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Rock and Roll.

Chapter I: Against Nature

The long-haired youth approached the circle of ominous hooded figures in the clearing of the Forbidden Forest. His footsteps fell heavily upon the rough trail and his hammering heart threatened to leap from his mouth. His braced himself for the encounter to come and forced his mind shut, he sensed their eyes upon him, and felt the comforting weight of his wand in his robes. Branches danced above him like cornish pixies, albeit a silent dance, the forest itself seemed cowed by the presence of these dark men. He was, however frightened, determined to succeed. If he left this meeting alive, then hopefully, all would not yet be lost.

"Approach, Severus Snape." Said a maliciously high pitched voice. "You seek me, and have found me, now why should Lord Voldemort give you further audience?" Lord Voldemort looked into the pale face of the teenager and almost dared him to falter. Severus did not.

"Hail, My Lord." Snapes' voice carried to all of the Death Eaters present, though he spoke in less than a whisper, as he prostrated himself before Lord Voldemort. "I seek not the teachings of your legions, however much a student I may yet be, but something else instead." Severus' head was kept low to the ground and his black eyes fixed upon Lord Voldemorts' own red ones. "I desire to serve you, to give my life over to your command, and prove my usefulness to the cause."

Lord Voldemort took out his wand and gripped the bone handle with his long slender fingers. He placed the tip under the chin of Severus and brought him to his feet. Lord Voldemorts' face was twisted with a blend of disgust and glee. "Do you hear this half-blood? This impurity of indulgence, my Death Eaters? Can you hear his desperation?" Voldemorts' nostrils flared as he sneered at Severus. "Lap up his discomfort, for you know well, the Dementors would consider this boy a feast of despair!" The Death Eaters in the circle, now surrounding Severus, all laughed and hissed in his direction. "Hear him well! He does not seek my knowledge! Yet he seeks acceptance!" He himself cackled with laughter that chilled the Death Eaters into silence.

Severus stood boldly in front of Lord Voldemort and his resolution did not break as he stood before the Dark Lord. "I confess myself, impure, and ask you to allow me the honor of purifying my body with the purification only you can offer." Severus knew that this would either be the moment where he was killed or accepted as a dedicant of the Death Eaters. He dared not to breathe.

Lord Voldemort circled Severus and considered him. Voldemort moved within an inch of Severus Snapes' face and stared into Severus' eyes. "So you do declare yourself, Severus Snape, son of Eileen Prince. Before I declare you, and oh I very well may just let you keep your life, you will render unto me a service." Voldemort watched for a flicker of fear in the face and mind of the young boy, but detecting nothing, paced onwards. "Gulmere here," Voldemort indicated to a tall Death Eater, "Tells me that you enjoy dark spells, Snape, is this so?" Voldemort grinned and it did nothing to make him appear more amiable.

Severus nodded almost imperceptibly and spoke. "It is so." He felt the wands weight more heavily now. He realized that this would be his test of passage. He would need to kill someone, he feared, to gain acceptance.

Voldemort snarled. "So modest! There is no need to be humble now Snape! I've heard all about your fascination! I want to see it!" Voldemort flicked his wand and summoned, to Snapes' surprise, a black haired boy wearing muggle attire. "Perform for me, jester, and we shall see where your head will rest tonight."

The muggle boy was looking at Severus with despair etched into his acne-covered face. His eyes seemed to beg "Please, help me" while Voldemorts' were alight with almost tangible desire. Severus reached into his robes and his sweaty hand gripped his Ash wand tightly as he withdrew it. The boys eyes were drowning in fear as he realized Severus would not be saving him. The dry lips of Severus Snape parted, as he cast his darkest spell, and the words escaped. "Sectumsempra!" Snape cried out and the gash ripped the muggles' dirtied shirt. Blood flowed freely from the muggles' chest and Voldemorts' cruel laugh rang out through the forest. Severus was staring at the muggle as the Death Eaters placed an empty bottle in his hand that was glowing blue. Severus muttered under his breath in a singsong whisper as the boy was jerked into nothingness.

Lord Voldemort approached Severus Snape and placed his hands upon Snapes bony shoulders. "Welcome, Half-Blood Prince, I welcome you, as my Death Eater. Give me your arm." If the previous scream of the muggle boy was loud, it was nothing compared to the scream issued by Severus Snape, as Lord Voldemort branded him forever as one of his own.