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Set after Angel lost his soul after getting a 'happy' with Buffy.

Angelus is loose and wants to make his family complete, missing how it was when Darla had been around.

He decides his childer are right.

What's the best way to get his childer a worthy 'mum', have a mate he truly desires, AND hurt the Slayer all at the same time?



"Da-ddy!" Drusilla's cry was that of a petulant child who hadn't gotten her way. Then again, sitting on the floor, brushing Miss Edith's hair, pouting up at him, she fit the picture.

Spike smirked from where he sat by the fire. He knew that tone.

And so did Angelus. He growled in frustration as he looked at his childe. "Not now Dru." He'd been lost in thoughts of his strongest obsession.

Her pout grew. "But Miss Edith says that the little flame will be lost and be blown out, never for us to touch and warm up, if the big ugly dog continues sniffing around her!"

Sire and grandchilde both raised an eyebrow at her antics. They loved Dru, but they could hardly ever understand her insane rantings.

"Come again darling?" Angelus sighed. He wasn't in a good mood and Dru's rants were getting him on edge.

"Mummy." Dru pouted deeper, as if disappointed that he hadn't understood her oh-so—clear dialogue. "If mummy was here she would understand. Mummy's smart."

Spike snorted. While Drusilla might adore her 'daddy', and she'd stake herself if she believed it would make him happy, she had insolence hidden deep within that she only unleashed when deeply annoyed.

Angelus sighed. "Darla is gone, Dru."

"I wasn't speaking about her!" Dru cried, jumping to her feet, holding Miss Edith tightly. "I'm talking about mummy!"

The Master Vampire frowned at this and looked at his childe with interest. If Dru hadn't been talking about Darla, then who had she been talking about? "Who are you calling 'mummy'?"

Dru opened her mouth as if to answer and then turned to look down at Miss Edith in surprise. Her eyes widened as she brought the doll closer to her face, turning her head slightly as if trying to hear the doll better. A horrified expression covered her face. "No."

Spike stood up, his demon roaring. He could feel Dru's fear…and Dru never felt fear. "What is it baby?"

"He's going after her." Fear turned into blind blood rage as Dru's eyes narrowed. "He will not have mummy! The ugly dog will not claim her for his mate! She's our mummy! Without her we'll lose daddy again and we will never be a family! If the dog claims her daddy will go poof!"

If Spike had still had a heart, it would have stopped at that. He knew what Dru meant when she said that Angelus would go 'poof'. He'd used that expression to describe when Angelus had been burdened with a soul.

By now Angelus was worried. While Dru wasn't the sanest of vampires, she'd never been wrong before. If her visions said that they were going to have a new mummy, and that this mummy was going to be the only thing to keep Soulboy at bay, then damn it, he believed her.

He growled as he remembered the other thing Dru had said. "What dog?" While he didn't even know who Dru was speaking about, if she was to be his childer's 'mum' then that meant that she would be his mate, and the thought caused possessive anger to boil his blood. No one was going to claim his woman…even if he had no idea who she was.


Willow sighed as she walked home from the Bronze. She wasn't alone, she wasn't stupid. She was only a beginner in magic and had little ability or control over the powers she wielded. It wouldn't be safe for her to be alone, and Buffy had been right when she'd pointed out how defenseless she'd be if she came into contact with something that went bumpety-bump in the night.

Still, it stung to be regarded as useless.

Of course, unless needed to research something or the other.

"I've had so much fun tonight." Buffy smiled, yet her eyes were vigilant on the shadows around them. "Giles was…uh…unlike himself when he gave us the night off."

Xander Harris, Willow's best friend since they were five, nodded. "Yeah. G-man really outdid himself."

A scream rent the silence of the night.

"Willow, stay here." Buffy ordered as she and Xander reached for their stakes and hurried towards the cemetery.

Alone, in the dark of the night, Willow gulped, suddenly realizing that Buffy was way right. She was defenseless by herself.

"Great Willow." She began her nervous rambling. "Stand here all by yourself, holding a stake you know won't intimidate any self-respecting creature of the night, and just shiver and tremble and look so deliciously tempting for any nasty that comes your way."

She didn't sense the werewolf watching her, sniffing, growling. It tensed its muscles as the moonlight bathed its body with its soft beams.

"Stay away from her pup." A deriding voice commanded as One Fourth of the Scourge of Europe appeared from the shadows right in front of her.

Fear unlike any other coursed through Willow's veins, unknowingly making her an even more appealing temptation to both vampire and werewolf. Her eyes widened in fear and the stake dropped noiselessly from her hands. It was only when she heard another growl that she turned to see the creature which had been hidden in the shadow of a nearby alley.

"Great." She whispered to herself to keep from fainting. "Trapped between the devil and a hell-hound." She gulped. "I knew I shouldn't have gone out tonight."

So lost in her ramblings, Willow never noticed the amused look in Angelus' eyes before they hardened, landing on the werewolf. His game-face slipped into place as he killed the distance between Willow and he, placing his cold hand on her shoulder possessively, growling menacingly.

While the werewolf's stance never faltered, it seemed to reconsider and growled with a snort before turning and running away.

Instead of feeling safer, Willow could only feel his cold hand touching her bare skin.

Dear God.

She was going to die.

And she hadn't even lost her virginity yet.

She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the feeling of death…but suddenly his hand left her shoulder and she could hear Xander calling her name.

Peeking open an eye, relief and confusion enveloped Willow as she looked around for Angelus, but he was gone.

"You okay, Wils?" Xander asked when both he and Buffy returned.

"Y-yeah." She nodded. "I just want to go home."


If there was a time in which she was grateful for the fact that her parents were never home, it was now. Although shaky, Willow was glad to have the house all to herself. She felt protected in that house, nothing or nobody could hurt her there…

She shivered.

Okay, maybe she was taking it a little exaggerated, but the point was that she felt safe and she didn't have to worry about a noise causing her parents to go outside and become a midnight snack for one of the many varieties of demons and whatnot in the Hellmouth.

Changing into a big tee shirt, she exited the bathroom only to scream. There, sitting on her bed, looking like a bad-boy fantasy made real, leather and all, was Angelus.

Now…now she wasn't feeling so protected.

"I like a woman who yells my name." He smirked seductively as he stood in a fluid movement.

"W-what are y-you doing here An-Angelus?" Breathing was hard as she back away desperately wishing that she'd taken up Buffy's offer to spend the night. "How did you get in? I've n-never invited you in."

"Such bad memory you have, little one." His smile was taunting as he watched her like a cat watched a cornered mouse. "I remember you inviting Soulboy, and while we may be in essence two different people, we share the same body."

"Damn it." She had forgotten that. And now, thanks to the excess amount of chocolate that had destroyed her memory, she was going to die a horrifying death, a slow AND horrifying death. And he…he…was smiling?

Granted, it was creepy, but it was a smile.

She gulped. "Are you going to kill me any time soon?" She winced. That hadn't come out the way she wanted it to.

"Anxious, are we?" His smile widened into a grin that betrayed the presence of fangs.

"Oh of course I am. What woman doesn't dream of being tortured for hours on end in what should be the safety of her room, and finally being drained by a modern-day James Dean?" She scowled at herself. What was she saying? He didn't need her giving him ideas!

Who knows, maybe he'd, for some unexplainable reason, decided he would just kill her quickly and leave her as a 'present' for Buffy to find. But no. She had to go and open her mouth and mention the words 'torture' and 'hours on end'.

"James Dean doesn't hold a candle to me. Though I understand the reference, leather and all."

She blinked, fear momentarily replaced by shock. Was that the part of her ramblings that stuck with him?

The redhead wished that she'd performed the un-invite spell Giles had had done on Buffy's house and Cordelia's car on her house. At the time she hadn't remembered inviting Angel, and even then, she'd never thought that Angelus would take time out on his very busy schedule (filled with tortures and death by his hands…and fangs) to pay her a visit.

Not that this was a social visit with tea and biscuits and talk about the weather.

No. This was more like a trip to the fridge for a midnight snack.

She gulped.

His gaze followed the movement and he…growled?

Willow backed into the wall. "Angelus?"

"When Dru mentioned the little fire, I didn't realize she was talking about you." His words were confusing, as was his proximity. Somehow he'd managed to leave less than an inch of air between them until he'd lunged at her.

Screaming ands kicking, Willow cried as his body pinned her to the wall and he grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking her head to the side, baring her neck to him.

This was it. She was going to die.

His fangs slowly traced up her neck, scratching her skin yet not hard enough to break it. "I'm pleased at the discovery." He whispered against her ear in a voice that sent shivers throughout her body—and not shivers of fear or disgust. "You're more than acceptable."

"Well, I'm glad to know that I have passed your food test and am considered grade A meat in your standards." Shut UP Willow! You're not making this situation any better for yourself!

He chuckled against the pulse in her neck. "More than passed, little one. More than passed." And as suddenly as he'd pressed against her, Angelus pulled away and headed towards the balcony doors. "I would love to stay, but it'll soon be dawn." He opened them, but before heading out he turned to look at her with a smirk. "We'll continue this tomorrow night, my pet."

And with that he left, blending in with the shadows outside.

Willow's feet worked enough for her to run to the balcony and close her door before they gave out on her and she collapsed on the floor.

She was alive.

How many people could say that they'd been that close to Angelus and were left alone, unharmed?

We'll continue this tomorrow night, my pet.

She shivered.

Oh no they wouldn't.

Picking up her phone she dialed the familiar numbers. "Giles? I need you to bring me the un-invite spell again. No. Not Buffy, me. You're coming over right away? Great." She hung up and looked out of her windows.

Suddenly, her house wasn't her safe refuge any more.


Oblivious to Willow's plans, Angelus made it to his mansion on Crawford Street a good twenty minutes before sunrise. He smiled at the look of adoration that filled Dru's eyes when informed that he'd protected 'mummy', who was now safely in bed. And Spike? Well, Sit-N-Spin had only given him a roll of the eyes and turned back to whatever it was that he was reading.

But not before muttering… "Well, if you'd bloody given me the Slayer's blood I would have been strong enough to get out of this bloody wheelchair and would have enjoyed hunting the creature with you myself."

"I'm so glad mummy's safe." Dru whispered conspiringly, ignoring Spike's comment. "She's going to make us all so happy."

Giving her a kiss, Angelus went to his room to ponder the night's revelations. Willow was his mate…or would be. Willow, the soft, shy, beautiful 'side-kick' who had always accepted his Soul and Demon. Both sides of him had been surprised at her interest and acceptance, at her questions and her ability to listen to his honest answers, no matter how brutal.

Angelus had to admit that he'd made Soulboy tell her the gory details. And while she'd blanched, she'd taken them in stride and prompted him to continue.

He'd wanted her since then.

And now that Dru's vision held her as his mate, the 'mum' of his childer, well, it made Angelus' lust grow. Now he wouldn't have to kidnap Willow and defend his keeping her alive and with him to his childer as a way to hurt the Slayer. No. Now he could take her, claim her, make her his in every sense of the word—and his childer would back him up.

Like a family.

He smirked evilly.

Willow was the glue that kept the Slayer's bunch together. Now she would be the glue that kept his family together, and he'd enjoy it while watching her absence cause her former friends to fall apart little by little.


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