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Chapter one – Demeter and Munkustrap

Munkustrap looked up at the sound of his name and Demeter was standing in front of him. He quickly looked away, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Demeter bend down next to him.

She placed her thumb and forefinger under his chin and lifted his head until his sad eyes met hers.

"I like you exactly the way you are," Demeter whispered. And he kissed her.

That was such a long time ago, Demeter thought. Then she was happy and she loved Munkustrap and now….she was confused.

3 months ago, that happened. That marked the beginning of their relationship. They're still going out now, but things are different.

There was nothing to talk about. Nothing to do.

And it bothered Demeter immensely.


"I' going to kill someone," a beautiful girl of seventeen said. "Preferably Silabub." Bombalurina said, her cat like eyes glaring daggers as Silabub flirted with her boyfriend, Rum Tum Tugger.

"Look at her!" Bombalurina exclaimed, turning to her friends Demeter and Jellylorum. "It's probably nothing," Jellylorum said.

"It better be nothing," Bombalurina said through gritted teeth.

"We should get to class," Demeter advised.

As the group walked away, Jelly and Demeter heard a gasp from behind them. "Did you see that?!" Bombalurina exclaimed.

"Bombi, its just Silabub doing her usual flirting, it's nothing unusual," said Demeter.

"She fixed his jacket! She fixed the collar!"

"As I said: nothing unusual."

Bombalurina glared one last time and the three girls went off to class. Bombalurina hissed menacingly "One more time and she's going down."


During lunch, Bombalurina, Tugger, Demeter, Munkustrap, Jellylorum, Skimbleshanks and Mistofelees sat at their rectangular lunch table.

The table was buzzing with talk, including the plans of the guys going to The Junkyard that weekend. The only people who were not talking were Demeter and Munkustrap.

She picked at the food on her plate, avoiding eye contact with her boyfriend.

"So…." Munkustrap said, trying to think of something to say. He tried the straight-forward approach.

"Demeter, we haven't been talking lately," he said. "So I think we should go out sometime. What do you think?"

Demeter admired Munk's cuteness. That's why she liked him in the first place. "Sure," she replied, sending a smile.

Maybe things were looking up, Demeter thought, but now she had to plan everything out so that when they do go out, there would be no akward silences.

Demeter was weird like that.

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