Well… I guess the apropriate word for this is… Sorry.

As of this point, I am no longer writing for Inner Chaos. For multiple reasons.

Chief among them being that my writing style has evolved so much since I last updated it that I can't find a way to go with it that doesn't go completely against my writing 'creed' if you will. Anyone who's been paying attention to my fics and updates since I updated Chapter five will probably understand. I pretty much made Inner Chaos into a clichéd super-Naruto fic. And I hate doing cliché (though this is understandable considering it was my first attempt at Fanfiction).

The truth of the matter is that I just don't write stuff like that. In the overall since of storytelling, I like to be original. As in going with ideas that have either been rarely done before or not at all (Naruto/Code Geass Xover, super-smart/insane Naruto with MPD, etc). I just hate doing the clichéd or overdone story mechanics/styles, which is exactly what Inner Chaos has become in my eyes.

So, I am sorry, but I can't continue working on this fic.

HOWEVER. Since so many people seem to like this story, I am also putting it up for adoption. Anyone who wants to take up this story, just PM me. Also, to anyone who does want to adopt this story for there own use, I can also send you my notes and ideas I had for later on (it only goes until the end of the Chunin Exams though) if you're interested.