Haunted by Death

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Summary (Full)- Kagome is finally free of her psychotic cousins, their friends, and her nightmares. Her life has, basically, returned to normal. She's shopping and having fun with her friends. Her relationship with Inuyasha is going perfectly fine. Things couldn't be more perfect. But then, when she signs on one day, Death sends her an Instant Message, threatening her once again. Is it really possible to Escape Death a fourth time?

Haunted by Death

Chapter 1

"That skirt is totally you," Sango said around a mouthful of egg roll, waving an exaggerated hand around for effect as she examined Kagome, who had just emerged from the dressing room wearing a pastel green mini skirt.

Kagome twirled, her hair whipping her face. "You think so?" She asked skeptically, looking down to scrutinize herself.

Sango nodded. "Not only do I think so, I know so," she said, finishing her egg roll and slurping down her soda. When she noticed the cynicism on Kagome's face, she frowned. "Kagome. Buy it. I'm serious. You look awesome in it."

Kagome cocked her head to the side thoughtfully as she rushed back into the dressing room to inspect herself in the full length mirror.

While she waited, Sango sighed, finished off her soda, and tossed it in the nearby trash bin. She waved at some friends who walked by, and then turned her attention back to the dressing room. '

As soon as she mentally said one, Kagome reemerged, with a bright smile. She had changed out of the skirt back into her clothes. "Fine. I'll buy it."

Sango smirked at how well she knew her friend, grabbed her bag full of various other purchases, and followed Kagome to the register.

Once the purchase was complete, the two headed outside of the store toward Sango's Eclipse. "Where's Ichiro?" Kagome asked, speaking of Sango's nearly two year old son.

"My aunt is baby sitting him for me," she explained, climbing into the front driver's seat and placing her bags of clothes into the back seat. "Of course, I pay her for her services."

Kagome nodded and fell into the passenger seat, placing her bags into the floorboard between her feet.

"So, Kagome, have you thought of having a baby?" Sango asked conversationally as she started the car.

Kagome, who had been slurping on a milkshake, nearly choked. She gulped her drink down and said, "Are you kidding me?"

Sango put the car in reverse, backed out of the parking space, and put the car into drive. "Why? What's the matter with being a mother?" Sango asked as she pulled out of the crowded parking lot. It was crowded due to everyone buying decorations and whatnot for Halloween in the next two weeks.

"Nothing…" Kagome trailed off, her eyes growing distant.

Sango scrutinized her friend out of the corner of her eye, keeping most of her attention directed toward the street. "You all right?"

Kagome seemed to shake herself from deep thought. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Deciding to believe her friend, Sango offered to buy ice cream before they went to Sango and Miroku's new home to watch chick flicks. Kagome agreed.


Inuyasha glowered into the cell that encased the bastard who was responsible for hurting Kagome. Suikotsu glared right back. Ryura, Jura, and Kyora just sat in their own little corners, looking sullen and crestfallen.

"Takahashi," one of the other officers called. Inuyasha, upon hearing his last name, rose to his feet and went to see what they wanted.

"Suikotsu has a visitor," the young cop informed him.

Inuyasha growled deep within his chest. "Let him in."

The officer nodded and went to fetch the visitor. When he returned, Yoshiro was with him.

Inuyasha looked at him in disbelief. "Why are you here to visit the bastards who would've killed you if it hadn't been for Kagome?"

"Believe it or not, Inuyasha, they were my friends at one time.," Yoshiro said solemnly. "I just figured I ought to pay them one last visit."

Inuyasha only nodded and let Suikotsu into the conference room where he could speak on the phone built into the wall while Yoshiro remained on the other side. When Yoshiro sat down, Inuyasha sighed and said, "Ten minutes. Hurry up."


Kagome separated herself from Sango when they arrived at Sango's home after picking up Ichiro. She went into the bathroom and locked the door securely behind her so she could be alone to think for a bit. Even though it had been over two years since they had been locked away, Suikotsu, Ryura, Jura, and Kyora haunted her mind every day. They even plagued her dreams, causing her to wake in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat, making Inuyasha both curious and concerned.

She slid down onto the tile floor, placing her face into her hands. The main reason she didn't wish to give birth to a child is because she still had this fear that, somehow, Suikotsu and the others would escape, and find her to enact their revenge. The last thing she needed was her child getting mixed up in the mess.

"Kagome? You all right?" Sango asked on the other side of the door, her voice muffled due to the wood.

Kagome jumped, startled, and said, "Yeah."

"All right. Which movie do you want to watch more; Titanic, A walk to Remember, or Whatever it Takes?" Sango asked.

"Titanic," Kagome said after a moment's pause.

"Okay, when you're finished, I'll be in the living room downstairs with Ichiro. And in a little bit I will cook. Sound good?"

"Yeah, sounds great."


Kagome listened to Sango's footsteps echoing down the stairs, and held her breath until they completely faded as she stepped at the bottom and went into the living room. She released her breath and slapped herself in the head.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid!'

She hated letting her past interfere with her daily life, especially when she was with the people she cared about most. It ruined both her day and theirs.

She splashed icy water on her face, dried off with a towel hanging on the wall, and went downstairs to watch the tragic love story of Jack and Rose on the ill-fated Titanic.


"When the ship docks, I'm getting off with you," a breathless and smiling Rose said.

"This is crazy," Jack said, even though a smile was creeping across his features.

Rose laughed. "I know! It doesn't make any sense. That's why I trust it."

The two suddenly began kissing passionately.

Kagome sighed as she lay across the couch, gently cradling Ichiro as she fed him his bottle. She had agreed to feed the young boy so Sango could actually cook in peace without having to juggle tending to her son while also spending time with her friend and watch one of their favorite movies.

Sango emerged from the kitchen, giving the chicken some time to fry. "You know, Kagome, being a mother suits you."

Kagome managed a sarcastic laugh as she lifted herself up into a sitting position. "Murderers don't make good mothers," she said bitterly.

Sango winced. It was the first time Kagome had mentioned anything about her involvement with Suikotsu and Naraku in nearly a year. It was surprising to hear those words come from her mouth. "Kagome…you had no idea what you were doing."

Kagome looked into Sango's eyes. "I killed my own cousin of my own volition. I knew perfectly well what I was doing."

Sango's mouth was gaping open. What had suddenly gotten into Kagome? She had never spoken of the murders, all of the innocents who had been taken from this world, all she had done, all she had killed, ever since she had arrived home. She only spoke about them that day to explain what she had been through to all who came to see her. And ever since then, she had been quiet, and so had everyone else, out of respect to her.

Impetuously the front door opened and Miroku stepped in. "Sango! I'm home." He saw Kagome, whose expression had reverted back to a fake one of happiness, and he said, "Well, hello, Kagome. Nice to see you."

She nodded in response. Miroku came up to her and scooped his son out of her arms.

"Have we been good today, Ichiro?" He asked, smiling. Then he sniffed the air. "Is something burning?"

Sango gasped. "The chicken!" She raced into the kitchen to try and salvage their dinner.

Miroku watched her and laughed.

"I'm going to head home, Miroku. I don't feel very well. I need some sleep," Kagome said, rising to her feet.

He looked at her, appearing concerned, and nodded in understanding. She gathered her purchases and her keys and headed toward the door. Before she could turn the knob, Miroku piped up:

"You would make a good mother. Care to baby-sit Ichiro sometime?"

Kagome let out a sigh. "Thanks, and sure, I suppose so." That's when she headed out the door and down the driveway to her car.


Once at home, Kagome tossed her things down into a nearby chair and sat at her computer. She decided to check her email before she took a nap. She typed in her screen name and her password and was instantly logged into her account.

"Three new messages," she said to herself, clicking on the first message. It was from her mother:

"Kagome, dear, how are you doing? I haven't seen you since Ichiro's first birthday. I hope you come to visit sometime soon. Even though you've been gone for nearly a year, and live in your own house with Inuyasha, it still feels strange around here without you. I miss you, and hope to see you again sometime soon.

Much love,


She smiled as she thought about her kind mother, who was probably at work right now, or perhaps sitting on the couch and watching television, getting a bite to eat before working in her garden.

She clicked on the next message. This one was from Bankotsu:

"Hey, kid! Haven't heard from you in a while. I hope everything is going good. Inuyasha still behaving himself? And how are Sango and Miroku? Their kid doing okay? Hope so. I'll probably fly up there and visit you sometime soon. I can't wait!

Love ya, kid.


Kagome loved Bankotsu so much. He was always nice to her, and wasn't upset with her when he found out that she was the one who killed Jakotsu. She was thankful for that, because, ever since it happened, she had been blaming herself for everything.

She clicked on the third one.

Her heart nearly stopped.

"Kagome. You bitch. You ruined my life, and now you're going to pay."

Kagome lowered the email window and sat for a moment, gaping in horror at the computer screen as if it were the computer's fault that she had received the threat. Suddenly, she heard that familiar chime that always echoed in her nightmares.

Death986: Hello, Kagome.

Kagome sat, dumbfounded and astonished, gazing in disbelief and horror at the IM.

Death986: I know you're still sitting there.

Kagome instinctively whirled around and glanced behind her. The window was far across the room, curtains drawn open.

With shaking fingers, she typed a response.

Miko17: How are you messaging me? I put you in prison.

Death986: Let's not worry about that, now, shall we? All that matters is that you ruined everything and now you will pay. I shall see to that.

Miko17: What if I go to the police?

Death986: If you tell anyone, I shall kill Sango and her son, Ichiro.

Kagome involuntarily gasped.

Miko17: How do you know about Ichiro?

Death986: I have my ways. Now, enjoy the rest of your day…while you can.


Kagome began hyperventilating. She couldn't help it. She felt as if she needed a lot of oxygen and she just wasn't getting enough of it into her lungs. She needed to go to the police -- no! She couldn't! She couldn't tell anyone. It could mean Sango and Ichiro's lives.

She couldn't even tell Inuyasha…who would be home from work shortly.

She had to keep it to herself: Death is back, and he is out for blood once more.

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