Author's Note: I keep thinking in drabbles. It's a disease. This one is neither HBP nor DH compliant. Feedback is always appreciated; reviews feed my muse and make me smile.

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by Silver Birch

"Are you sure, 'Mione?" Harry asked seriously.

"Of course. I love you both."

"That doesn't necessarily translate to wanting to lend us your womb for nine months," Draco pointed out.

Hermione laughed. "I suppose that's true. But my answer is still yes."

"You do realize–" the Slytherin began.

Her lips quirked. "I don't have any particular desire for Lucius Malfoy to hunt me down and kill me." Her smile deepened. "But I do want a front row seat when he learns about your heir with the entirely male and very Gryffindor Saviour of the Wizarding World."

They snorted with laughter.

Author's Note: Vorabiza proposed in Secrets that (in a world with no mpregs) it might be possible for two wizards to have a female surrogate for a child conceived with two male donors; I've happily embraced that notion.