Chapter X: Petunias' Task

The sky outside Hogwarts was brightest blue and the temperature was fair. The lines of chairs all held guests, not one empty seat was found. Parents and friends watched proudly as the witches and wizards of the seventh year stood upon a large purple and gold platform.

Excited chatter filled the air on this joyful day of achievement, old friends hugged, while others wept with each other.

The talking ceased instantly as the revered headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, stood to speak. His voice carried out over the guests.

"Welcome!" Albus held out his arms to the guests and then turned to the graduates. "And goodbye!" The crowd laughed and Albus smiled.

"Today, we recognize a truly remarkable group of individuals, who have achieved goals and hopefully, enjoyed doing so! I won't ramble too long, I hear our staff have prepared a delectable feast! But let us acknowledge a few tremendously admirable students!" Albus unrolled a scroll, emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest.

"For extraordinary assistance in the field of potion engineering, I present, Severus Snape this award!"

The faces of the graduates followed the form of the tall Slytherin boy. He walked to his headmaster, with his head held high. He clasped his hand as pictures were taken and returned to his seat with his trophy.

"To Remus Lupin! I present an award for top marks in all his NEWT's, a feat that has not graced our school in many years!" The pale Remus was cheered on loudly by a boisterous James Potter and a wolf whistling Sirius Black. He smiled widely as Albus clapped him on the back, and walked proudly as he returned to his seat.

"To Miss Lily Evans, I present the award for special services to the school, and humanity! For exceptional compassion and kindness!" Lily bounded forward and her face was full of excitement, she placed a light kiss on the bearded cheek of the headmaster and accepted her award.

"Finally, to James Potter and Sirius Black…I extend a most unique award. For your years of trouble making, and all the amusement you brought to this school, I am proud to give you this trophy!"

James and Sirius strutted down the platform and accepted their award together, holding it triumphantly above their heads.

"And now, let us feast and become victims of the befuddlement that our tasty treats offer!"

As the crowds flowed out to all corners of the school, a brown haired, lost looking girl passed through the throngs of people.

Petunia Evans felt lost in the crowd of "weirdos." Occasionally she saw a familiar face. She recognized the frightening Sirius Black as he barbarically gropped and kissed a girl with dirty blonde hair. She hurriedly rushed past them, looking for Snape. A loud wild looking woman with dark hair asked her which was to, at least she heard, Bogsweed?

Petunia rushed off to where her sister was- under a willow tree, and she was talking to that awful boy – James Potter.

She felt so curious, had Snape not been successful?

"Damn him!" She shouted, for she saw that Lily and James were in an intense conversation, as shown by their animated hands, and powerful expressions. She shook her head sadly, knowing Snape had failed, as she saw them kiss.

"Fine Snape!" She said pursing her lips. She didn't anticipate her coming trial, after all : she hated James Potter. But Snape had made a valid point and presented a very good case: he was, at least in the wizarding world, rich.

It was also true, that she was charming, yet most men found her annoying. She would steal James from Lily, at least then she would get some attention from her parents. Maybe then Lily would even appreciate her again, for getting her away from the worst mistake of her young life.

She watched Potter carefully, and found, maybe, it wouldn't be so hard to fall for Potter… after all, his ruffed up hair was cute…

[A/N: So there it is, the final chapter of the twisted saga of Severus Snapes quest to gain the respect and adoration of Lily Evans. I hope you have enjoyed my tale, and I would love your feedback.
Petunias' Task was used more to wrap up Severus' request that he made in Chapter V. In my eyes, Our Secret World was the true end to the story, this chapter just led us into my future story- where I'll cover the four years seperating graduation until the night of the Potters Death.

Join me for my next tale, as I spin a sultry song of soulful seduction- between young Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy. Until then, fare thee well!