Brotherly Talks


Jonathan Fan

Rated: K-

Summary: Robin of Locksley and his brother Will Scarlett have a talk and bond as brothers after Will's confession in the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." I've been thinking that Will and Robin acted like brothers too quickly in the overprotective way and Will's teasing him about his aim.

Robin of Locksley watched concerned as Fanny, John Little's wife, cleaned the whip marks on his brother's thin stomach. Will had just stumbled into camp, giving everyone the news that the Sheriff was going to hang the men he had captured on the raid he had made on Robin's camp and marry Marian, the girl Robin had fallen in love with.

Then Will had given Robin the biggest shock of his life. They were brothers! Robin knew that Will had hated him, but he had never dreamed that the woman that his father had given up on his account had given birth to his brother. If he had known that he would never had made his father do it. He had always wanted a little brother when he was younger.

Now looking at his brother closely he could see the resemblance between them. His hair was the same color as Robin's and Will had the same color eyes. There were differences. Robin had gotten his build from his father. Will must have gotten his from his mother.

Will looked up at him as he winced slightly. "I'm okay, Brother," Will said, the knuckles of his hands turning white as he gripped his knees.

"I know you are, Will. You're my brother. I'm supposed to make sure that you're okay," Robin said, sitting down next to him.

"Take it easy, Fanny," Will said, shying away as the woman touched a sore spot with a rag soaked in ointment.

"I'm sorry, Will. Am I hurting you?" Fanny asked, reaching out and brushing Will's long hair out of his eyes like he was her son.

"I'll be all right. It can't be any worse than an arrow through the hand," Will said, pulling his shirt back on over the bandages.

"I'm sorry, Will. I never would have done that to you," Robin said contritely.

"I know. I'm sorry too. I was a coward and I was going to knife you. I felt bad about it later. My mother would have thrashed me if she knew I had nearly killed you," Will said, lowering his eyes.

"Will, I am so sorry about your mother. I had no excuse for the way I treated her when my mother died and our father found love again," Robin said after a few moments of uncomfortable silence.

"It's okay, but can you tell me something?" Will asked.

"What?" Robin asked.

"What was my father like?" Will asked, unshed tears forming in his eyes as he looked up at his brother.

Robin smiled as he hugged his brother tightly and they both sat down on the ground. Robin told Will everything about Brian of Locksley that he felt his brother should know. After he had said everything he could think of Will and Robin sat quietly.

"So, our father wasn't a devil worshipper like you said?" Will asked.

"No. Our father was a good man. A little strict at times, but I know he loved God. He would never have done that," Robin said firmly.

"Robin, if that's what you believe I believe it too," Will said just as firmly.

"Thank you, Will. I promise, I'm never going to lose you again. I always wanted a little brother I could take care of," Robin said, smiling.

"I always wanted a big brother who would look out for me. I'm glad you're my brother, Robin," Will said as Azeem, his brother's Moorish friend, came over to him.

"Do you have a plan, Christian?" Azeem asked, looking hesitant about interrupting the bonding between the brothers.

"I'm thinking through that. Do you have any ideas, Azeem?" Robin asked as he and his brother stood.

"I have one, which will take a lot of planning. The Friar says he will help me with it," Azeem said vaguely as if he were hiding a secret. He walked away without saying anything else.

"I wonder what he's planning," Will said to no one in particular.

"Who knows? Do you want to know anything else, Will?" Robin asked as they walked over to the supper fire.

"No. Maybe I'll have more questions one day, but I think I've asked all I was thinking about," Will asked as he took a large hank of venison and, burning his fingers ate it hungrily.

Robin watched his brother tear into the meat with a voracious appetite. Besides the beating the Sheriff had given him he had starved his little brother too. He had never seen that big of an appetite away from the Holy Crusades. He remembered what it was to be that hungry. That it was like a monster in your stomach.

Robin picked up a bottle that had mead in it and handed it to his brother. "Thank you," Will said, taking a deep drink.

"You'll be as good as new before you know it," Robin said, touching Will's shoulder gently in a brotherly fashion,

"Robin, thank you. You are kinder to me than I deserve," Will said, resting his forehead against Robin's shoulder

"We are brothers after all. Our father would expect nothing less from me to take care of you. When this is all over I want you to come live with me and Marian," Robin said.

"So you love Lady Marian? Even though she's King Richard's cousin?" Will asked, raising his eyebrows. It was a gesture Robin had seen often on their father's face. Will, even though he had never met him, had adopted the gesture.

Robin grinned, slightly embarrassed. "I've never been surer of my love for her. I was a cruel, spoiled bully when I was younger, but the Crusades taught me to value people and their opinion. A few years ago I would have killed you myself if you had told me what you told me today," Robin said, causing Will to smile slightly.

'Then I'm glad you went through the Crusades," Will said. Both brothers laughed slightly.

Will, go to sleep. I'll wake you in a few hours. We have to plan what we're going to do in rescuing Marian and our men," Robin said, patting Will's shoulder. Will laid down and Robin covered him with a blanket that hadn't been burned.

"Thanks, Robin," Will said drowsily as his eyes closed.

Robin smiled and pushed his brother's long hair out of his eyes. "Sleep well, Little Brother," Robin said softly.

Robin watched his brother sleep. It was the sleep of the truly tired and abused. The sheriff wasn't going to get away with what he had done to his brother. Robin was glad that he and Will had their conversations. It was better than having his brother hate him. Him and Will might not ever love each other like brothers should, but this was a good way to start.

The End