The Hogwarts Talent Show To Remember: Next Generation

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Chapter 11 - Back Inside The Castle

Scorpius scanned the room looking for her, he finally saw her sitting in a dark corner of the room. He indicated to her that he wished to speak to her. The girl smiled at him as she rose from the chair. She made her way slowly across the room towards him. He walked over to a deserted corner of the room where he was sure that he would not be overheard talking with the girl by anyone.

When the girl reached him, she smiled up at him. Silence stretched between them and after a few minutes the girl spoke.

"You wished to speak to me Scorpius." He looked down at her, his jaw tightened in anger as he stared at her. He hated her but if he wanted his plan to succeed he needed her. I am only using her to achieve my own ends he reminded him silently.

He looked back down at her again, she caught him looking at her and batted her eyelashes at him. He swallowed down the vomit that rose in his throat at the sight of her. After taking a few minutes to compose himself, he spoke.

"Yes I did wish to speak with you Ciarra, I wanted to ask you something" she smiled sweetly up at him. "Ask away Scorpius" she said replied as she fidgeted with the bottom of his tie then she smiled up at him again.

He looked away from her disgusted with himself for doing this and he was also contemplating how low he had sunk. Scorpius looked back at her, taking a deep breath to prepare himself for what he was about to do. A few seconds passed then he spoke.

"Ciarra will you be my girlfriend." he asked her quickly. He could not fully believe that those words had just come out of his mouth. Those words were the last words he ever thought that he would utter to her but he had no choice. He waited for her reply, choosing to look down at his shoes rather than at her face at this particular moment.

Silence stretched for a few minutes between them then Ciarra gasped, which made him look up from his shoes and back at her face. A smile spread across her face.

"I would love to be your girlfriend Scorpius" she replied. He nodded to her then he turned and walked away from her. After he had walked five steps from her, he turned back and looked at her, staring at her for a short while.

"I will see you at potions class tomorrow" he said to her simply. Then he walked across the common room and began to walk up the stairs that led to the dormitories.

She watched him as he walked away from her , excited but shocked at what had just happened. He stopped at the top of the dormitory stairs, pausing for a minute to fully take in what he had just done. Then he took a deep breath, walked over to the door and opened it. He stepped inside the room closing the dormitory door behind him with a small bang.

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