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Behind the cold, steel bars of a small prison, there were only the basic things that a human would need to live, with the exception of foods. There was a chair, a toilet, which seemed to be held together by a weak jerry rig type of device, and there was a bed. On the outside frame of the steel bars was a sign, bolted to the door of the cell. A number "7" seemed to be embossed on the front. Now there was one other thing in the cell, but it was not indigenous to other accessories. It was a young woman. Her tired body lay on the hard mattress atop the bed frame. Her medium length, brunette hair seemed to flow down her back as she lay on her stomach. Her blue eyes were closed tightly as if her dreams were only turning into nightmares. Her left hand clenched into the pillow, and her teeth clenched. Apparently her dreams really are terrifying.

Not more than a few second later, a loud "CLANG" awoke the girl from slumber and she jumped from her sleeping position to sit up.

"Number Seven! You're progress review is today," A man in a white lab coat announced as he kept his head down, scribbling something on a clipboard.

The man looked up at the girl after just a few moments and said, "You should be sure to be ready. They're going to want you to speak to them this time."

The girl only peered at the man through the cell bars and said nothing.

The man was getting annoyed with this and said, "Look, if you don't start speaking soon, they're going to... They're going to terminate the project... Don't you understand?!"

The girl looked away from him, again, saying nothing.

"I know you understand me! It's nearly been six years since you've said a word! But if you don't start talking, they're going to assume that you're a dysfunctional project and have you..." The man stopped in mid-sentence and looked down at his clipboard once again.

"I know you miss her... It was a loss for all of us... But I'm sure that she wouldn't have wanted you to destroy yourself like this... Your choice I suppose, though..." The man walked away after his quiet remark.

The girl looked back up through the bars, which outside of them, overlooked what seemed to be a huge laboratory. Men and women in white lab coats running back and forth from one thing to the next. There also seemed to be a work table, which on it sat several trays of food, which the technicians were picking at from time to time.

The girl's stomach growled with hunger and she looked down to it. She put her right hand over the grumbling area, which seemed not to be a hand of flesh and blood. It was a hand which seemed to be cold, hard steel itself. The metal was made from the tips of the fingers and ran up into the shoulder socket, looking like some robot thing that you would only see in a science fiction cartoon perhaps.

"I only hope that I can hold off for a little longer..." her thoughts finished as she stood up.

The girl walked over to the group, and placed her hands through a large space in the door. The board was placed over her wrists and locked into place. It seemed as though this would keep her hands from straying where they didn't want them to, as well as a way to keep her from even touching her fingertips together.

The door was then unlocked, and the girl walked out of the cell. Both of the guards put a hand on either of her shoulders and the group walked down several long corridors, as well as taking several different elevators, before reaching a room, which was enclosed by a set of double doors. One guard took post on the outside of the doors, opening the one on the right, and the other guided the girl into the room, followed by the two lab technicians. They approached one more door, this one being a large, thick, metal door with several locks on the outside of it. The second guard attended to this one, taking post outside of it as well, as the lab technicians and the girl walked inside.

The room was small and darkened. There were very few lights. A few desk lamps on a long table, which also sat several men and women. About six in fact, four men, and three women. A metal chair sat in the middle of the room, facing the group, which the girl was led to sit in.

Without haste, one of the men at the table spoke.

"Number seven, good to see that you're still alive and well," he said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

There was no response from the girl except for the silent glare to each of them.

"Still not speaking are we? Then, perhaps, we need to test this challenge for a while longer. Your predecessor managed to live just a day longer than you are at right now, so maybe by then you'll give in, eh?" Another man spoke.

The girl managed a slight shock expression before she returned with another sharp glare, on the verge of an all out snarl.

A woman on the council gave a large smile and said, "She doesn't seem to like that! We may get a response sooner than we think!"

The other woman on the council, who sat down at one end of the table spoke up, "No one else sees this as being overly cruel?! The girl has been punished enough! We should allow her at least the basic amounts of food per day!"

"The girl is an important project, Lillian... We created her, as well as the others, under the ideals of creating a human capable of being an army of one in battle. Not with the ideals of creating yet another delicate life form..." A different male voice spoke angrily.

"Then it's decided! The girl will go without food until she speaks... or until she dies! Perhaps then, she'll learn to speak again!" The head of the table announced as he motioned for the lab technicians to take her away.

The technicians pulled the girl from the seat from under her arms and led her out of the room once more. Opening the door, the guard that had taken post outside of the door rejoined them and took hold of the girl's left shoulder, gripping it tightly. They walked through the set of double doors, and the other guard joined them as well.

Walking through the corridors, the girl couldn't do anything but think angrily.

"They're going to kill me... They don't even care about their precious project anymore, they just want to hear me beg them for a small amount of food... Well I won't beg them! I refuse to! I'll die before I say one word to them!...No... I won't even give them the pleasure of seeing me die... This is going to end NOW!" The girl was, currently, in an elevator and decided on a plan to hurry and leave. She feigned illness and dropped to the ground, still sitting on her knees. As soon as the guards reached down to pull her up she reached her arms up and struck them in the heads with the board that held her arms apart. The guards took some steps back, holding their bleeding faces as the girl got to her feet and struck both of the lab technicians, who stood in shock. A guard tried to reach forward, in anger, to subdue the girl but she turned just in time to give him a knock in the face again, and reach down to grab one of the small pistols that he carried on a belt. The other guard grabbed his own pistol and began to point it at the girl but she proved that she was not bluffing. She pulled the trigger and shot the man in both knees, then turned and shot the rest of them in the same way. They all collapsed onto the floor of the elevator as the doors opened. The girl turned around and carefully looked both ways into the brightly lit corridors. It was empty.

Turning back into the elevator, the girl held the doors open with one foot as she hit all thirty buttons and turned to the group, who were all holding their legs in pain. She picked up the rifles and extra small weapons that she could possible carry and smile and waved as the doors closed on the group. Knowing that it wouldn't be safe to take the main passageways, the girl forced open the elevator doors with her steel arm and looked up, seeing the elevator stop at the next floor, and then continue up. She looked down and saw that there were only three stories below her and she, without hesitating, took the jump. She clung, tightly, to the weapons that she had scavenged from the guards. Landing with a loud thud, the long pants that she had been wearing had lifted up from the wind of jumping down, and both of her legs proved to be made of the same metal as her right arm. She had metal feet, which looked like metallic shoes instead of toes, and the legs had built-in knees like a normal leg. The metal ran up to the girl's hips, which were bolted into her body like her arm into it's shoulder socket.

The girl looked around, after landing and saw a metal, vertical pipe and decided to make use of it. She dropped the rifle that she had carried and looked up to make sure that the elevator was still on a path going up. She approached the pipe and looked to her hands. She looked back to the pipe and thrust her arms at it, hitting the wooden board in the middle and beginning to crack it. She hit it several more times, causing it to also scratch her wrists, and draw a large amount of blood, just before breaking the board in half. Doing this also released it's complete hold on her. She rubbed her wrists and picked up the rifle.

Looking around, the girl saw a large, air vent built into the elevator shaft, and punched it open, revealing a long passageway. She climbed in and began crawling through. It didn't take long to get to another vent, where she could see out of, and into a room where there was something she had never seen before.

There at the end of the room, stood a giant... Well the only thing to call it was "Robot". It was covered in hoses, which seemed to be pumping out liquid nitrogen, which seemed to keep the beast in cryostasis. The thing towered above anything else in the room, it's shining metal gleaming from the lights above it. The technicians only reached the things ankles as they strode in and out of the room, each with clipboards.

As the girl watched in a daze as the "robot", an alarm suddenly sounded. Red lights flashed all over the place and the technicians, once calmly doing their jobs, now quickly scattering out of the room.

"Can't stop now!" the girl thought as she continued through the vents.

She made it to the end of the vent, which instead of turning another horizontal direction, had gone to a vertical climb. There were no bars to pull herself up on, so the girl threw the rifle over her shoulder and jumped up into the vent, carefully trying to keep silent. She held both arms and legs against the walls of the vent, slowly lifting each one up one by one to climb further and further up. The vent went up, easily, a good twenty stories. Every now and then the girl would come upon another vent enclosure but saw nothing but armed guards and decided against trying to break out from there. She finally reached the top of the vent and saw that it had turned into another horizontal direction, leading the opposite direction from where she had originally entered it. She jumped into this section of the vent, being careful not to make a mistake and end up falling the twenty stories that she had just spent a lot of time crawling through.

The vent led to several other turns and curves, which led her to a room where she saw the wheels of a rolling chair move straight in front of her just before she would have punched it out. She saw a desk, and the feet of a woman who rolled from one small area of filing cabinets, to back to the desk, where she was apparently talking on a phone.

"I haven't seen anything yet, sir. But I'll be sure and report anything unusual... Yes sir... Of course sir!" And she hung up the phone, turning to a computer where she began typing. The room was unusually lit. It was a more natural light, other than the ones she had always used to see. She looked to the edge of the metal grating and saw it.

"D-Doors! Doors leading the way out of here! To the outside! It's just like Five had described it to me just before..." the girl thought before her mind shifted gears for a moment and she became saddened.

She had almost forgotten what she was doing before she heard several footsteps crowd into the room.

"Any sign?!" one of them stopped to ask the woman at the front desk.

"No, nothing. This girl didn't manage to leave the confines the lab last time, I doubt that she would be able to get this far," the woman said in an annoyed tone as some of the soldiers continued.

"This girl was designed to learn from her mistakes, not to mention be a one-woman battling machine. She may make it past us this time..." the man said as he walked out of the room, following the other guards.

"How will I make it past here without being caught?! If I give up now, I'll either be killed, or be given more guards to look after me so that I'll never be able to make it out of here! It's all or nothing!" the girl thought to herself as she punched through the grating, startling the secretary.

The girl jumped out of the grating, quickly pointing the rifle at the woman sitting in the chair. She said nothing, but motioned for the woman to keep her hands in the air, so she could see what she was doing. The girl backed up to the door while keeping the gun pointed at the scared woman and she got to the door, and pushed it open. Just before taking off quickly, the girl acted as though she were about to pull the trigger of the gun and the secretary tightly shut her eyes. The girl, then turned and ran. She ran as fast as her metal legs would allow her to, which was actually at about the speed of a cheetah. The girl stopped as she saw that there were a large amount of cars in a large parking lot. She walked towards a fenced in corner, and as she rounded it, her body ran into someone else. She quickly pointed her rifle at the person she had run into but looked again.

"Wait! Number Seven, It's me! Lillian! I'll get you out of here but you have to trust me!" the woman wailed.

The girl didn't speak, she just kept holding the gun to the other woman before she heard the sounds of men running out of the doors that she had just run out of. Her sensitive hearing could pick up traces of footsteps. It would be a moment before they got to where she was but she was already beginning to worry.

The other woman looked around the corner and saw the soldiers running towards the fence and said, "Come on! We don't have much time!"

Before the girl could shoot the rifle, Lillian had grabbed her by the left arm and pulled her into the parking lot, where they came to a small, blue car. Lillian, then, opened the truck of her car and pulled the girl to it, shoving her in.

"Don't make any noise!" she ordered as she closed the trunk lid and jumped into the drivers' side of the car and started it up, making her way out of the parking lot.

The girl could feel the car coming to a full stop, and then heard the sound of a man's voice.

"Just leaving, James. I'm taking off early for my nephew's big soccer game. You know how important those things are to kids," Lillian smiled up at the security guard with a hopeful, trusting smile.

The security guard stepped slowly out of his shack, giving Lillian a frown, "There's a security alert. I was told not to let anyone leave without a full check of their vehicle..."

"Come on, you know me! I practically live here! If I'm late to this thing my sister will never forgive me..." she frowned as well, looking to her watch as though she were checking to make sure that she was still on time to the "soccer game".

"Sorry ma'am, orders. I've got to check your entire car before letting you leave."

He began to make a full round of the small car. Looking into the passenger seat, checking the wheel wells, he even bent down to the ground to check all of the mechanics under the car. Standing back up, he looked into the cramped back seat, where he saw a case of water and a cooler.

Lillian saw how he was staring at the cooler and said, "I assure you that there was no possible way I could fit a full grown girl in there," she said sarcastically.

The guard looked at her with a glare before moving on, Lillian's heart began to jump up into her throat as he headed towards the back of the car.

The guard tapped on the trunk harshly, insisting that she open it.

Lillian poked her head out of the driver's side window and said, "The latch is stuck!" she lied.

He walked around to the driver's side window and said, "Then hand me the key. I can't let you leave without checking your trunk."

The woman sighed as she turned the car off and pulled the keys out of the ignition, handing them over to the guard, "Come on, James. How long have we both worked here? This is a little rediculous isn't it?" she said sweetly.

"You know the protocol. If I don't check every car, I could lose my job. The longer you argue, the longer it's going to take for you to make it out of here," he grouched as he took the keys from her and went back to the rear of the vehicle.

The girl began to sweat as she heard a key being used in the lock of the trunk. She pulled out a small pistol and pointed it out of the trunk as it opened. The lid slowly lifed and the man that she had heard stared at her with wide eyes, unmoving. Before he could do anything, the girl got a shot off a round into his shoulder, causing him to hit the ground and roll around in pain.

Lillian jumped out of the car and saw the man rolling on the ground and bent down to him, grabbing the keys from the dirt.

"I tried to stop you..." she said with a hint of remorse as she turned and closed the trunk lid.

She ran around to the driver's side and hopped back in, jamming the key back into the ignition and starting the engine back up. She slammed the door shut and rushed through the gate, breaking the retractable arm off as she left the facility in a cloud of dust.


It had been several hours since the girl had felt the car come to a stop. Surely, it was getting close to nightfall by now. She was beginning to get agitated when she finally felt the car come to a full stop, and she heard the engine turn off. A sound of a car door opening and closing was heard, and then the key to the lock in the trunk shifted around. She put her hand on one of the pistols before she saw the face of Lillian, who, pushed the gun away from her face.

"I'll let you out of here now, but you have to put these on, and you have to leave all of the guns in the trunk..." she said quietly as she threw a pair of black, vinyl gloves at the girl, as well as a long, black overcoat.

The girl only looked to the woman at first, but decided that if she could get out of the trunk, she could make a run for it from there. She took off all of her weapons and threw on the getup that the woman had given her. As soon as this was done, the girl slowly climbed out of the trunk and saw that they were at some sort of park. She saw other people around them, but they seemed so oddly dressed to her. She had only ever worn a white tank top and black sweat pants, so anything new and unusual seemed odd to her.

"Come on, "Lillian pointed to a picnic table, "I've got something for you..."

The girl suspiciously followed Lillian until they came to the table, where the girl just stood and watched the woman unpack a box of... of...

"Food!" the girl thought, her stomach growling and her mouth watering.

Without giving it a second thought, she sat down and started gobbling down the food, and gulping down the bottles of water which Lillian had also unpacked. They were the same disgusting packets of dried foods that she had always been fed, but she was too hungry to care. Her stomach grumbled wildly as it gladly accepted the nourishment.

"I thought you'd like this! Just pace yourself though. You don't want to get a belly ache," The woman said cheerfully as she watched the girl down all of the food.

Before the girl finished, Lillians' face softened into a solemn expression and she said, "Listen, I know that this will be a lot to take in right now, but I need to discuss something very important with you..."

The girl's eyes shifted up and away from the food that she was devouring and she slowed down, giving Lillian the "Go on, I'm listening," look.