Summary: Two slave traders kidnap two orphaned sisters and mistake the catacombs of the Court of Miracles as a refuge. One of the two sisters wants revenge for her family by killing the King of Gypsies while the other is madly in love with him. While they argue about revenge & love during the weeks they live there, the older sister stumbles across Frollo, falling for him while her younger sister wants him dead.

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"Come on you stubborn bitch!" A man's voice echoed sharply through the damp and dark catacombs. He was in his thirties, had a black beard that looked severely untrimmed, and wore an eye patch. The girl he shouted at thought he looked like a pirate, although she didn't say it out loud. With rope wrapped around her wrist, she dragged her feet through the murky water, glancing behind her.

Following her older sister's example, the young girl about thirteen fought against her captor; a man who was old, gray, and just plain round. The men's names, the girls had found out, were Larry and John. They were slave traders who looked for orphans that no one would pay mind to if they disappeared.

The one called John, who led the others, finally grew tired of the eighteen year olds rebel ways and threw her onto the dry land. Larry copied his boss's actions, grabbing the frail teen and threw her next to her sister. While they talked about what to do, where to stay, and how to set up a camp, the older sister glanced at the teen next to her.

"Angel, are you okay?" She whispered softly, not bothering to sit up.

The girl named Angel enjoyed the ground, believing this was the first and probably last rest for quite some time. She threw her shoulder length black hair back. "Yes Aurora. Are you? I heard that idiot hit you for your…what was the word?"

Her older sister snickered despite the bruise she got, "Ah yeah, for my 'incompetence.' Such a big word for an idiot."

Angel glanced at the ends of their torn dresses. "…I think our dresses are ruined!"

Aurora copied her actions, wincing inwardly at how caked with mud the hems were. "Nonsense, dear sister!" Her voice was laced with sarcasm, "They're perfect! Just a little dirt! Do you think…did you just see that?" The eighteen year old stared into the darkness with slightly widened eyes, trying to untie the ropes of her wrist. Damn, they knew how to tie a knot.

Angel nodded, seeing another figures outline shift slightly. She looked over her sister and frowned. "Do you think someone else is here?"

A voice behind them sounded like a growl, "Do you think you two should stop whispering loudly?" John.

Aurora winced as she was dragged up by her hair. "Did you forgot that every word you say echoes in this place?" He asked her.

While Angel stood, her arm being held by Larry, she answered, "Actually I never knew it so I couldn't have forgotten it considering you need to know something to forget it."

John's eyes narrowed with annoyance. "Silence! You're gonna feel one hell of a beating when your first master buys you if you keep talking like that."

Aurora blinked innocently, brushing back a stray silver hair, "That's if someone buys me. After all, as you can clearly see, I'm a rebel meaning I won't obey anyone. Why would someone buy me if they couldn't break me?" A slap followed immediately after that.

They kept walking for a few more minutes; the two sisters dragged their feet behind the two men in front of them. "I think someone else is here." Angel whispered, not caring if the others heard.

Aurora snorted aloud, blushing when it echoed, "Really now, sister? What gave you that idea; the bones crunching next to us or the outlines of objects moving?"

The black haired girl looked thoughtful in the dim light of a torch. "Actually, no…the skeletons that just surrounded us gave me that idea."

John and Larry snapped around and yelled, "What?!" It was obvious they weren't able to see in the dark that well to see dancing skeletons before them. Suddenly their torches blew out and several others came on. Even though it showed moving bones around them, Angel yanked her hands back and kicked Larry in the back, sending him to the ground. While she tried to use the loose rope as a whip against John, her older sister did the same but wasn't as lucky. John turned, grabbed the silver haired girls arm and threw her into the wall next to them.

"Pretty stars…" Aurora whispered, ignoring the sharp pain that pulsed through her head. She dodged a fist and fell to the ground, managing to trip him. When he felt, she attempted to run past him to get to her little sister but felt a rough hand wrap around her ankle, pulling her down.

Her younger sister was being captured by two or three men, making Aurora slightly panic. "Angel! Get off you jerk!" She stomps on the man's hand, kicking him in the nose. He winced but got up and threw her into another wall. Seeing twice as many figures, she noted that a few skeletons grabbed him and held onto his arms.

Aurora stood somewhat dizzy and lifted her dress a little to grab a dagger strapped to her thigh, cutting her wrist and throwing it at one of the people who held onto Angel. As soon as she believed it would hit him, a purple gloved hand grabbed it.

She stumbled next to her sister, who managed to pull away from the people behind her. "Elder sister, are you okay?" She asked with worried eyes.

Snorting once more, she crossed her arms, "Of course! No monkey man can defeat me! I have the will of iron…or was it skull? Whatever." She hugged her younger sister, glancing at the man who caught the weapon. He was twirling it with a smug smirk. "Forgive my manners as I fail to have any, but who in the hell are you people?"

Angel blushed and stuttered after her sister, "W-what she means is…um…well…thank you for um…" Aurora raised an eyebrow at her sister. What had gotten into her? Studying the man, she noted that he had a black goatee, dark skin, dark eyes that sparkled in what little light they had, and wore an interesting mix of colors.

The man raised an eyebrow as well. He looked over the older child, a little shocked at her silver hair that was pinned in a bun although a few strands got free and fell into her face. In what light they had, he was more than a little shocked to see she had ice blue eyes and dark skin.

"What are you all doing in here?" He asked mostly to the men who struggled in vain.

John nodded his head towards Aurora, "She made us! She's a witch; she cast a spell for us to take her down here!"

"…Tied up?" The man questioned, obviously not believing it.

The kidnapper nodded, "She told us to, to make it look like she was the victim!"

Aurora snorted once more, mentally reminding herself she needed to stop that, "Oh yes, I love to be tied up! Especially with ropes that cut into my skin and be dragged through water and thrown onto the ground! I mean, it's marvelous! You should see what I had planned for Christmas!"

While her sister grinned weakly, Larry cried out, "That child did the same thing! Told us to do all that stuff!"

The purple wearing man threw the dagger in the air, catching it with ease, "Hang them." The two men looked pale and shocked, shouting for the sisters to help them.

"Sorry but only my master tells me what to do!" Angel shouted, snickering. "And you two aren't my master!"

"So who are you?" Aurora questioned, feeling dizzy once more.

The man looked at them and bowed slightly, "Clopin, King of Gypsies. Who might you two be?"

Angel's pale face burned bright red when he grasped her hand gently, kissing the back of it. "I-I am Angel Riddle. This is m-my elder sister, Aurora Riddle."

What gypsies that were left around them stared in shock and anger. Clopin chose his words carefully, "You mean…you are the daughters of Amelia Riddle?"

"Yes! How do you know our mother?!" Angel exclaimed, smiling.

Aurora glanced around and said quietly, "Uh, Angel, by the looks on their face, I say their either constipated or they're mad at our blood."

Clopin chuckled at this but grew serious, "Yes, you're mother was a gypsy who betrayed us to Judge Frollo."

When Angel gasped, Aurora nodded her head a few times, her hands on her hips while looking around with an scowl on her face, her voice laced with bitter sarcasm, "Of course, our luck! Should have seriously seen that coming. So what, you're gonna hang us for being born a Riddle?"

Once more, Clopin grinned, "No, you'll stay with me until I can figure out…"

Something snapped in Aurora's mind. She suddenly took a step forward and stared at the man with huge blue eyes, "…Wait, you're Clopin Trouillefou?"

When he nodded, she fell into a dead faint. Angel looked at her fallen sister and, with a pale face, knew why she asked the last name. This was the man who killed their mother.

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