Over the next month, Draco and Ginny continued their research like before. She let things continue like they'd never changed anyways. Except now, she made the extra effort to be friendly with her partner. It wasn't too difficult; even when he baited her, he did it in a manner that anyone with ears and a brain could tell he was just kidding and trying to have a good time.

Occasionally, she dressed up for him. She would pull back her hair and curl it, put on some make up, and wear her nicest, casual robes which had no stains or tears and fit her figure properly. And recalling Draco's obsession with shoes, one time Ginny added some height to a pair of her shoes. After three hours of walking and possibly six or seven blisters, the pair of shoes got thrown against the wall and then transfigured back to their original form.

The biggest difference between now and then were the questions. During tea, she would fire questions about anything and everything. The first business Draco opened (a popular restaurant which Ginny confessed to dining at often), why Draco wanted to open a sports shop (it was no secret he liked Quidditch, and really, that was all there was to it), his love life (non-existent, as she very well knew), if he missed his family (not his, but certainly he might like to have his own one day), favorite foods, favorite fashions, favorite hobbies, guilty pleasures... No stone remained unturned, and Ginny really had no shame when it came to certain subjects. One morning the pair discussed the war, and on another particularly saucy day, Ginny ventured into Draco's sex life. He blushed at this a bit because it came out of the blue, which she thought made him adorable, but then answered the questions. He promptly demanded her answers and was hardly satisfied that the only lover she had taken was Potter.

Eventually, Draco began coming in every day and the two took lunch together. Occasionally, they even had dinner together afterwards. At meal times, they discovered even more about one another. For instance, he didn't eat peas, and she loved chocolate desserts more than any other food. Dinner revealed Draco's gentlemanly side. Each time they dined out, he insisted he pay the bill, claimed it a perk of being his employee.

They spent so much time together that Ginny forgot about tea time with Neville once. Just skipped it completely, without even an informing owl for her friend. Of course, when he stormed the office, the young witch apologized profusely, offering an eternal life of debt. Neville chuckled then joined her and Draco in their tea time, clearly aggravating Malfoy who became less than friendly. Surprisingly, his attitude didn't anger Ginny; it demonstrated his feelings about their friendship, and he clearly wasn't willing to share her.

Meanwhile, G continued writing to D as though nothing changed. If anything, their letters became more frequent, sometimes sending Kitty back and forth five times in one evening. It wasn't too long before D told G what she meant to him, and Ginny kept that letter by her bedside and read it again and again and again.

Ginny felt that if ever there was a perfect time to reveal herself, now would be it.


"I want to meet D," Ginny announced one Saturday to Neville over dinner.

This, of course, confused him greatly and he didn't bother to hide it.

"You've already met, Gin. You know, blonde bloke that sits at your desk every day of the week? Sound familiar?"

She rolled her eyes. "I've met Draco, Nev. I want D to meet G. Get it?"

"Not really, love."

"Oh well," Ginny answered with a shrug. "The thing is, how would I go about doing that?"

"Meeting D?"


"No bloody idea." Which caused Ginny to frown and declare, "You're not being very helpful."

Neville dropped his fork and focused on chewing the bite of meat in his mouth. He tried to think of this situation as a girl might and still couldn't make heads or tails of what Ginny was blabbering on about. It sounded like she wanted to reveal herself as G and like it was more complicated than just out right saying it. Why did it have to be some big production? Women. He never did understand them. Perhaps that was why he'd gone the gay way.

He suspected that Draco would need proof. He didn't seem the trusting type and might suspect Ginny was simply taking advantage of an interesting piece of information she stumbled upon. She had the letters, of course, but it was easy enough to duplicate pieces of parchment. She could also share her own handwriting, since Draco had yet to see that. But alone, it wasn't enough.

Then Ginny's pesky owl Kitty flew over to Neville and started eating off his plate. This made him smirk for more reason than one.

"I think, Ginny dear, that you should just invite Draco up for dinner."



I think we should meet. I know you already told me why you don't want to, but it's been nearly three months since then. I'm going mad right now and could really use a friend. Honestly, I could really use you.

Please just consider it? I think it would go well.



Alright, yea. Let's do it.



The bint was staring at him. Every few minutes, she'd look up and stare at him then look back down at her book. She would open her mouth, think better of it, and close it. Then when he managed to concentrate on his wand motions, she'd look up at him again. Draco nearly growled in frustration after the first half hour of this routine and was about to quit a half an hour early just to get away from it.

After one more repetition of this cycle, Draco slammed his wand down on the desk and asked, "What do you want, Weasley?"

Ginny was no fool and could tell he was annoyed with her. So her voice was more quiet than usual when she replied, "Dinner."

That was it? He picked up his wand again and started repeating the wand motion Ginny taught him. "Fine. Where do you feel like going?"

"Mm-my place," she answered, still quiet. "I thought I'd cook you dinner. Sort of a celebration, because we've only got another week or so before the deadline. I'm a fair cook, I swear."

"Your place?" Ginny thought Draco looked like he was considering it.

"It's a flat, about twenty minutes from here, where I live. There are walls and a bed and a kitchen and everything."

"Well... alright."

She smiled and nodded once. "Great."

As they walked to her place, Ginny made small talk. Small talk bugged both her and her dining mate, but her nerves got the better of her. A conversation about when the store would open some how turned into asking how his restaurant The Dragon Booth was doing, and would it be hosting any special summer events? Draco sniggered at each foolish comment. Even she had to roll her eyes at her pathetic attempt to keep silence from settling in.

Then when they got inside her home, she worried that it wasn't fancy enough. Draco looked around, clearly judging everything, and surprisingly said nothing other than, "Nice place."

With a sigh of relief Ginny thanked him.

"It's not much, but I can afford it on my own. And mum can't tell me what to do, which is the nicest thing about it. Please, make yourself comfortable."

Draco took this to heart and hung his cloak up on the hanger, then sat on the couch and placed his feet on the coffee table. He took a closer look at the knick knacks and decorations. Quaint, he decided, and exactly how he pictured Ginny's tastes. Everything was simple. Nothing matched. And there was definitely nothing too extravagant lying around.

"What are you making us?" he called to the kitchen.

"At the moment, tea," came the answer, along with the voice's owner, into the sitting area. She sat down next to Draco and handed him his drink while sipping her own. "If you're hungry, I can start cooking now."

"It's still early. I'm in no hurry to get home."


"Good?" She could almost hear the raised eyebrow in his question. She nodded with a blush. "Alright then. Good."

"So. We're done in a week," Ginny stated a bit too evenly.

"Yes, we are."

"Are you sad?"

"More excited."


Draco may occasionally be a git, but he was a smart git, and he could hear the disappointment from the red head.

"I'm excited to open my store," he rephrased. "Not because these past few months have been unbearable."

"Oh!" she said again. Except this time there was excitement in her voice. Then Ginny pressed her eyes shut tightly, mustered up all that Gryffindor courage she had within her, and said, "Draco, I have to tell you something. And you might want to leave afterwards."

It was his turn for an, "Oh?"

"I think... I think it may be easier to show you..."


"Shut up." Although, her words came out with a giggle and not quite a menacing threat. "Here, Kitty," she began calling.

"You're showing me your cat?" Draco asked and then was surprised to see a familiar bird fly through the window. He looked small and brown and Draco knew immediately he had seen the owl a million times before. Delivering letters. From his mysterious, unidentified pen pal G. And it was here. In Ginny's flat.

Shit. Ginny. G. Shit.

"You're... You're G," he said in the quietest voice Ginny ever heard him.

"And you're D."

"How... How did you know?"

She looked down into her tea and admitted, "Your handwriting."

Oh, right. Draco remembered that day when she paled at seeing his broom design. She couldn't concentrate all day long, and then he got a letter from G... She was frazzled, too. Shit.

Thinking back, this made sense. Potter left Ginny when G got dumped. And the letter about an angry boss... And shit, Ginny's boss was Hermione, a good friend who was married! Clues were every where, and Draco just ignored them. He got too wrapped up in his researcher to remember the friend he'd been making anonymously.

But really, it was... best... that they turned out to be the same person. It made his life a lot simpler. It explained why he felt a strange fondness for Ginny, and clearly he could trust her with all any secrets he shared with G. And now, he didn't have to worry about making one jealous or choosing which to get closer to. He could have both, or really, just her.

"I think... I think I wanted it to be you."

And when he said that, Ginny felt all control leave her body. She launched herself at Draco, kissing him with everything inside her. Most landed on his lips, and those he returned eagerly, but a few were on his cheek, below his ear, and her lips even brushed against his forehead.

"I'm thrilled it was you, D," Ginny whispered. And then she became completely silent and showed Draco how completely happy she was.


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