A.N - Here we go. Another new AU story. Slightly hesitant author. Hope you like it. Writing this kind of reminded me of when I went to Spain on a school trip. Good times.

This story is going to be pretty much fluff guys. Not a lot of angst, or plot twists, or whatever. Just pure Jesse/Suze. :)

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European Literature refers to text that is written in English, or any other European language. In this essay, I have chosen to focus my study on English literature and hope to talk about English literature through the ages from the first works in English, which were written in the Middle Ages, to the modern day novel.

European Literature

An Essay by Susannah Simon.


Chapter 1

I'd never left America before. The only time I left New York was to move with my mom to California when she married my step-dad, Andy. Even then, I'd stayed in California throughout the rest of high school. And now, finally, in my junior year of college, I am leaving the country.

Susannah Simon is going to Spain.

And I'm going with my two best friends, as well as three other people from my college English class.

"Attention passengers," the lady's voice echoed through the airport departure lounge. "Would passengers that are flying to Barcelona, Spain, lay-over in London, Heathrow, please make their way to gate number twelve for boarding please. I repeat -"

The rest of her message got lost as Cee Cee and Adam, my two best friends, walked excitedly over to me.

"That's us, Suze!" Adam whooped.

I shot him a look, gesturing to the fact that I'd already stood up and had my boarding pass ready.

"Oh, right," he dropped his head sheepishly. "Sorry."

I smiled.

"Don't be," I told him. "We're going to Spain!"

"Yeah!" Adam shouted whilst Cee Cee clapped her hands happily.

"Let's go," Cee Cee began walking off in the direction that would take us to gate number twelve, Adam and I following behind her.

My on-flight bag was weighing heavily down on my shoulder as I trekked down the long corridors trying not to point excitedly at the planes as I saw them taking off.

For God's sake Suze, I told myself. You've seen aeroplanes before ; you've been on one before. Get a grip, girl.

I suppose it was just the novelty of flying to a whole new country without my parents - or step-brothers. It was just me, my two best friends and three whole months to spend lazing around on Sunny Spanish beaches.

The only downside is that while I was over here, I had to write an essay on European Literature - which was kind of the reason for our trip in the first place.

I was snapped out of educational thoughts be Cee Cee's finger poking my shoulder.

"Ow!" I whined, rubbing the sore spot. "What was that for?"

"Look at that guy over there." She pointed a milky white finger at the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen, walking slightly ahead of us.

He was tanned, tall and had a chest to die for - from what I could see through his white shirt that was unbuttoned at the top.

I had to stop my jaw from dropping open.

"Oh my God." I whispered.

"I know," Cee Cee nodded. "And, he's heading in the same direction as us, maybe he's on our flight?"

I smiled happily and sped up, now more excited then ever to get on the plane.

I joined Adam, who was with the rest of the group from our class, with Cee Cee arriving shortly after. The other three people that made up our group consisted of Emily, who was super brainy, Scott, who kind of reminded me of my step-brother Brad, and Paul Slater. Paul transferred from a college in Seattle in September.

"How mad is it," Scott was saying as I walked over, "that we're spending New Year in Spain?"

His question was met with shouts from us and disapproving looks from the rest of the passengers waiting to board - which, I noticed, included the hot guy from earlier.

"Hey," I asked Cee Cee. "What seat number are you anyway?"

"Oh, yeah," she glanced at her boarding pass, reading through all of the information before she finally found her seat number. "I'm in 25C, you?"

"21A." My voice was sad.

How did our seats get so far away from each other? I wish we'd checked earlier, I could have changed it or something.

"Cee?" Adam asked. "You're in 25C?" At her nod, he continued. "I'm in 25B!"

Cee Cee put on a show of being annoyed at the prospect of spending thirteen hours - yeah, I know, long time to sit on a plane - next to Adam, but I could tell that she was happy really. They'd been edging towards a relationship recently.

Which meant there was no way either of them would swap with me.

So, it was slightly apprehensively that I walked through the narrow plane corridor, glancing at the seat numbers as I did so.

18, 19, 20 …

I found my seat - the window, my favourite - and sat down, waiting for a stranger to come and sit next to me.

I might get lucky, and be the only one sitting in this row. Or I might be cursed and be forced to spend the next half a day next to a bald, fat man with dorky glasses. Who smells. Ewww, please, no.

The aircraft was filling quickly, and there was still no one sitting next to me. I let myself relax and think over where I'd be staying when we arrived in Barcelona. All of us had been placed with 'host families'. Mine were called the De Silvas. I think Cee Cee was staying with the Diego's. I didn't know anyone else's. I hope my guys had a pool though.

My attention was pushed back to the present when I heard the sound of someone putting their on board luggage in the overhead compartment. My overhead compartment.

I looked over at said person hesitantly, only to be met with a view of a white shirt unbuttoned at the top. My breath caught in my throat. Could it be the guy from the departure lounge?

Finally, the guy's face came into view. I had to stop myself from squealing. It was him! I got to spend thirteen hours - hopefully, if we kept our same seats after the transfer in London - sitting next to, and possibly talking to, this amazingly hot guy.

I smiled politely when he sat down next to me and buckled himself in.

"Hey," I said giving him my hand to shake. "I'm Suze."

"Jesse." He smiled and shook my hand with laughter in his eyes, as if amused by my antics. "Suze? Short for -"

"Susannah," I interrupted him. "Susannah Simon."

"Pretty name." I blushed at the compliment. "My name's Hector - Jesse's a nickname. Hector de Silva."

Wait a minute, de Silva?

De Silva can't be that popular of a surname. I could be spending the next three months in a house with this guy. And I was excited at the thought of thirteen hours …

The air hostesses were going through the safety procedures, what to do in case of a crash. I knew I should pay attention really - I can never understand how to work the air float things - but, with Jesse de Silva next to me, and the possibility of spending three whole months in his house, I was slightly distracted.

It was going to be a long flight. I could tell, and we hadn't even taken off yet.