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I woke with a dull ache in my chest; it throbbed slightly as if to tell me I was missing something, something important. Sliding open my eyes I found myself frowning, just what was wrong? I still had all four limbs, and I could feel the weight of Tessaiga on my Obi, so that wasn't it.

"Good morning Inuyasha," I heard Miroku's voice drift over to me, my ears twitched at the sound. I paused, my ears twitched? My hands flew up to the top of my head almost instantly and I found they collided with fuzzy soft…. My ears! My hanyou ears! I was back to normal!

I grinned now looking over to Miroku with a bright smile, if I had a tail it'd be wagging

"This is great Miroku! You and Kouga pestered my brother into telling you how to turn me back to normal, where is that jerk anyways? I have to thank him" I paused now at the look on Miroku's face; he wasn't smiling… that wasn't good.

"…something's wrong isn't it?" I asked, and Miroku nodded. I stepped over to the stoic hoshi and sat down across from him.

"Well tell me, he isn't dead or anything right?" I felt a sharp pang of worry wash through me as I said those words and I found myself confused, why would I be worried about that mangy wolf?

"Well Sesshoumaru did tell us about your mating it would seem the only way to get your form back was to find you your mate, the only demon who didn't hunt you down" Miroku started, and that was all I heard, I saw red, you mean that hell sickness I had gone through was unneeded? I'd let countless demons touch me because of some stupid fleas overlooked rule in this fucked up mating thing?! I paused though, my anger ebbing to sorrow as I realized the other half of what the monk had said. I had obviously found my mate… and whoever they were had left me here. That hurt even worse than the betrayal of my friends.

"Inuyasha? Did you hear what I just said? Kouga- he was cut off as we both sensed it. Just then I could sense him, even more I could smell him. Naraku was nearby.

"yeah yeah, Kouga. He's near Naraku I can sense him" I said, unsheathing tessaiga. Not really caring what the Monk had meant to say, I was pissed off and now was the time for battle.

I couldn't quite grasp the unsettling feeling that washed over me as I approached the dark cloud that hung over the forest. Something about this wasn't right, why was Naraku showing up now in the middle of this forest? Also, why was his scent… flowery? The miasmatic smell that usually came from the spiders' presence was now laced with the scent of wild flowers, creating a whole new scent. Maybe this was one of Naraku's minions?

What I found though was shocking, not only to me but to Miroku too, who gasped in shock as he came upon the clearing. Naraku, no Onigumo stood in the center of the clearing, held in the arms of Kouga, who was kissing him. I felt a pang of anger and sadness that was all together confusing, just before realizing what was going on. Naraku was in his season just as I was! I watched as both males parted looking sick; I didn't understand why I felt so bitter with the sight.

"My god… do you see all of those demons?" I heard Miroku whisper, I paused and looked around, wondering why I hadn't noticed before, demons were flooding in from every direction. I gripped Tessaiga and held it aloft, ready to fight the horde, but they ran straight past me and headed for Naraku. Naraku didn't even have the chance to run. It was then I noticed why, his human face, the part that made him half demon was only human from the torso up, what looked like a knot of different demons, of dismembered faces and limbs had shot from beneath Naraku, I cringed at the sight, wondering why I didn't notice before the many writhing limbs and tentacles jutting from the half demon. All I had seen was Kouga and Naraku, but now I could see just how disgusting it really was, I almost felt sorry for Onigumo, being stuck and ravished by the very disgusting demons that made up his body. I could practically feel the terror rolling off of him.

Setting Tessiaga so the blade dug into the earth I leaned against the hilt, staring as only one could at the sight.

"I guess this defeats the purpose of attacking him…if there wasn't so many of them I could just suck them all up" Miroku commented with the same disgust I felt.

"Miroku! Inuyasha!" I heard a familiar voice call, turning I found myself with an armful of Kagome. I felt anger rise within me, as she hugged and kissed on me.

"I'm so glad your alright! After that nasty Kouga made me take those beads off I thought for sure you might do something bad, loose control because you couldn't use Tessiaga in that human form! But I'm glad to see you got your demon back, and no mate! So it was all just a fluke?" she carried on, making my resentment towards the bitch grow and grow.

Sango landed beside us then, in full demon fighting armor.

"Kagome… maybe you shouldn't…" she started, looking at me in worry, that's when Kagome really pushed my limits she flung her arms around me again and turned a venom look onto the demon slayer.

"Shouldn't tell Inuyasha how happy I am to see him? I will of course forgive him for kissing all those disgusting demons, he was just confused that's all Inuyasha knows he belongs to me" she said, and a growl raised in my throat. My hand gripped tightly on Tessaiga, I was going to rip her apart! Then someone beat me to it, Blood splattered across my face and I watched in shock as Kagome's head slid clean off her body, her body fell and her killers face was revealed, standing behind her claws covered in blood was Kouga.

"He doesn't belong to you, you stinking human wench! Got that?" he demanded, the look on his face suggested that he wasn't aware that she was dead. Many things happened at that point but I was only aware of Kouga. Suddenly I was aware, as my heart fluttered, and it's beat quickened. This was my mate.

Stepping forward over the dead body of the girl I once thought I loved I found myself gazing through hooded eyes As Kouga's arms slid around my waist, I blushed. I knew that both of our sensitive ears were able to hear my heart pounding.

"This... isn't happening is it?" I murmured, watching cerulean eyes slide close.

"No, no it's not…" Kouga murmured back and I felt his lips descend upon mine, so soft and warm, I shivered slightly. I couldn't help it, never had I been kissed before and felt like this. My body was lit on fire just from that simple touch; we broke from the kiss and stared at each other now.

I barely even registered as he bent forward, his arm hooking around my knees and lifting me up into his arms.

"I can walk you know" I protested as he launched off into the woods again, and he merely grinned at me

"Yeah you can, but not fast enough and I want you now" he replied, I blushed and shut up, what could you really say to that anyways?

(A/N: Kouga's POV)

I didn't really know where I was headed when I ran from the cave. I just had to get away, I didn't understand. How could I possibly be that mutt's mate? I hated him! We never had or ever would get along. Plus not only was he an unworthy half breed, but he was male! I needed to marry a female for pups but Sesshoumaru said it didn't matter the gender… my mind fought back, and I blushed.

"Well I'm still not gay!" I growled out, I had never once had a thought like that towards a male, even if Inuyasha was very pretty… and had the most beautiful eyes... and soft lips…

I tripped then, upon the realization of just what was going through my mind, doing a rather graceful face plant in my opinion and lay there for I don't know how long. Simply staring off into space, I had just learned something that had shocked me to the core.

How could I be gay? I had loved Kagome hadn't I? Or well, had I really loved her? I had originally said she was mine because her abilities... Then she helped me… with the birds of paradise and his approval of her had sky rocketed but had it really been love? What about Inuyasha? Every time he saw him around Kagome he'd gotten just so angry that he would fight with the Inu, could it be that his anger was jealousy of his future mates' attachment to the miko? Could his soul have known Inuyasha was his before his mind did?

I heard a noise, and looked up, my eyes widening as I was assaulted with a smell that enraged me and enticed me all the same. The scent of poisoned flowers, it was Naraku. I was sure of it, but how could Naraku be in heat? I purred in delight despite myself, this smell. Thrilled me so much, I couldn't help myself I had to find the source.

I found him a few minutes later, in a barren clearing surrounded by demons that writhed and congealed in their slimy mass like snakes in a pit, all of them were fighting amongst each other to get to him, some already trying to kiss the struggling half breed, it must be horrifying to be molested by parts of your own body. Even more so, so many ugly weak beasties just driven mad by lust.

I stepped forward, entranced by the spider, cutting my way through the crowd with now bloody claws I found myself looking Naraku in the eye, his Ruby eyes held confusion and pain, poor thing had no idea what was going on. I leaned down and kissed him then and felt a shivering pain, not a sickness like the one Inuyasha had described but, a painful curling in my gut that made me dearly wish to plunge my katana straight through my own heart. I leaped back away from Naraku, whatever hold it was that his scent had held on me, completely gone now replaced with the worst feeling of guilt.

"Inuyasha!" I heard, turning to gaze through the throng of demons I saw him, that silver haired beauty standing and watching me, had he seen me kiss Naraku? That coil of guilt tightened before my view of him was blocked by a familiar, scantly clad miko.

Rage filled me as I stepped closer, I could hear her words. Nasty was I? I would show her nasty! Ignoring the demon slayer as she touched down to earth, riding on the demon cat as if it was a pet. Cracking my knuckles as I listened to the pathetic ningen's tirade, how dare she talk about my mate this way, as if she owned him?! Without a second thought I slashed my claws through her neck, reveling in the feel of bone and muscle tearing beneath my fingers.

He doesn't belong to you, you stinking human wench! Got that?" I spoke vehemently looking down at her body as if expecting her to get up and yell at me again, thenInuyasha stepped forward, and I looked up, entranced by those golden eyes, they showed confusion for a split second, and then recognition flooded into his eyes. I knew he could feel it, that bond that had budded when I'd kissed him, I felt it too. With hooded eyes Inuyasha stepped into my arms and let me hold him.

"This… isn't really happening is it?" he whispered, and I had to smirk, he had the same thoughts I did, how had this happened?

"No, no it's not…" I murmured in response and moved to kiss him, longing to feel that sweet kiss once more. My previous coil of pain and guilt melted as our lips crashed together, and I felt that familiar tingle, the soaring feeling that the bond gave off whenever I was near Inuyasha. There was no denying it now, he was mine.

Leaning over I hooked my right arm around his knees my left supporting his back I lifted him up and cradled him against my chest, to which he protested.

"I can walk you know"

"Yeah you can, but not fast enough and I want you now" I smirked, stunning him into silence as I took off through the woods with the intent to claim him finally, the bond was singing through my veins the wolf in me howling, I must mark what was mine, it was saying.

I found myself setting him down deep in the forest, in the hollow of a giant tree, as if to shield him from sight. He was my mate none other should see him in my opinion. Inuyasha looked at me now with a blush from where he sat on the moss covered ground, and I smirked leaning down to kiss him. Such a shy, virginal look was so unlike my fire tempered hanyou.

I kissed him then, purring as he responded to my kiss with a gasp, I took the chance to dip my tongue into that wet cavern, losing myself in a taste that was solely Inuyasha, hearing the hanyou beneath me moan I pulled away from him a blush rising over my cheeks as I tried to keep from ravishing him completely, but failed miserably as he laid back in the moss, propped up on his elbows looking up at me with the most wanton look.

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He cried out as my claws tore the unusually strong fire rat hitoe from his body, shredding it. It must have surprised him that I showed such strength, but that same surprise spurred me on and I was soon looking upon that beautiful lithe body. Inuyasha was perfect, I found my hands wandering over those hard muscles, the lean form that was my mate. Then I heard him moan and a grin lit on my face, he was so responsive!

Then the vixen surprised me, I had been purposely teasing him with my wandering hands on his trembling form, when he launched himself up at me, I watched in surprise and lust as those golden eyes turned feral, as his claws broke the clasps of my chest plate and sent it crashing to the floor and my loin cloth ripped from me. I almost winced at that one.

Needless to say I as pleasantly aroused by my lovers new, more wild approach. My wolf howled, and my yokai pulsed demanding I show dominance over the Inu. I dove at him then challenging him with a fierce kiss, tongues clashed and I shivered in pleasure as Inuyasha finally submit completely, pulling back from the kiss I smirked as I grinded my hips against his, watching as he trembled again in pleasure. It was the most enticing sight to see Inuyasha shiver with need like that.

Then he moved away from me and I growled possessively, before realizing what he was doing. Inuyasha turned from me and moved onto his hands and knees, lifting his hips in the air, offering himself to me. I pounced, feeling my member throb with need, and thrust deep into his tight entrance. Inuyasha screamed in pain and pleasure, arching his back slightly, pushing back against me.

I chuckled at the hanyou's response and slowly pulled out to slam back in again, now I was trembling as his heat engulfed me in its flame. The sent of our mating slowly started to fill the air, a heady feral scent that enticed me further. I was only vaguely aware of my movements now as I watched Inuyasha writhe beneath me, each time I moved his face contorted into the most blissful expression, and a sound issued from him that made me want to croon in pleasure myself. I could sense his need growing as I thrust deeper into him. I could hear it in the soft whimpers that escaped his lips.

Now was the time to claim him as my own. Lowering my lips to the nape of his neck I kissed softly, before I sank my canines into the soft flesh. Inuyasha cried out beneath me, collapsing as he was jolted into his orgasm, hot spurts of white issuing from him like a fountain, and his heat engulfed me again, milking me of all I had as I thrust one last time, burying my seed deep inside him before I collapsed to lap at the mark I formed on Inuyasha's neck while he saw stars, laying semi conscious beneath me.

I smirked, with just a kiss, he'd become mine.

(A/N: End Yaoi scene! Miroku's POV)

It had taken me a while to calm down Sango as the ookami took off with Inuyasha in tow, but once I explained the situation she grudgingly accepted Kagome's death. The miko had interfered with a demons potential mate; Kouga had been well within his rights to kill her.

What was even harder to explain was why that after Kagome fell, Naraku, or rather, the mass of writhing tentacles and slime that he'd become died too. This was mainly because it was difficult to get Inuyasha and Sango to grasp the fact that Kagome had apparently been Naraku's mate, with the death of his mate the demon had basically committed suicide, which was a shocking end to such a powerful creature, Inuyasha's response to all this had been a simple,

"Keh, it would figure the girl from the future that doesn't belong would be the unnatural half breed that doesn't belongs' mate."

He still hadn't quite forgiven Kagome I don't think. At first I hadn't known what to do, I was worried about Inuyasha and Kouga, after the wolf demon had taken off earlier that morning, I wondered if he would reject Inuyasha. However the feeling of the Kazaana disappearing elated me so much I wasn't able to dwell on it. Either way it had obviously ended well, as Kouga and Inuyasha returned a day later for me to explain what happened. They seemed happy until Inuyasha found out he could get pregnant.


Ah yes, this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


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