Ya, fanfiction after just reading the first manga…again. I get hooked so easily. Anyway, I might not mention the actual Shugo Chara much, or maybe I will. I don't know yet. All I know is that I have been dying to write an IkutoxAmu fic. I know that the age difference is weird so it's AU where she's older and Ikuto is the same age, which I'm guessing at to be fourteen or so. So they'll be freshmen in highschool. (At least in America.) Some of the things in the book will have happened, and hopefully I can make it clear which things. Warning though, this might suck. I'll probably also get OOC with it too. (Sigh)

Full Summary: Shugo Chara! AU. Amu is in highschool with her friends and Ikuto. She likes Tadase, but she still remembers those moments with Ikuto when they were young. And Ikuto is after her, although not for her Guardian Characters anymore…

It was Tadase-kun's fifteenth birthday, and Amu was determined to impress him with her cooking. She was in her kitchen trying out difficult recipes and seeing which would give her the best results.

With the help of Ran, Miki, and Su, she had grown into her talents of gymnastics, drawing, and cooking. She was also good at acting (Miki) and sewing (Su), so she was indispensable to the drama club. Unfortunately, as she grew older, her Guardian Characters disappeared and faded away. She missed them sometimes, but she decided she couldn't dwell on her childhood memories.

She decided that a peach pie would be good, even though it wasn't that hard to make. She was putting the pie in the oven when her doorbell rang. She set the timer and went to get it. Her mother got there first.

"Oh, Nadeshiko-chan. So good to see you." Midori Hinamori said.

"You too Hinamori-san. May I come in? I'm here to see Amu-chan." Nadeshiko replied.

"Of course. Amu! Oh, there you are." Midori said, seeing Amu coming out of the kitchen. She left to work on an article, and Nadeshiko closed the door, took off her shoes, and followed Amu into the kitchen.

"You've been making Tadase-kun something for his birthday, haven't you?" Nadeshiko asked slyly.

"Yes." Amu answered.

"You've made him food every birthday since the one when I first suggested it." Nadeshiko commented.

"Yeah. Ever since 'they' faded away, it's like a tribute to Su, because I remember how she would always help me pick out a recipe and make it." Amu told her.

"Yeah, I miss Temari sometimes too. But I think she just went back inside my heart." Nadeshiko said, smiling at Amu.

"I know how you feel. It's almost like they never left me." Amu agreed.

The doorbell rang again. Amu went to answer it and this time her mom didn't bother to try and answer. She opened the door, and there stood Ikuto.

Amu was shocked. "I do believe this is the first time you've used the front door. As I recall, last time you just jumped up to my balcony."

"…" Ikuto was silent.

Amu rolled her eyes. "Why are you here? We were just discussing Guardian Characters, but I didn't think that would summon you or anything."

"No reason…" Ikuto said. Amu was reminded again of their balcony encounter.

"Well come in, I'm not holding the door open all night." Amu said.

Ikuto came in. He took his shoes off and Amu led him into the kitchen. "Hey Nadeshiko, look who showed up out of the blue." Amu said as they went in.

"Thieving feline!" Nadeshiko shouted accusatorily.

"Loud psycho." Ikuto replied calmly.

Midori Hinamori stuck her head into the kitchen. "Dear, who's this?" she asked, seeing Ikuto.

"Um, this is Ikuto Tsukiyomi. He goes to the same school as Nadeshiko-chan and me." Amu introduced them. Ikuto nodded respectfully at Amu's mother.

"I take it from the shouting that your friends are not friends with each other?" Amu's mother asked.

"Never." Nadeshiko said venomously.

"Okay, I'll leave you three to your cooking then." Midori said, leaving the kitchen again.

"Well, I'll come over some other time Amu-chan." Nadeshiko said, standing up and looking pointedly at Ikuto. She walked to the door, put on her shoes, and left.

The timer went off. Amu put on oven mitts and took out the hot pie plate. Ikuto sniffed the air. "Think it'll be good? I made it for Tadase-kun for his birthday." Amu told Ikuto. Ikuto looked resolutely unimpressed.

"Was that who that tart thing was for? The one I broke?" Ikuto asked finally.

"Yeah, that was my first try at cooking. I was so sad when it broke." Amu remembered.

"You like cooking now though?" Ikuto asked.

"Yeah, and I'm not too bad at it either. I'm even bordering on good." Amu replied.

"But he's the only one you cook for on his birthday?" Ikuto inquired further.

"I'll make something for you on your birthday. When is it?" Amu asked.

"December first." Ikuto told her.

"Well, when it's your birthday I'll make you something." Amu promised.

"A tart?" Ikuto requested.

Amu laughed. "Sure, if that's what you want."

Ikuto smiled happily. Then he turned away in an attempt to hide it. Suddenly he turned back and said, "You like him don't you."

Amu felt herself blush. "That's none of your business."

"It doesn't have to be. It's written all over your face." Ikuto told her.

"Did you come here to tease me?" Amu asked.

"No." Ikuto said.

"Anyway, do you want to come with me to give this to Tadase-kun?" Amu wondered.

"Sure, since we're such good friends." Ikuto said sarcastically, but he went to the door and put his shoes on. Amu took the pie that was cooling on the stove and set it on a table in the hallway while she put on her shoes. She grabbed the pie and they left.


Tadase opened his door to both a welcome and unwelcome sight. On one hand, Amu-chan was here, bringing her traditional birthday treat. On the other, for some inexplicable reason, the cat burglar was with her.

"What's he doing here?" Tadase immediately demanded.

"He wanted to come along and wish you a 'Happy Birthday' of course!" Amu said, far too cheerfully and not very convincingly.

"Yeah right. And why is he with you anyway?" Tadase asked.

"I don't really know, he just showed up at my house this afternoon. Nadeshiko-chan wasn't happy either. But really, he's an okay guy. Even though he's really weird and he molested me while looking for Ran's egg, and tried to steal Su then sort of pinned me to the floor, and bit my ear once. …The more I replay that, the more my argument for him being okay goes out the window." Amu noted.

"He molested you?! Amu, this guy is sick, and I think he likes you. You should really stay away from him." Tadase warned.

"I'm fine Tadase-kun. I'm sure Ikuto-san is just hanging around today to be his normally weird, befuddling self." Amu assured him.

"Call me Ikuto-kun, please." Ikuto said with a charming smile.

Amu tried to stop the blush she could feel burning her cheeks. How dare he in front of Tadase-kun?! He would only further Tadase's mistaken notion that Ikuto liked her. She gave him a little shove for show.

"Anyway, I wanted to give you your present. We'll be leaving now." Amu said, feeling embarrassed. Tadase had a pissed-off expression as he closed his door. Once they were clear of his house, Amu shoved Ikuto right into a wall. "What were you thinking?! Now he'll think that you like me!"

Ikuto was much bigger than her, and was only pushed into the wall because she caught him off-guard. Truth be told, he was reveling in Tadase's angry expression.

"Who cares? Let him think what he wants." Ikuto scoffed.

"I care!" Amu insisted.

"I said that because you were using –san to distance yourself from me. All to convince your precious prince of your loyalty." Ikuto told her in an offended manner.

Amu sank down onto a nearby step. "I'm sorry I just-I've liked him for so long and nothing has happened. I don't want to decline by associating with his enemies." She sounded close to tears, and although she didn't know it, Ikuto hated to see her cry.

"Look, calm down. I'm pretty sure he was just mad at me. If he thinks I like you, and he dislikes me more because of that, then maybe he likes you." Ikuto suggested.

"Do you think so?" Amu asked.

"It would make sense." Ikuto replied.

"Oh, thank you Ikuto-kun, you made me feel much better." Amu said, hugging him affectionately. Ikuto froze, unsure of what was happening and what to do.

Amu let go of him. She took one look at his face and smiled. "Don't have that look on your face. You look like I slapped you or dumped cold water on you."

What she had actually done was much more unkind. She had him flashing back to the last time he had had that much bodily contact with her.

Ikuto was licking her egg. "Give it back!" she cried, racing at him to grab it. He tried to lift the egg up higher so she couldn't reach, but she managed to get her hand up by it. Her body was pressed against his, and his arm instinctively tried to wrap itself around her. They looked in each other's eyes and they were both shocked.

When their eye contact finally broke, it was because they were both on the floor. Who pulled who was a question neither of them could answer, but now Ikuto hovered over Amu staring into her eyes, mesmerized.

"Wh…Why are you trying to steal my egg? What's an Embryo?" Amu asked him as her face flushed and her heart beat a tattoo against her chest.

It was then that Ikuto realized how much he really liked her.


Done. I'm not sure of the quality. Let me know if it's good or not. Constructive criticism is welcome.