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While Giles had been slightly withdrawn throughout the reunion with Willow, Mrs. G threw herself at her once favored student, and in a move that surprised everyone present, asked the redhead to forgive her for giving Angelus back his soul. The gypsy promised Willow that if she had known that Angelus and her were together she would have found some way to help them without having torn them apart the way she had done.

Willow, sensing the sincerity in the woman's voice, promptly forgave her, and they returned to talking about magic and computers—a love they both shared—as if the last four years had never happened.

It'd taken a while to fix back up Sunnydale, and with the demons of her old home asking to join her growing fold, Willow reluctantly found Sunnydale, California, another place now under her control. This was quite unfortunate for her, because she'd never wanted to be Queen of France in the first place, and because the Sunnydale gang were rather rowdy, and needed a lot of straightening up.

Thankfully she wasn't doing this alone. She organized the demons under her control, gave them rules on who they could kill and/or feed from and who they couldn't…and since Giles (who'd retired after Buffy's death) had warned them that the Council was sending another Slayer, she decided that they were going to have to either kill the Slayer or corrupt her…hopefully the latter, because killing Slayers only meant another would take her place.

What was surprising to all was the Slayer herself, a feisty brunette named Faith, who Willow admitted she liked a lot. The redhead had gone to the Bronze as a normal young adult—growlingly threatening Spike, Angel and Oz that if either of them showed their over-protective noses at the Bronze she'd castrate them without anesthesia—and pretended to bump into the Slayer.

They'd struck up a conversation, quite enjoying the other. It would seem that Faith wasn't fitting well in Sunnydale, and she was happy to meet someone who wasn't so 'goody-goody', as everyone else she'd met so far with her watcher. Of course, she was shocked when Willow told her, point blank, that she was an Ancient One, and that she was here to strike a deal with her.

The Slayer had been amazed that Willow could keep her demon aura hidden, and instead of trying to kill her first ask questions later—as Buffy would have—she launched into a million questions of how Willow could hide her aura from a Slayer, and how she didn't look like the monstrous 'Old Ones' she'd heard her watcher talk about whenever she'd get too drunk to remember that those were things not supposed to be spoken off unless they had to be fought.

Amazed by the Slayer, Willow ended up spilling her whole story—which earned her a wink and a question as to the sexual stamina and benefits of having two vampire lovers.

After having lived in Europe for four years, Sunnydale ended up being just too small for Willow, so she chose Xander and Anya to stay behind as her Governors. Anya had mysteriously regained her demonhood during the time she became friends with the redhead, and they couldn't help but wonder if somehow the power in Willow had reopened the closed channel and righted what she'd subconsciously felt a mistake on the blonde's part.

Tara had also stayed, and helped Anya and Xander whenever they needed help with magic. So, along with Faith—who'd agreed to turn a blind eye when the delinquents and such that Willow had proclaimed be the ones allowed to be fed upon, were attacked—the four of them kept an eye on Sunnydale for her and kept in contact with the redhead.

Riley, who wanted to get away from Sunnydale and the bad memories it held for him, joined Willow and her family in France, where he spent the next two years making a name for himself in her army, despite the dark resentment her army held against him due to fact that he was only a human.

His humanity played against him countless times, as did his old association with the Initiative—which still had organizations throughout Europe. It was only during a battle against the Initiative based in France that Riley gained the respect of his demon peers, when he received a fatal wound saving Willow from an attack from a gang of chipped demons. With him dying on the battlefield, Willow did the only thing she could, and sired him.

With the French Initiative destroyed, and a new member in her family, Willow believed that she'd finally have some time to relax and enjoy herself. Yet envoys from Germany, Norway, England and Italy arrived begging an audience with her. It would seem that the demons of said countries had heard of her battle and victory against the French Initiative and were pleading for her to come and save them from the branches that lived in their countries.

Willow didn't want to do it.

She really didn't want to.

It was around that time that Anya got into contact with horrible news. They weren't exactly sure how it'd happened, or why, but Mrs. G, Jenny, had been killed in her own home while Giles was working late in the Magic Box. And all evidence pointed to the fact that it'd been human assailants. What the killers had wanted couldn't be explained, for while the house was ransacked, nothing was missing.

Guilt-ridden and rage-filled, Giles was slipping deeper and deeper into his Ripper persona. Willow and her family flew back to Sunnydale for the funeral, and for the first time Giles removed all of his inner barriers with her and cried on her shoulder, allowing her to comfort him as he cried for the only woman he'd truly loved.

It was during her weekend back at Sunnydale that another envoy, this time from Poland, appeared and as had the others, begged for her to come to his country to help rid them of the Initiative. He spoke of families being separated, of spouses being tortured—and that was what got to Giles.

The British man had listened silently, and then, when Willow told the envoy what she'd told the others—that she had no one to keep an eye on France—he'd come up with a solution to the problem she'd been holding onto as an excuse not to go.

He'd help Faith (whose Watcher had been killed while drunk) and Tara (who still blushed and stuttered every time she spoke to an oblivious Willow) keep an eye on the Hellmouth, as Ripper and as Giles he had information and knowledge that would be of good use to them, and the two women had already been accepted by the demon community as Governors and representatives of Willow, so the demons respected and listened to them.

Anya and Xander, who'd been the 'Head Governors' would be relocated to France to take the position Darius and Vicus had once had. Two years had helped Xander get used to the fact that his wife was a demoness, and had even become rather smug at the fact. Of course, he got jealous every time a demon tried to flirt with her—which was a lot—but he smirked smugly at them when she firmly told them that she saved all her orgasms for her husband.

Two years had made him quite used to her frankness.

Cordelia and Oz hadn't gotten together during the last two years, for while there was obvious chemistry between them, Oz was still mourning Dru, with whom Cordelia still conversed, rather jealously, with.

But, if you could accuse Cordelia of anything, it was persistence, that was why she too was going to Poland with the rest of her family instead of staying in France safe and sound as they'd wanted. No one had gotten over Dru's death, and tended to over-protect the dark haired Halfling much to her constant annoyance.

"Is it so bad to want a vacation?" Willow groaned as she leaned back against Angel, eyes closed, head killing her. "First, I spend four years in France fighting demons that came out of nowhere wanting to kill me for no reason—and then ruling the demons—then I come here to kill the Slayer, and actually end up in a war against the Initiative, then I spend some months trying to fix the mess that is Sunnydale—before returning to France to a two year war against the Initiative there."

Spike and Angel exchanged amused expressions at how she'd said that in one breath.

"And now?" She continued in her rant, ignoring Oz's smirk, Riley's sigh of sympathy, and Cordelia playing with Oz's hair. "I have not one—not two—but five countries begging me to go to their countries to help them! You know how many years I see in the future that I will spend vacation-less?"

"Take a breath between sentences, luv, you'll faint from lack of oxygen if you don't." Spike chuckled at the glare she sent him.

"Oh, and to top everything off?" Willow moaned, remembering yet another reason why her life could suck sometimes. "I'm going to be spending the next two months in hell…literally!"

Her mates growled at the reminder.

Ever since Ares had decided that he couldn't be expected to spend so much of his time in 'such a smelly place', he'd announced that Willow spend at least four months in hell with him for her training every year. So she usually spent two months in hell, two months on earth, and then the next two months in hell again.

And both Angel and Spike knew what their father-in-law was up to—using the distance to try and push Willow into the arms of one of his fellow Ancients.

"Stop the growling—my head is killing me." Willow complained, hands on her head, leaning forwards on the loveseat. "You know that I don't want any those Ancients as my mate, and that I'll be missing my family horribly the whole time I'm there, so stop with the possessive jealousy already."

"I was wondering," Angel growled anyway. "Since us lower demons" his growl grew darker "aren't allowed in the hell dimension, and Cordelia isn't allowed because of the vision she had of somehow ending the world if she does go—why don't you take Riley with you this time?"

Riley and Willow exchanged surprised looks. This was unexpected.

"He's your childe so he's allowed entrance." Spike continued, obviously Angel and he had spoken about this previously. "Cor, Pup, Gramps and I will go to Poland ahead of you and get things started while you and Commando spend some time in hell and then come back in time for the battle."

Riley made a face at Spike's nickname for him.

Angel nodded, having gotten used to Spike's fondness for name-calling. "That way Riley can keep an eye on you, and remind those Old Ones that not only are you respectably mated, but have two childer, and are not available."

Willow smirked. This was so like them to come up with a plan like this. "Sure, plus, Ares hasn't met Riley yet. It'll be a good way for them to get to know each other." She turned to the childe in question. "You up to it?"

"Sure." Riley nodded, interest piqued at the thought of going to the hell dimension she spent so much time in. "When do we leave, mum?"

"Tomorrow night." She sighed, leaning back against Angel once more. "Pack mostly shorts and t-shirts, it's always wonderfully warm in a tropical sort-of-way there." She paused, tapping a finger against her bottom lip thoughtfully, trying to come up with an example of a place they'd been to lately. "Think Brazil."

Her son looked amused. "I'd have thought that hell would be hotter than Brazil."

"It is, if you're in the Lake of Fire." She corrected seriously. "Dad has a cabin on the ledge right above it, quite a view."

Oz looked relatively jealous of Riley for being able to go when he himself couldn't because being a werewolf and thus a 'lesser demon' in the eyes of the Ancients, he wasn't allowed there unless he'd been sent for eternal punishment and torment. The werewolf could imagine what Angel and Spike felt, not being able to go either, and they were her mates!

They soon said their 'goodnights'---which were in truth 'good mornings'---and went to bed, some to rest, and others to remind their mate who she belonged to.

Hours later, as Willow lay between her sleeping mates, tired, sore, and completely satisfied, she looked out of the window, holding back laughter as both vampires cuddled closer to the warmth her body provided their cold ones. Both would rather face torture than admit that they cuddled, but she found it quite cute.

A sigh escaped blood red lips.

If anyone had told her after Angel lost his soul, that all of this would happen to her, Willow would have had said person committed to a mental institution. Her, the nerdy, ignored hacker, a mighty Ancient One who had to use complex disguising spells to keep not only her aura hidden, but her features as well?

She'd never have believed it.

Not in a million years.

But it was true…amazingly so.

While Willow could easily live with the black hair and pale skin, she couldn't go out amongst humans with her midnight black eyes—without a speck of white to be seen. Plus, she liked having her natural red hair and green eyes, so she'd used some magic to return to looking how she had before, only going natural while in Hell with her father and the other Ancient Ones.

Thinking of Ares, Willow shook her head. He'd never understand love, never truly felt it, so he'd never get why she'd never leave Angel and Spike. Her heart, mind, body and soul belonged to them and wouldn't belong to anyone else.

He was just going to have to accept that.

Spike murmured something in his sleep against her skin as Angel tightened his hold on her.

Closing her eyes, Willow breathed out a happy breath and fell asleep.


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