Sasuke P.O.V

I have been in jail since just before my seventeenth birthday. I am now eighteen.

I have been called every name in the book since I was caught – then again, I did it in bright daylight in front of everyone in a crowded street. I killed someone. I won't go in to the details right now but I killed someone.

My trial was short – so much evidence pointed to me, forensics, witnesses – they easily jailed me, let me off the death penalty because of my reason.

When I reached jail I was praised for it. I was the only murderer in the Junior Division. Everyone feared me but I steadily grew a following. These people idolised me for my crime though I don't know why.

My prison life was probably the best it could have been.

And then he arrived. He upstaged me, he called me names, he wasn't afraid of me, he stood up for me, he fought for me, he told me things he's never told anyone else, he became my friend… he became my lover.

He was my new jail mate.

2007. August 10th.

Chidori State Prison.


The Land of Fire