A Hard Heart To Win

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"Guys, am I getting fat?"

Those words poured from the mouth of a voluptuous black haired seventeen year old. Her name was Christina King, but most people just called her 'Chichi' because of her double D Cup sized breasts. The girl took one glance over in her full length mirror that she had hanging up in her school locker before slamming it shut to wait upon the opinions of her best friends.

"Mirror mirror on the wall! Am I the fattest one of all?"

An eighteen year old girl with powdered blue hair mocked as she stared at the hideous yellow color of her locker. She was pretending to be her best friend who asked the same question everyday. The girl's name was Bulma Arianna Briefs. All of the girls in the school cowered in her presence. She had been arrested three times for assault and battery charges but her name had been cleared because of her rich father. With a snicker, she shook her head and walked away from Christina with disinterest.

"What crawled up her ass and died today?"

It was a tall blonde girl who spoke those words. Her name was Jenna Jordan, but everyone just called her 'Eighteen.' This was due to the fact that she could drink down eighteen beers before she got hammered. She was a real party animal. This eighteen year old spent most of her nights at parties rather than studying and doing homework. Usually Bulma didn't just walk away from an opportunity to rag on her best friend. Something must have really been bothering her for her to pass up the opportunity to crack a couple insults.

"Her brother died of a heroin overdose last night."

That was the voice of Amanda Armstrong. The auburn haired seventeen year old was probably the nicest one out of the whole group. Besides Bulma, she was probably the only other one that actually got good grades in school. Although, she did have her share of troubles in the homestead. Just like the rest of her peers that attended this high school.

"Oh man," Jenna sighed. "She's going to need us to be there for her today. Something tells me that if we don't, she's going to get arrested again."

"So what?," Christina barked. "Her name's just going to get cleared again because Daddy loves his little princess."

"That's not the point!" Amanda shot back in response. "We're her best friends! Best friends are supposed to be there for each other through everything! It doesn't matter if she can get her name cleared. It's up to us to prevent it from happening in the first place!"

"How could you be so heartless Christina?," Jenna spat.

"Look, I don't care if you think I'm heartless. I'm just not going down with her if she gets into another fight. I have more important things to worry about!"

"Like what? Your hair?"

"Shut up, Jenna! You have no idea what I go through on a daily basis so why don't you just keep your mouth shut about things you have no idea about! I'm not going to stand here and argue about this anymore! I have to get to class." With that, she turned and walked towards her next class fuming over what her best friends just said about her. She was truly sorry that her best friend lost her brother and understood her pain. Unfortunately, the center of her world could not be what was going on in Bulma's life at that moment.

"Well," Amanda started slowly, "I know who NOT to call if I'm in the hospital."

"Yeah, really. Come on. Let's go check up on Bulma."

The two girls walked outside to see if any of their friends were out there who might know where Bulma would be hiding. The blonde quickly spotted her boyfriend, her brother, and Amanda's boyfriend, Joseph Armstrong. She had legally gotten her last name changed to match his. Her real last name was Jones. Although, the two had been dating for four years so everyone considered them practically married. Jenna set her icy blue eyes on her boyfriend who was taking a few hits off of a blunt and passing it to her brother. Joseph didn't smoke.

"Krillin! Have you seen Bulma anywhere?"

Jenna's boyfriend looked up at his girlfriend as he took his last hit and passed it to her brother, Jamison. Krillin was a short eighteen year old with a shaved head. He loved weed. Almost as much as he loved his girlfriend. Sometimes he loved it more, especially when he was stressed out. She hated his bad habit but she did it too at times, so she couldn't really say anything to him.

"Nope, can't say that I have, hon."

"Seventeen?" She asked her brother.

Everyone called him 'seventeen' because that's how many minutes he lasted in bed, as all the girls said about him. It was also his lucky number. The black haired eighteen year old turned his icy blue eyes upon his sister and shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Joey?" Amanda asked as she turned towards her boyfriend.

"I told you I didn't fucking want to talk to you."

"Joey, please! This is important."

"NO, I haven't seen her."

"Thanks," she replied sadly.

Joseph was always mean to his girlfriend but she stayed by his side because they had been together so long. Amanda still loved him but she wasn't sure if he even felt the same way anymore. They were always arguing and getting into one stupid fight after the other. It was ridiculous. Everytime she went to break up with him, he'd always do something to change her mind. That's why everyone said they were practically married.

With a sigh, both girls turned and walked away in search of their best friend.


A nineteen year old boy sat out in front of his house with his best friend at his side. His ebony hues focused hard on a navy blue Lamborghini Mercialago that just pulled up in front of his house. It had been his car. The black haired teen sighed as he saw who stepped out of the vehicle. It was his sister.

The blue haired teen approached the spot where two of her childhood friends were sitting. She had left school because she couldn't handle being there at the moment. She didn't even know why she went. It was meant to be a way of coping with his death, but it failed.

"Why aren't you in school?" The nineteen year old asked curiously.

"I can't handle it right now," she replied as she took a seat next to him.

"Hn," the boy snickered.

"How are you taking it, Goku?" She asked the eighteen year old sitting besides him.

"I can't believe it," Goku replied with tears forming in his eyes.

"You guys weren't holding his hand as he died," The other boy said between grit teeth.

"I'm sorry," Bulma whispered.

"How could he have been so stupid?!" He spat angrily.

There was silence before the black haired nineteen year old burst out in an angry tirade.

"I told him enough was enough!! I told him to stop and he wouldn't listen! He just ignored me! I tried to take the needle away but he held me back until it was all over with! I grabbed his hand because I saw he was slipping in and out of conciousness. Then he just stopped breathing. I tried to do CPR but it didn't work. He was dead. He died and it's all my fault. I didn't stop it."

He put his hands over his eyes and just started bawling his eyes out.

"Vegeta," Bulma said with tears forming in her eyes. "It's not your fault. It was Davis'. He killed himself."

"He's dead, he's dead," he just kept repeating over to himself.

"No, never dead, Vegeta. He'll always be with us," Goku said through his own tears.

"Right," the blue haired girl added in.

"I'm so sorry, Bulma. I'm so sorry," Vegeta sobbed.

"I forgive you," she said as she wrapped an arm around his back and rested her head on his shoulder. She eyed Goku who had his hand on Vegeta's other shoulder.

The other two teens sat in silence while their best friend shed tears for his lost companion.

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