A Hard Heart To Win

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Bulma pulled into Vegeta's driveway and parked her car fully intending on giving him the tongue lashing of his life. She hopped out of the convertible and knocked on Vegeta's front door hoping that his mother answered instead of his father. It wasn't that she didn't like Vegeta's father, it was just the fact that the man had a powerful presence and really intimidated her. She groaned inwardly when she saw Vegeta Hassan Akil III standing on the other side. She smiled politely and asked, "Hello Mr. Akil. Is Vegeta home?"

The older Vegeta looked at her curiously for a moment and replied, "Yes, he's upstairs. Come on in, Bulma."

She nodded her thanks and walked through the house navigating her way to the kitchen where she knew Vegeta's mother was usually hiding. Mr. Akil had followed right behind her having intended to go to the same place. She smiled upon seeing the older woman and greeted, "Hello Mrs. Akil!"

Aaliyah looked up from the meal she was preparing and immediately went over and hugged the blue haired girl. She smiled as she released the young girl and said, "Hello Bulma! Oh my gosh, it's been forever since I've seen you! Look at you, you're all grown up now! Oh, I'm so sorry about your brother. I know that must be hard for you, I know how close you all were."

Bulma sighed at the mention of Davis and replied, "Yeah. It's not easy but I'm taking it stride for stride. It's just little things here and there that remind me of him, y'know? Sometimes I can't even face Vegeta without thinking of him. He was my brother's best friend."

She nodded slightly and replied, "I could understand that. You two have been spending an awful lot of time together lately as I've heard, what's with that? Something going on we should know about?" The older woman couldn't help but tease the girl she considered to be her second daughter.

The eighteen year old cringed and replied, "Kami no! I can't stand Vegeta!"

It was Vegeta's father's turn to make a comment. "I think you'd be good for my son, Bulma. You're beautiful, intelligent, wealthy. You've actually got a brain unlike the brainless bimbos that he brings home sometimes."

"I'm flattered but I just don't see Vegeta that way. He's more like a brother to me than anything else. It'd be too weird."

"We understand," Aaliyah replied.

"Speaking of Vegeta," Bulma began, "Is he upstairs?"

"Oh, yup! He's doing his homework," The older woman replied.

"Thank you," The teen replied before saying her goodbyes and going upstairs to give a certain nineteen year old a piece of her mind for hanging up on her earlier.

Bulma bursted through the bedroom door of her companions room and started her tirade of, "I swear to Kami if you hang up on me one more time, Vegeta, I'll--" But she quickly stopped when she realized what she was witnessing. Vegeta had been in the process of changing his shirt when she came in. She couldn't stop herself from staring when he revealed his toned physique to her wandering eyes.

Vegeta growled in frustration at the sound of the interruption and snarled, "Don't you women know how to fucking KNOCK?!" He turned around to face the stunned gaze of Bulma and smirked at her expression. "What's the matter, woman? See something you like?"

She snapped out of her daze immediately remembering what her true intentions for being there were and continued, "I'll rip your stupid head off! And NO, I've seen better!"

"Oooo. How scary," Vegeta coo'd in mock fright as he threw on a white wifebeater and sat back down at his desk to finish his english homework. "Is there a real reason why you're here?"

"No," She replied defeatedly. "I just wanted to come yell at you for hanging up on me."

"Well you sure taught me a lesson, I'll never hang up on you again," He replied sarcastically.

"Why are you such an ASSHOLE?" She yelled.

"Why are you such a stupid twit?" He shot back.

"I am not stupid!" She growled in defense. "I'm the Junior Vice President of Capsule Corporation. I'm in more Advanced Classes than you'll ever be in! I could have started college four years ago but I chose not to!"

"You're still just a stupid little girl to me and that's all you'll ever be," He stated as he got up from his desk realizing that there was no way he was going to be able to concentrate with her yelling at him. Especially since his brain was only focused on the fact that she was absolutely gorgeous when she was angry.

"I am not a little girl," She stated flatly signalling that she was beyond mad. It was only a moment before she stalked up to him and swung her fist in his direction but growled when he caught her fist as if it was nothing. "Bastard," She snarled as she tried to swing her other hand towards him but he managed to capture that one too.

"Silly little girl," He whispered as he sat back on the edge of his bed pulling the eighteen year old down with him so that she was seated on his lap. He took advantage of the moment she opened her mouth to seal his lips over her's. At first she was trying to fight him but she ended up melting into him having lost the battle with her body. He moved his hand up into her hair to pull her closer while the other wrapped around her waist. Her hands now rested on his shoulders.

Warning bells rang in her head after a few moments and she immediately broke out of his grasp and cowered towards his door. He seemed to have the same reaction after they had broken away from each other because he was sitting there stunned. "I have to leave," She stated simply before opening his door and slamming it on the way out.

He did nothing but stare at the door as he tried to figure out what had just happened.

She sat in her convertible which was now parked in her driveway and tried to decipher her emotions. Her heart was racing and her mind was moving at a million thoughts a second. She tried to catch her breath as she breathed out, "I can't believe that just happened. I can't let it happen again. He's my brother. He's my brother. He's my brother." No matter how much she tried to convince herself that that's what she saw him as, she knew it wasn't true. They weren't blood related and she'd had a thing for him for the past two years. She had never told anybody that but Davis. Despite how much she wanted it to happen, she knew she couldn't let it. He didn't keep girlfriends for longer than two weeks so she didn't see how anything could ever work between them and she didn't want to end up broken hearted again.

Bulma also assumed it had happened due to the fact that they were both vulnerable at the moment and the only reason they had developed such a connection was because of Davis. She had taken enough science classes in her life to know the chemical reasoning over what had just happened. Although they had both enjoyed it for the moment, she knew he would be regretting his decision right about now just like she was. Nothing like that could ever happen between them ever again and she would make sure of it.

Vegeta had just realized how grown up Bulma was when he kissed her. The way she had felt against him had been an unimaginable feeling. He tried to blame it on his vulnerability but he realized that wasn't what had caused his attraction to the blue haired girl. After all these years, he'd realized that he had liked the girl since they were children. He'd had a huge crush on her when they were eight years old but had never acted on it. He remembered having given her a flower once but she had only taken it and stepped on it. He had screamed that he hated her and ran off crying home to his mother telling her what had happened. That's when he began to resent the woman. To him she was still that same little girl. He knew that if he tried to give her a flower now she would only take a lighter to it.

He chuckled as he threw himself back on his bed and let his thoughts wander back to the days when he used to harass her as a kid.


A seven year old Vegeta looked over towards the swings on the playground to spot a six year old Bulma. He smiled with mischief written across his face as he made his way over towards the swing. This had become his daily ritual. There was nothing he loved to do more than harass the little girl. He quietly snuck up behind her and pushed her off the swing making sure to laugh loudly as she fell on the ground crying. "Awww," He said through his malicious laughter, "Look at the dumb little baby on the ground cwyin'!"

"I'm not a dumb baby!" She said through her tears and sniffled. She tried to throw rocks at him but the pain shot through her arm and she started wailing louder than before.

Davis came over to investigate the scene and he sat down by his sister's side, taking her into his arms, and hugging her tight. He gave Vegeta a mean look and said, "Leave my sister alone!"

Cairo, who had been really mature for her age, went over to her little brother, pulled him off the swing, and said, "You apologize to her right now, Vegeta! If you don't I'm gonna tell mummy and daddy! They'll give you a spanking!"

Vegeta looked down at the ground as he sullenly said, "Sorry Bulma."

Davis had given Bulma a little room to make her amends. Bulma had other things in mind after he said sorry and decided to respond with, "NO! I hate you!" She said as she ran away from the playground to go sit with her parents.

He laughed at the memory realizing that not much had changed. The only thing that did was that they learned how to talk like normal human beings and learned how to curse. Other than that, she was still yelling at him and walking away almost every single time. Her fiesty spirit had always been something that he enjoyed about his blue haired neigbor but he would never admit that to anyone in a thousand years. Not even Davis. He got up from his bed to sit back down at his desk. He would be able to refocus his mind on what was really important now that he had managed to clear it. With a sigh, he continued his english homework.

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