remy. All he could and would do was to comfort Remy whenever he came to them. "He's on the outs again, darlin'. Rogue said he was flirtin' wit' some gal down at th' mall. But he'll be wit' us tonight."

Harry dropped lightly on his feet before Logan and stretching tall, pulling at the kinks of his constant crouching and hunching in the tree tops. He felt the heated leers roaming over his body as he reached high above his head, looking over to see Wolverine staring from behind interested blue eyes of Logan. In return he leant forward, wrapping arms about his mate, nuzzling the rough stubble beneath Logan's chin, languidly rubbing and purring lowly, "Logan."

Logan groaned as he felt that delicious soft skin of his mate rubbing against what skin he had bare. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of spice and fire, sweetened just a bit with hickory. Oh, how he loved his mate's taste, addictive more than his beer and cigars. Snarling with need, he crushed their lips together, demanding entrance. Broad hands clenched at those writhing hips, trying to still that intoxicating rubbing but seemed traitorous as they drew his mate closer, pressing their hips together. He answered his mate's mewling cries with a forceful thrust of his own, rubbing his own aching member against a similar one on his mate. "Bed, darlin'. Almost dawn in an hour. Cyke ain't gonna be happy stumblin' over us again."

Harry laughed, "You get Remy. I'll get the shower started."

Logan growled at the thought of another shower scene much like the one after he first claimed his mate, "I'll get our pet."