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As you may have noticed, I'm not like everyone else. I'm a half demon, part human part demon. It's funny, you hear a lot about how half demons are hated in society, both demon and human. Yet you never see anyone outright killing them, in this era, where blood is being shed every day without law. Why don't they kill half demons? If they all hate creatures like me why is it that they pretty much leave us alone? Another question that had been bothering me, why is it you never hear of quarter breeds? Surely not all half demons were doomed to a life of solitude? The very thought unnerved me.

It wasn't until Myoga came around one new moon, that I got the answers to those questions that had been plaguing me.

"Inuyasha, Inuyasha!" the flea cried, bouncing into our camp ground, practically unnoticed until I slapped my neck. Effectively showing my comrades just where the pest had landed.

"Oh hey Myoga… what are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked with curiosity, it wasn't often I got a visit from the flea unless there was something important that I needed to know.

"Thank goodness I found you Inuyasha, there's something very important I need to tell you" Aha, what'd I say? He came with a message for me, go figure.

"Is it about Naraku?" Miroku questioned, Myoga turned his attention to the hoshi now and shook his head.

"Well it may pertain to him in certain ways, but no. This is something only Inuyasha should hear might we step out?" Myoga said now to me, and I leveled him with an uneasy look, go out side the hut? That would mean someone could see me. Looking to the flea though I hesitated, what if it was really important?

"Don't worry about it Inuyasha, we'll just go outside." Kagome said calmly, apparently seeing my dilemma. I felt a sudden burst of anger. She thought I was scared! I'm not scared of anything!

"keh, why bother? It's not like I can't go outside, I'm not chained to this hut" I snapped, and stood walking outside, leaving my friends behind in a huff.

Once outside however I didn't feel quite as sure of myself you can't begin to understand how uncomfortable it is to be suddenly stripped of your strength. It's almost like being stripped naked and left in a crowd of strangers, that's the kind of apprehension I felt as I stood there.

"Well whadd'ya want then?" I demanded, not liking this disconcerting feeling.

Myoga sighed, in his dramatic tone and sat down on my shoulder, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well I have something that needs to be said, would have told you years ago but now that you're free from that spell it's relevant again" Myoga started, and I glared.

"Don't give me that excuse Myoga, I've been free nearly a year now! What's your real reason?" I snapped.

He bowed his head, scratching the back of his neck uneasily.

"I forgot." He admitted.

Snorting, I waited for him to continue, no longer thinking this an important issue, and then again he was known to forget need-to-know facts before.

"Well you see Inuyasha, for all of the dislike that spreads over the hanyou population; it's forbidden to kill them" I looked at Myoga with a misbelieving stare

"If that's so then why does everyone try to attack me? I mean even Sesshoumaru tries to kill me at every turn and he's family" I grumbled, that was a bit of a sore spot.

"Yes well let me explain it to you, you are more powerful than most hanyou's and as such displaying is important" Myoga stated.

"Displaying?" I echoed dumbly.

"Yes, a demon will display, by show of strength his worth as a mate. To show he or she can protect and provide for his or her chosen. Any demon that has attacked you in the past was displaying his worth for you" Myoga stated, confusing me even more. I felt sick, Sesshoumaru saw me as a potential mate? That was just… wrong!

"What are you talking about; Sesshoumaru doesn't like me like that! He hates me! So does Naraku and most every other demon that I've battled!" I protested, not liking this conversation.

"Well, yes... That is a factor usually it's instinctual, they don't notice they're displaying at all." Myoga trailed off before I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm getting to that, if you'd stop interrupting me!"

Myoga waited for a moment before continuing,

"Anyways, like I was saying it's forbidden to kill a hanyou outright, because Hanyou's bear powerful offspring, and they never come out human, always half or demon. The demon blood never diminishes, so the fear of having a human child is narrow. As well, killing a hanyou will kill its mate." Myoga finished.

I stared blankly at the flea, and from my look he sighed,

"Hanyou have one mate, a mate for life. It's only revealed to them by touching the prospective mate intimately when their senses can't get in the way. If a hanyou dies before locating his or her mate, their mate will die quite literally of heartache."

Oh yes, the old flea had definitely withheld information I could have used!

I grimaced "you mean to tell me that because I've gotten older I have to go out and search for some demon to feel up?" I didn't like the sound of this, some demon he didn't even know was supposed to be his mate? The only way to find out who it was, was by touch? I most definitely would not be going around playing slut for demons!

"Not exactly, when I said intimate I meant with a kiss" Myoga said lightly,

"And you won't exactly have to find them."

I paled; I was going to look crazy if I had to run around kissing people! I wouldn't do it! Screw that, I could be alone!

"What do you mean by that Myoga?" I asked, but another voice answered for him.

"Hmm… you smell delectable" an all too familiar baritone whispered in my ear.

Spinning around, startled by the sudden appearance of Sesshoumaru, I found myself cursing again for the lack of senses on the new moon.

In my ear I heard Myoga's voice,

"On the new moon when you're most vulnerable they can smell your scent. Your natural pheromones that they pick up on will make them wish to mate with you. They'll find you"

"WHAT?!" I shrieked, my eyes widening in horror as my brother gripped my left arm with his right, and practically crushed me against his chest. I was stunned; horror filled me as those pale, lustful lips landed on my own. It might have been pleasant if I didn't hate the bastard so much, but either way this was wrong! My brother shouldn't ever kiss me!

I was screaming inside, now wriggling to be freed with all my might. My wish was granted to me. Sesshoumaru practically flung me from his person, looking at me with complete disgust before he flicked his hair over his shoulder and turned, striding back into the forest just as quickly as he'd come.

It was then I realized the others were standing behind, me, and all with similar looks of shock on their faces. I thought I was going to be sick. Sinking to my knee's I heaved, but nothing would come up. It was terrible, I never knew a single kiss would make my insides burn as if eaten by acid, make me dizzy and bile rise in my throat. My mouth was dry, making it worse and my brain non responsive. All I could think of was the resounding scream echoing in my mind, until Myoga spoke again.

"Well that's a relief." Angry, I plucked him off my shoulder.

"A relief, I just got kissed by my brother and it's a relief?!" I demanded. Meekly the flea replied,

"It's a relief because they don't wish to mate with you after the first kiss if they aren't your mate. Judging by your repulsion I can only guess the feeling is mutual"

A rustle in the brush made my stomach coil in dread, the world was caving in on me I was sure of it. Demons could smell me like a bitch in heat, and every one of the bastards were going to kiss me until they lost interest. To make matters even worse, every kiss would feel like this, I realized. I would have to endure this sickness until I found the right mate. Feeling another wave of nausea, I was glad I didn't faint. I just… passed out that's all.

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