Chapter 13. I am she who is, was and will be

The voice was everywhere. "How dare you come to us unannounced? How dare you threaten our King?"

Oberon rose from his throne. "Creature, be stilled." He felt confidant that he still held the upper hand.

"Be stilled yourself, little man." She said as the floor beneath him rumbled. "Who are you to think you can command me? I was long before you, I have seen the dawn to man, and the age of magic take refuge from the world that was created. I am the refuge of the unwanted."

"I am Oberon!" He bellowed, "I am King of the Fae!"

"You are not our king…" The voice taunted. "We don't obey you."

Oberon looked at Jareth. "Calm that beast."

Jareth leaned toward the older Fae, "I don't think calling her a beast is very…smart…just now."

The High King was taken aback by the boy's words, "She?"

"Yes, Father….The Labyrinth… the land…it's a she…." Jareth looked at the castle that was the heart of his kingdom. "Lady, forgive my Father…he knows you not."

"Indeed." She sighed. The walls seemed to vibrate with her voice and emotions. "What is it you want here, Fae King?"

Oberon sat down, pulled on his beard, having to negotiate with the Labyrinth was not something he'd considered. "This, our son, your King, has disobeyed our law, and we come to confiscate that which is forbidden him. We come to take away the contraband woman." He smiled thinking he'd worded it well.

"Impossible." The voice said sounding bored.

Oberon frowned. "Not at all," He stated. "The girl called Sarah Williams is forbidden to reside in Fae Realms."

"But she does not reside in a Fae Realm…she resides in Labyrinthia and Labyrinthia in her." The stones began to shake and form a new dais, upon the dais a double throne and seated in one side of the throne was Sarah.

"I understand you wish to see me, Fae King." Sarah said in the calmest voice in the room.

Jareth looked at her and smiled. "Sarah." The girl smiled back at him. Jareth moved toward the throne.

"Halt." Oberon commanded and the boy paused. "By what right do you sit upon a throne?" He challenged the girl.

"By the right of being a Daughter of the Labyrinth," Sarah replied. "By what right do you claim Sovereignty over this kingdom?"

"I am…" He began narrowing his eyes on the girl, giving her his most fierce gaze.

"Oberon King of the Fae," She finished for him, "Yes, we are aware of whom you are, but my question is what your right is?"

The High King rose from his throne, "I am Lord of all the Fae Kingdoms."

Sarah nodded, and then smiled. "This is not a Fae Kingdom." She announced. "We have a Fae King, that is true, but we are not a Fae Kingdom."

"Really," amusement peeked in the older man's eyes. "Then would you mind telling me just what you are?"

Sarah stood up, looking more impressive in her simple gown then any of the Fae in their magical robes. "We have been here since the world began." She spoke in the blended voice of both herself and Labyrinthia. "We are the cradle of life. We are our own nation, and we do not acknowledge you as our master. We have no master, though we do have a mate." Her hand moved toward Jareth.

"Nonsense," Oberon huffed. "You are but a conquered creature."

"Am I?" taunted the being residing within Sarah.

Oberon raised his hand and expected the girl to be expelled. He frowned when nothing happened.

"Your magic is of no use here." Sarah said. "That which was Sarah Williams, is now the manifestation of our presence in the Kingdom, she is Lady of the Labyrinth, or simply put…Queen."

Oberon raised his hand and tried a fire ball, but nothing happened.

"Your magic is nullified if you try to harm our Lady." The stones rumbled.

Sarah took her seat and looked down at the High King. "We are willing to offer you a compromise."

The other Fae in the room had tired to vanish and found themselves, like Oberon, unable to use their magic. "Find out what the creature wants." They urged.

The High King looked at his advisors who only hours before had demanded the removal of the mortal girl. He turned his attentions to the girl. "Speak."

"We have for generations maintained a Fae presence in our Kingdom. A Fae King and we do enjoy that presence. This King most of all understands and love us. Our devotion to him is returned ten fold. We will retain a Fae alliance as long as Jareth is King…"

"We have no problem with him being your king…"

"Sarah will be his Queen."

"no."Oberon looked sad. "It is against our laws…"

"Understand me, Oberon, King of all Fae…. It is not your laws that rule here! It is ours. Sarah Williams," The stones of the castle rumbled. "Is our embodiment, She is our living manifestation. She is Queen… and if you want to have an alliance understand this. She is not the consort, Jareth is!"

Sarah looked at Jareth, her eyes filled with worry.

Jareth smiled, "Suits me." He crossed his arms.

Oberon fumed. "It does not suit us!" He called out to the castle. "You can not seriously think I'll allow that mortal girl…"

"I don't care what you think you can or can not allow." The castle roared back. "You will agree to my terms or you will find life without your powers taxing indeed."

"I think she means it," Warned Jareth with a smirk.

Sarah cleared her throat, "High King, listen to me. Jareth is loved, and treasured here. He has been and will always be a good Goblin King…. He takes his position very seriously. And to my knowledge I'm the only one he's ever offered dreams to."

"Why should I agree to this?" Raged the Fae ruler, "Why you?"

Sarah rose from the throne, walked down and faced Jareth with a gentle loving expression on her face; "Because of what no one knew." Her voice filled with more lightness than had ever been present.

Jareth took her hands into his own.

Oberon frowned, "What no one knew?"

Jareth nodded. "The King of the Goblins had fallen in love with the girl."

"Love? You mean this is not some infatuation?" Oberon leaned back and gave the matter consideration. "Love…"

"Everything I did… I did for you…." Jareth said in a trancelike state. "You asked that the baby be taken….I took him..or rather my goblins took him….For you, I reordered time… everything I did…"

Sarah placed her hand, her cooling hand to his fevered cheek. "and I never did say thank you."

"I married her." Jareth announced. "I reordered time and married her in the mortal realm."

Oberon closed his eyes. "Was it consummated?"

"Most definitely," Jareth said proudly.

The High King leaned on his staff and sighed. "Labyrinth! Hear me; I will not stand in the way of this union."

"Then we are in alliance, and your magic is once more yours." The voice rumbled again.

Jareth looked over at the High King, waiting for his anger to be voiced. No one disobeyed the elder without facing some kind of chastisement.

The High King sent the advisors back to his palace in his own Kingdom. "I will not stand in the way… but I will not acknowledge it either." He looked at Jareth. "You will be as an exile yourself."

"I have always so been." Jareth stated with bitterness. "Most of your court sees me as an outsider at best anyway."

"You will not be welcome at festival, nor at coronations," Warned the High King. "Her very presences will bring you shame and shunning."

Jareth took Sarah's hand in his; he kissed it before the observance of the High King. "I will be content to live here in the Kingdom of the Unwanted, with my Queen… and what ever children she blesses me with. It is as it was meant to be."

"I leave you then," Oberon said curtly. "May your life be all that you hope it to be."


Sarah walked at the side of the Goblin King on the parapet. They looked out at the Kingdom surging with renewed life. Songs of happiness being sung in the city below and out in the countryside. She looked at him, "Though dangers untold…" she whispered.

He smiled softly. "And hardships unnumbered…"

"I have fought my way here." She placed a hand on the stones of the parapet, "To the castle beyond the goblin city."

Mismatched eyes, like storms at sea, gazed at her with tenderness and devotion. "For my will is as strong as yours."

"And my kingdom as great," She finished, pulling him into a long lingering sweet kiss.


Hoggle looked at the kingdom, coming to life, night blooming flowers bursting into bloom from several centuries of dormancy. He watched the little Fairies dance joyfully. He looked at what had only hours ago been a dead pond and pool of water, now brimming with life. He shrugged, guessing he could find another place to relieve himself.

The little Fairy flitted on shiny wings toward him, and gently she kissed his great bulbous nose. "Ok, Pax." He said with a guilty smirk.


Sir Didymus looked at the sleeping beast, more at peace now and no longer tortured. "Sleep well my brother, for I will keep watch." He moved out of the cave, to observe the joyous night in the Kingdom. "Long live our King…and his Queen." He removed his plumbed hat.


The odd old man sat in the garden, humming absentmindedly a tune. His hat was humming the same merry little tune as they watched the crystal moon rise over the wondrous land called Labyrinthia…


Author's note

I won't say Fin


Even the end.

For it is but a beginning.