This is my first fanfiction in English. So please be nice and be not too critical with grammar mistakes. I hope you like it. Best wishes, Lily

This couldn´t be true. There stood this cheeky girl with the amazing red curls in front of him and expected that he would approve her crackbrained idea.

„No, Jondy. You won´t go to Las Vegas and become a stripper."

The angelic face imitated perfectly the suffering look of a small puppet.

„Zack, please!" „Jay, I just don´t understand what you think is so great about a job where you have to get naked in front of a group of lechers."

Jondy shrugged. „We are living in a material world and Im a material girl. Do you even know how much money I earn with that job, plus the whole tip, that…" „…strange lechers stick into your underwear?"

Jondy pouted. „Why do you always have to be so cynic?"

„Cause if I don´t, all my crazy brothers and sisters would probably sell themselves to the devil."

Jondy shrugged again. „Okay, then I´ll go without your blessing."

Slowly Zack got real angry. How could a 18 year old girl be so naive and irresponsible? Jondy had a great job in a bar and a comfortable apartment in San Francisco. And suddenly she wanted to give up all this just because she got bored. He grabbed her arm and stopped Jondy from leaving the shabby hotel room, that he had chosen for their meeting.

„No, you won´t!"

„How would you prevent that? Would you knock me out and bend me to the bed?" asked Jondy.

„Hm, not a bad idea. Maybe I should do that."

„It´s enough Zack. I go now to my apartment, pack my things and travel to Vegas. Maybe you´ll come and visit my show?"

With a grin on her face she went straight to the door, but before Jondy could even open it she felt a sharp object crash on the back of her head and her whole world went black.

So, guys, this was just a test. If you like it, tell me and I´ll write more.