No, Annabeth. You have to think rationally. A simple pros and cons list. Even if you're not a hunter, Artemis' advice was relatively sound. If you make the wrong choice, it could ruin your life. So I just weigh both sides, and decide. How hard can it be?

Why I can't let Percy tell me what I know he's been trying since Christmas:

I have to save Luke.

I love Luke.

What Luke did to Thalia.

We have to go find Pan.

Our parents aren't going to approve.

His head is full of kelp.

Heroes ' stories rarely have happy endings. Love stories for heroes are ten times worse.

He'll get over it soon.

It will be weird.

People will make fun of us.

I don't like him like that.

Okay, so that was a lie. But I like Luke too. And it's not worth it.

We're too young.

Did I mention our parents?

Boys can't be trusted. I'd be better off as a Hunter.

Why I will let him anyway

In the the back of my heart, I know Luke won't ever love me. And just as a side note, he's seven years older than me. And evil.

I'm getting really, really tired of him being shy and awkward all the time, and I have a feeling this is the only way to end that.

Our parents are unlikely to blast us out of the sky. As of yet.

Aphrodite wants us to. And people who disagree with the goddess of love often end up as bears. Yeah, I'd rather be a girl.

I'm almost fifteen and I've never kissed a guy.

I trust Percy.

He can't help that his brain is made of seaweed, rather than gray matter.

He likes me. A lot, according to pretty much everyone. (meaning Grover, Thalia, and the other council leaders. And some Aphrodite girls. And my half sisters. And… you get the picture)

I'm moving to San Francisco in three months.

It's highly unlikely I'll have a normal boyfriend.

Um, the cons list is looking a little long. This can wait. At least until we get back from helping Grover find Pan, and find Nico. I'm not sure that will work, but it's better than waiting around for Kronos to get stronger. So I just have to make sure we never get to talking about it… how hard can that be?