Death and love by psychojuggalo

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"Hi" people talking

"Hi" people whispering

"Hi" Kyuubi talking

"Hi" thinking

Chapter 11 family of four

Today we find our hero laying in bed naked as the day he was born with an equally naked lover and wife laying on to of him with her delicate arm wrapped around his chest. Instead of sleeping he decided to just stay awake and look at his Benihime sleep. Now normally Naruto would giggle perversely at the situation he was in but decided against it opting to just watch her sleep. He was mesmerized by the way here hair laid around her head on the pillow reminding him of an angel in human from sent down to him to keep the stress and turmoil of every day life from sending him to the breaking point. He could have stayed in this position all day but he was broken from his musings by the highly perverted demon fox we all now and love.

"Hey kit"


"You might want to go a little easier next time"


"You know what I mean"

"Tou-san I'm going to kill you do you mean you were watching us?"

"Kill me later but tell me what did I tell you happened last time you had sex?"

"You told me I got her pregnant" Naruto answered still confused as to where this conversations going.

"Right and with how rough you were if she were further along you might have hurt the baby"


"See what I'm saying"

"I cant believe I just did that I'm no better than those assholes that use women for there own selfish desires"

"Its ok kit you're young and didn't know just be careful next time ok"

"Thanks tou san but you know I'm going to get you back for watching us right"

Naruto couldn't keep his grin of his face when he heard the loud gulp in his head. After the conversation in his head Naruto decided it was time to wake up.

"Benihime time to wake up"

Kurenai lay there but one eye popped open.

"Benihime is it what happened to Kur-hime?" questioned Kurenai

"Because you are and will always will be my crimson princess" said Naruto with eyes full of love and compassion before he bent down and laid a kiss full of passion on her cherry red lips, but after wards he pulled back much to Kurenai's moaning complaint.

"Listen Kurenai-chan I love you and will always love you but I think in the next few months we are going to have to lay off the sex"

"Why is that Naruto-kun"?

" Becauseā€¦. Kurenai your pregnant"

Tsunade and Motoko were just entering the house when all of a sudden a loud feminine voice yelled.


Tsunade and Motoko rushed in to the room to find a demonic looking Kurenai and a scared as hell looking Naruto lying in the corner of the room hiding behind a pillow.

"What's going on here?" asked Motoko

"I just learned from my husband I'm pregnant," said a now calmer Kurenai.

The silence in the room was so you could hear a pin drop

"WHAT" screamed Motoko and Tsunade at the same time.

Naruto deciding that now was the best time to speak said what needed to be said

"The reason that she is pregnant is Kyuubi and I came to a little bit of an agreement I let him see a little bit of my life at a time and in exchange he lets me fill the chakra coils of any body I choose with youki thus giving back there youth which I was going to do to you Tenshi-chan (points to Motoko) and to you Bihime (points to Tsunade) I wanted to give you two a new shot at life and I hoped you two would spend it with me but I digress the side effects are my sperm or super sperm as Kyuubi calls it can get even the most barren women pregnant and well as you can see that's what happened" finished Naruto as he inhaled a huge breath from only talking while only taking a few breaths. He looked at Kurenai to see her deep in thought while gently rubbing her belly saying to her self

"So I'm going to be a mom"

Naruto walked up to her and took her in his arms holding her close to his body and whispered into her ear

"And I'm going to be a dad and I don't know any body in this world or others that I would ever want to have my first child with than my Benihime"

Kurenai just sighed and leaned into his chest before there were two loud squeals and Kurenai was tackled into the bed by two blurs that jumped up and revealed a blue faced Kurenai being held in a death hug by both Motoko and Tsunade.

"Tsunade-chan you know what this means?" asked Motoko

"I believe I do Motoko-chan" Tsunade said with a smile so big her face looked like it was going to split in half suddenly a huge banner appeared behind them with confetti shooting out in random directions.

"That means BABY SHOWER," screamed Tsunade and Motoko at the same time causing a huge sweat drop to appear on the back of Kurenai's and Naruto's head.

"Ok well I know you ladies probably have a bunch of questions to ask so why not get the answer straight from the horses mouth or should I say demons mouth," said Naruto

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?" asked Kurenai

"Three words ladies Kyuubi no Kitsune," said Naruto shocking them all

" How are we going to talk to the Kyuubi"? Asked a confused and slightly scared Tsunade

Sensing the fear in the voice of Tsunade Naruto walked up to the slightly shaking form of Tsunade and wrapped her in the most comforting hug he could as he stroked her twin golden ponytails while whispering soothing words into her ear,

"I don't care if he is the strongest of the bijuu if he every tries to hurt you ill kill him I will slice my throat to make sure he would never hurt you"

Tsunade cried and buried her head into his chest

"I love you Naruto and I want you to never say that again it would kill all of us to see you do something like that even if your doing it to defend us I would rather die with you than live without you, and I'm sure Motoko and Kurenai feel the same"

Naruto looked over to see Kurenai and Motoko in tears before they came over and joined into the hug.

"well as much as I hate to break up this special moment I think we should go see Kyuubi"

doing the required seals they four of them then appeared in the dark of Naruto's mindscape when the sound of heavy breathing pulled all of their attention to a large cage with red eyes glowing bright behind the bars and then the voice spoke

"Nice job kit especially the blonde one with huge tits"

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