I got this story idea off of AlaskaRae3.

Summary: Lilly loves writing, almost as much as skateboarding. Her mom (who isn't very fond of her skating but enjoys the fact she likes to write) finds a great (and fat) journal for her birthday. What she doesn't know is that this certian journal is enchanted and whatever she writes in it can come true! Once she does find this out, what will she do with this new 'power'?

Lilly's Writings

Chapter 1

"The Journal"

Today is my birthday and Miley and Oliver are here. We're (including my parents) are in the living room getting ready to open my gifts.

"Here Lilly, open mine." Miley told me.

I did as I was told and tore off the shiny purple wrapping paper. Inside of it was a shoebox. Inside was the pair of Itilian shoes from the Hannah closet that I've been wanting forever.

"Wow! Thanks Miley." I told her as Oliver handed me his gift. His gift was long and kind of skinny. I gave him a funny look when I saw that the wrapping paper had Barney on it.

"Your welcome Lilly." Miley smiled.

"It was my little brother's wrapping paper." He told me in a 'duh' tone.

I continued opening the Barney wrapped gift. It revieled a plain box. I sighed and tore open the box, only to find a skateboard. It was a really cool skateboard. The wheels were purple, along with the underneath of the board. The bottom of the board was black but with BAM written in the center with purple. It had grafitti letters on it and from the front of the letter to the back was blue. Around the BAM was purple with black bats flying around trees. (a/n- it's a real skateboard design. i don't skateboard, i looked skateboards)

"Thanks Oliver." I told him.

I opened my dads gift next, it was wrapped in tye-dye wrapping paper. It was in a little box and inside of it was 4 hats. The first one had was pink with the Etnie symbol on it. The second one I picked up was light blue with a thin black stripe on the bottom. The next hat was plain black, and the final hat was plain green.

"Thanks dad! I love them."

"Anytime, darling." He said and grinned.

My mom's gift was about the size of dads. It was also wrapped in tye-dye. I wripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box inside. I picked it up, it was a purple and silver journal. It was about an one to two inches thick. It had "My Joural" written in silver shiny letters. Everybody knew that I loved to write. This is the coolest journal ever!

"Wow! Mom, this is the coolest thing ever. I promise I'll write in it." I ran over and hugged her.

After we had dinner and Miley and Oliver left. I decided that I would go up to my room and start writing in it. I walked up to my room, grabbed a pen, layed down on my bed and starting writing.


Dear Journal,

Hi, My name is Lilly Truscott. I'm 15 years old today, being today is my birthday. Well, you need a name but I'll think of one later. Anyways, back to my birthday. Miley got me shoes. Oliver got me a skateboard. Dad got me a hat, and my mom got me you. I noticed that Miley and Oliver kept glancing at eachother. They should get together, they've secretly liked eachother for a long time now. They alway's flirt with eachother and everything. If they don't get together soon I'll go crazy. I think it would be romantic if Oliver came up to Miley and kissed her on the beach under the sunset. I'm going to Miley's tomorrow. I can't wait, mainly because I like her brother Jackson. But I can't let her know that, she'll have a fit, and I don't want that. I don't want mine and her friendship to get ruined over her brother. I don't know how I ended up liking Jackson. One day I just noticed how nice his eyes were, how cute his smile was, how shiny his hair was and how I just wanted to run my finger's thro- FOCUS LILLY! Okay, I'm focused now, but I'm tired. I have to go.

For Now,