Death and love by psychojuggalo

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"Hi" people talking

"Hi" people whispering

"Hi" Kyuubi talking

"Hi" thinking

It was six in the morning and the fourth hokage was tired from working on the new jutsu for the battle he sensed with his hidden blood line the All Seeing Eye this was just not his week first off this was the best week of his life his girlfriend Rei had just had had started to go into labor and twelve hours later he learned that she was having a boy but later into the child birth Arashi kazuma learned that the Kyuubi was going to attack the village hidden in the leaves in about ten minutes so he went back to the hokage tower to get a jutsu he had to developed to seal demons away when he foresaw the fox attack on the village he also foresaw that his wife was going to die during child birth so he had already lined up a family for him by arranging a marriage with another powerful clan the yuuhi.

Flash back

The fourth hokage walked in to the compound of the strongest genjutsu clan in all of kohona the yuuhi clan.

"Hello Yuuhi san" said Arashi

"Hello Hokage- sama" said Motoko Yuuhi the head of the yuuhi clan she was a beautiful woman with the wine red eyes and dark coal like hair of her clan she was about 5'8 5'9 and had a slender and curvy yet very athletic body she had the face of an angel with ruby red lips and not a single blemish on it she had an aura of nobility like a queen but not a hint of arrogance or smugness like the other clans.

"Motoko there is some thing of great importance that I need to speak with you about" said a serious looking Arashi

With that Motoko led the hokage into the clan house to talk about what he needed to talk to her about.

Ten minutes later

"As you can see me and my girlfriend are not long for this world and I would like for Naruto to be looked after and feel loved and I always wanted to combine our clans so there will be peace in this inner village war of the clans that we are having."

With out a second thought the proud and beautiful clan leader said two words that would change the unborn Naruto Kazuma's life for ever

I….accept hokage-sama.

End flash back

As the fourth hokage was in his thoughts there was a knock at his door and when he said come in he saw the beautiful figure of motoko Yuuhi enter the room and sit at the front of his desk and asked to begin the singing of the contract for the marriage between the kazuma and the yuuhi clan.

"Right let me just go to the safe and get the document and it will be all set oh there is just one more thing I have to tell you as I told you I will die fighting the mighty demon the Kyuubi no Kitsune but I will not kill it I will seal it and it will be sealed into my son so I will understand if you don't want to perform this marriage now" said Arashi with sad looking eyes

The shocked Yuuhi clan head just sat in silence for a moment and just when the Fourth was going to ask her to leave she said

"How can you ask me to break a contract I already agreed to and if what you said is true he will need us a lot in the coming years" Motoko said with all the sureness she could muster in her voice.

As they walked by got up and walked to the safe Arashi gave motoko's shoulder a squeeze and said in a sincere voice "Thank you" and than changed to his playful voice and said "After those two are married they better give me and Rei a lot of grandkids"

Arashi broke out laughing and Motoko let a smile cross her delicate features they soon were at the vault that held all of the most important stuff in Arashi's life he than opened it and froze motoko looked over his shoulder to see what had happened and to see if he found the document what she saw shocked her in numerical order are all of the Icha Icha Paradise books to ever come out and even some that have never come out yet. Being a clan head Motoko Asked in the most lady like voice while still keeping her anger in check "Hokage-sama why do you keep this smut in with your important books?"

Arashi being himself just told her the truth "um they kind of give me advice" said Arashi scratching the back of his head in a Naruto-ish way

Confused Motoko asked "How do these pieces of trash give you advice?"

And as you can guess Arashi just blurted out the answer "Some of the stuff in the book was how our son was conceived" at that moment Motoko had a blush that put Hinata's to shame she looked at Arashi and said in a loud voice "you PERVERT" the scream was heard all over the village some women were afraid to go into the bath house because they thought that Jiraiya was back in town some where a self proclaimed super pervert sneezed. Inside the hokage off ice we find Arashi on the floor in a heap saying to himself "there is on thing in the world I can not defeat and that is a pissed off female"

Back at his desk Motoko is reading over the contract thinking to herself "I like this deal we get everything of theirs I just pray to Kami that once he is born he will be protected even from some of my clan"

She then signed her name to the document and asked the Hokage when should they be married and Arashi took a thoughtful pose and Said "when he turns Eight and your daughter twelve" Motoko bowed and in a respectful voice said "Thank you Hokage-sama just than Motoko was brought into a tight hug by the fourth Hokage Arashi Kazuma seeing the shock on her face Arashi said "We are technically related even if it is by marriage now better start acting like it"

Motoko just gave a small laugh and said "Your right" Little did she know this was the last time she would see him alive.

Three days later

It was the time of the fourth hokage's funeral the weather was dark and rainy like the heaven were grieving for their loss as every body left the funeral the third hokage who had just retaken the seat of hokage walked up to Motoko and gave her the letter he found in the fourth Hokage's office and gave it to her she read it and smiled and told the third hokage to send Naruto Kazuma to her house for she is the next of kin. Shocked the third asked how that was possible and she recanted the story to the Hokage.

Later that night

Motoko came into the house holding a bundle in her arms she looked around the house until she saw a mess of coal black hair and wine red eyes a mini version of her peak around the corner at her

"Kurenai come here" as soon as she said this a four year old girl came walking out of the hall to her mother and asked "Kaa-san what is that?"

"This" she said "is Naruto Kazuma I will be taking care of him and when he turns eight he will be your husband"


"Maybe I should have waited but it was kind of funny to see her faint like that" said Motoko with a slight laugh and with this began the life of Naruto Kazuma.

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