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From somewhere deep in the manor, singing could be heard. Out of tune singing, at a volume close to that of an enraged hippogriff. Strange noises, I reflected, rarely meant a good thing, especially given the events of the past week. I set out to investigate, reaching the cellars before I came close to the source of the sound.

"Severus!" I called. "If you've polished off the last of my '94 claret I will not be held responsible for my actions!"

The singing continued, and I opened the door a fraction, only to be struck dumb by what I found...

With a half empty bottle of wine in one hand and a large glass in the other, the Dark Lord himself was dancing around the wine cellar wearing the sort of underwear one would usually consider too pink and lacy for a Dark Lord's taste. I knew that the best thing to do in these circumstances would be to run, but I was frozen to the spot.

"Aargh!" exclaimed the Dark Lord as he turned and saw me. "Lucius! What the Hell are you doing here?"

"This is my house, my Lord," I said, regaining my tongue in a hurry. "I was... my Lord are those Narcissa's knickers?"

"Yes... I mean no! Perhaps! Why are you down here?"

"Brandy," was all I could manage to say in response. If I hadn't needed it before I certainly needed it now.

"Right, erm, here you are."

The Dark Lord selected a bottle from the near-empty rack and handed it over. "Tell Narcissa she has much better taste in intimates than her sister. I never could see the point of gussetless panties. I mean, why wear them at all..."

I beat a hasty retreat at this point. Safely ensconced in the kitchen and ignoring the lingering smell of rotting pumpkin, I uncorked the bottle and took a swig before immediately spitting it back out. I looked at the label to find that, instead of brandy, I'd been given a bottle of magical stain remover. It had been one Hell of a week, and I was left with one conclusion.

The sooner Potter defeated the Dark Lord, the better.

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