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Looking up, she gasped. "Judge Claude Frollo…"

Aurora felt her heart stop for a split second before skipping a beat. It felt as though it would jump out of her throat. For a moment, she felt as though she couldn't breathe.

Was it fear that made her feel frozen? That made her lose what little breath she retained after dancing up a storm for that long? Or was it…dare she think it…love? Was it love that made her feel like this?

Her stomach was doing flip-flops, making her feel ill. Of course she was in perfect health…well as good as one gypsy can be at least. Her cheeks warmed up quickly as the Judge walked closer. Once more, she thought she could be ill…but she wasn't and she knew it. She was blushing.

But why?

Sadly, much to her dismay, she couldn't ponder the question for long. The man walked closer, perhaps two or three steps away. A shiver went down her spine but it wasn't from the wind. There was something about Frollo's gaze that made her tense and want to shrink away.

His gaze was intense with…with passion and curiosity. It felt like he was studying her, trying to figure her out. What was so mysterious about her anyway? Either way, he tried to size her up in his gaze.

"Aurora…" His voice made it painfully clear that either he hadn't spoken in a while…or she had taken away not only his ability to think and breathe, but to speak as well. Was her dance really that powerful? Perhaps only to him.

"Yes, Claude?" Even her own voice was slightly shaken. The realization of him watching her dance like a…a…gypsy made her blush. The idea of him liking it made her knees go weak. What a twisted man he was. What a hypocrite! He may claim to hate all gypsies while claiming he was a man of God but there was one thing for sure; her dance caught his attention.

"What in the world are you doing outside at this time of day, in this weather?!" His voice was almost as cold as the wind and, although he snapped at her, she could hear the concern dripping off his voice.

This only deepened her blush, forcing her to duck her head in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. Lucky for her, he took this action as a sign of shame. "Dancing of course, Claude. I need money and food…Needed to practice my footing or else I'd fall and embarrass myself before everyone."

There was something in her tone that made him think she had done that before.

He hesitated for a moment. What could he say without giving it away that he loved her? What could he do without making her realize his feelings? It was those feelings that he buried away...or tried to at least. Those feelings haunted him.

Suddenly there were voices. The city of Paris had just awoken. She looked around and smiled, moving away from the man before her. Knowing he wouldn't dare cause a scene with all the children and people going by, she risked trying to earn some money, if not for her then for her sister.

"You mount your horse so straight and fair

You look like you belong here

So strong and right and four square

No other man can compare

Or maybe you don't really care

Just look for pleasure out there

And always get your share

Is there a heart in you somewhere ?

My heart is pure and so rare

If you are hurt I'll be there

We'll start again from nowhere

You'll have my heart if you will swear

You'll have my heart if you will swear

That you will always be there…

I'm not a little girl now

I'll show you that I know how

I'll show you how I can be

You think that I am so pure

I tell you don't be so sure

I can be wild and free

Your words of love are hard to bear

Your promises are thin air

My heart is hard and I don't care

I'll leave you hanging out there

Unloose my belt, let down my hair,

Come take if you dare

Your love is all I want to swear

You'll have my heart if you will swear

You'll have my heart if you will swear

That you will always be there

You'll have my heart if you will swear

You'll have my heart if you will swear

That you will always be there…"

Her voice was not perfect when she sung. It was obvious that she missed a few keys and notes, but the lyrics that filled the chilly air caught several people's attentions. Some were in buildings, gaping through the windows. Some were around the street corner, stopping only for that moment. And one, the one she cared about the most, stood just yards away with his mouth hanging open.

This song was not sung on accident, he determined.

At the end of the song, she bent over and gathered the scattered coins. She smiled weakly; there was enough money for two loafs of bread. She'd have to give some to her sister. Aurora stopped for a moment and wondered if she and Clopin were okay. She didn't trust that King.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast?" Frollo could hardly stop the words from spewing from his mouth. She looked up, slowly straightening up from her bent over position. Claude gulped slightly, seeing an excellent view of her cleavage. Picking up her skirt for a second to jump over a puddle, she shrugged.

"I suppose it wouldn't do any harm." There was a hint of anxiety in her voice.

Angel couldn't help but smile as they twirled around. They had been dancing in the moonlight until the sun appeared, taking over its territory. It had been hours that they confessed their love for one another. It had seemed like forever ago since they first kissed.

"Clopin…" She whispered softly, sleepily. He said nothing, sensing her tiredness.

Carefully he picked her up in a bride way and, silent as a ninja, went through the catacombs. As they walked through it, Angel couldn't help but think. This was the place that several weeks ago they were nearly killed in. In this very tunnel, she had been a slave…well, for the moment. If her sister hadn't fought back…if the gypsies hadn't saved them…what would have happened?

She shuddered at the thought, pushing it away quickly. Clopin mistook this shudder for a sign of coldness. He laid her onto a big pallet of blankets, a soft tired smile evident on his face.

He lay next to her, an arm around her waist. She blushed but grinned, finding it funny how they were just sleeping as the sun came up. "Good night…" She couldn't help but giggle. He chuckled and kissed her cheek.

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