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A young girl, seventeen or so by the name of Saori walked handed in hand with her boyfriend, Okahito, through the park one summer day. She wore a blue collared, button up shirt that showed her stomach in which was very large and very round; she was pregnant. Her boyfriend was wearing just a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Their fingers intertwined, they sat down on a park bench. Saori sighed, and leaned back, on to Okahito's chest. She closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath. She was tired. Just a walk from main street to the park and she was already for a nap; what an old lady she was turning out to be!

"You tired?" Okahito asked. She nodded briefly. He put one of his strong hands on her forehead and brushed back her blond hair. "You worried?"

"A little," Saori replied.

Being pregnant at seventeen was supposed to be scary. It made her thankful that she had Okahito there every minute of every day. Except he was usually working. Yet, she was still thankful that he had stayed with her.

Her parents had kicked her out, saying if she could do adult things then she must be an adult. That had been nine months ago.

She opened her eyes and smiled at the touch of his fingers against her skin. Saori looked around at the park. Over by the jungle she could see what seemed to be a father with several small children. There was a woman on a bench with a bulging belly too; she was also pregnant. They could be married, maybe not.

There were several other families out there, with dogs running around while the children ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while parents laughed, reminiscing about the old days.

But there was one person who stuck out in particular to Saori. The woman had raven colored hair that was slightly longer than her shoulder and her eyes were violet. She was wearing a light pink dress that stopped just past her knee. She was carrying blankets in her arms and she was smiling, though she looked dead tired.

The woman must have seen Saori staring at her because before she knew it, she was walking toward her. The woman sat down on the bench and introduced herself, "Hello," she said. "I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new in town?"

Saori wasn't sure if she should answer. The woman seemed nice enough, yet there was something that seemed a little…off about her.

"Yes, we are," Okahito said friendly as he usually was; always the first person to trust someone new. "I'm Okahito and this is my girlfriend, Saori."

"It's so nice to meet you," the woman replied. "I'm Rukia Kurosaki."

Saori looked over when the woman said her name. Rukia Kurosaki…wasn't an Ichigo Kurosaki helping her give birth when the time came? Wasn't that her doctor's name?

"Likewise," Saori replied to the woman before Okahito had the chance. "Are you related to an Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"Unfortunately yes," Rukia replied sadly, yet Saori could hear the humor in her voice. "He's my husband. Are you…you must be that young couple he keeps talking about!"

"Probably are," Okahito said.

"Though he told me you were young I didn't guess that you both would be having a baby at only, what, eighteen or so?"

"Seventeen," Saori replied coldly. What was her problem anyway!? She was just like everyone else…judging them just because she, (a girl only seventeen!), was pregnant.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she replied. "I didn't mean it like that. I'm very happy for you." She paused. "Would you like to hear my advice about babies?"

"Not really."

Okahito nudged her in the back. "We would love to hear some," he said, encouraging the woman on.

"When your baby is born it'll be hard to make it by without tears and without fail. Hell, sometimes you just cry for no reason. Yet, this is your outcome…"

She extended her hands out showing Saori what was wrapped inside those blankets. It was a baby, sleeping. "Hold him."

Saori took the baby and studied him. He had black hair and pale skin. He looked a lot like Rukia except for the fact that his eyes weren't as large as hers. He was so small and beautiful. "You get a baby that will love you like no one else will," Rukia told her.

Saori felt as if she was going to cry.

No one had ever been this kind to her. Only Dr. Kurosaki and Okahito had ever treated like a person, and not worthless, pregnant trash like some people had. "Thank you, Mrs. Kurosaki," Saori said handing Rukia back her baby.

"No problem and don't call me Mrs. Kurosaki. It makes me feel old. Just Rukia will do."

Saori nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Rukia."

"Rukia!" the woman on the bench Saori had seen earlier yelled. "Come on, we should head back. Byakuya will kill me if we're not there on time!"

"Yeah, okay Rita!" Rukia called to the pregnant. "I should go."

"Okay," the seventeen year old replied. "I guess we'll see you around."

"I'm sure you will."

And while the woman with the baby walked away, Saori smiled. She looked up at Okahito and kissed him on the lips briefly.

"We're gonna get through this right?" she asked.

He pulled her into an embrace and held her for a while. Then very softly he whispered, "I know we will."


When Byakuya and Rita went to the hospital five years before, they had looked different than what they usually did. Ichigo noticed that Rita seemed rather nervous, slightly shaking and stuttering a lot. Byakuya seemed to be rather nervous as well. It was only later that the two had a very awkward conversation…something dealing with "I think you're a very pretty girl" and "Will you just kiss me already."

When Byakuya held Tak for the first time he seemed almost happy. He had told Ichigo to make sure and take care of the baby and Rukia both. And if something ever happened to them he would come and kill him. Ichigo had agreed.

Then he told Byakuya that if anything happened to Rita while with him, he would come back to kill him. Byakuya glared at him while Rita jumped up from looking over Byakuya's shoulder and to the baby and blushed deeply.

It had been five years since then. Since then, Rita had fallen head over heels for Byakuya. Sooner or later, Byakuya seemed to have received "permission" from his dead wife, Hisana, and married Rita not two weeks later after confessing to her his feelings; they had known each other for two years.

Since then, she and he came to the living world every few weeks or so until now. Rita was pregnant now and they were expecting a girl in the near future. They were going to name her Hisana.

Rukia and Ichigo on the other hand had had three kids since Tak was born. After Tak, three years later, they had twin girls. One looked like her father: orange hair, amber eyes; they named her Tenpi Hisana for the sun and for Rukia's sister. Her sister though, looked exactly like Rukia: violet eyes and dark hair; they named her Tsuki Masaki for the moon and Ichigo's mother.

Though they were both very different girls, one was the moon and one was the sun, they had the middle name of the deceased woman that meant a lot to the opposite parent in which they didn't look alike. They were connected in a very different way.

And finally, they had a little boy that, he too, looked like Rukia. They named him Kutsu (that means stubborn in which both Ichigo and Rukia were) and of course Ichigo's father (though Ichigo had despised calling him that when Rukia first suggested it).

For years they had been happy. Sure they had arguments, occasional food fights, dirty diapers, and pictures drawn that had hollows on them (that was when Ichigo had realized that their children could see spirits too), but they had always been happy deep inside.

Rukia drew her son closer to her chest and smiled down at him as he shifted in his sleep. She looked up to find her husband being attacked by their three children who held the playgrounds woodchips like weapons.

"Howl, Mokuzai!" Tak yelled and tossed the woodchips at his father who was laughing and trying to run away from his daughters who were chasing after him.

Rukia smiled and handed her baby off to Rita who stood up also. "He'll never grow up," Rita observed.

"You're right," Rukia agreed. "He'll be my little Tak forever."

"I was talking more about Ichigo than Tak," Rita said, laughing lightly.

Rukia then looked at her husband who was now acting as if he was a zombie and chasing after Tak, Tsuki, and Tenpi. Rukia laughed then and put her hands on her hips. "Him too," she told Rita who was cooing down at Kutsu.

"Okay, kids, Ichigo," Rukia called out to her family. "It's time to go. Uncle Byakuya has made dinner for us and we can't be late. He might release his zanpakuto on us!"

She made a face and all her children immediately ran off toward the van; Rita walked off leaving Rukia and Ichigo alone. Rukia shook her head and felt to strong arms wrap around her waist. "Hello Ichigo," Rukia smiled and turned around.

They kissed each other briefly. "Do want any more of those?" Ichigo asked.

"More of what?" she asked she and Ichigo rocking back and forth.


"I think we're good with what we have now," Rukia laughed. "And besides Kutsu isn't even two months yet! What are we, baby making machines?"


"Wait," Rukia stopped him placing her hand across his lips. "Don't answer that."

He kissed her fingers and then they turned around walking back to the car. They held hands and smiled. "Ichigo?" Rukia asked.


"Are you happy?"

"With what?"

"Me," Rukia replied. "And the kids…I know that when you first met me, you weren't even thinking about one day marry her and then having kids with her."

"First of all," Ichigo said. "You're right on that second part. I thought you were just some annoying midget with a crazy imagination and extremely bad drawing skills"—Rukia slapped him on the shoulder—"Ow! Let me finish!! And second of all, I've never been happier in my life. I'm glad I have you and Tak and Tsuki and Tenpi and Kutsu and of course, Rita and Byakuya…though your brother I wouldn't mind at the Soul Society."

Another slap. "Ow, stop it!" he laughed.

"Thanks for saying that," Rukia replied. "I'm glad you're happy."

"Are you?"

"Of course I am!"

"Then we're good?" he asked.

She smiled. "We're good."

"That's good, because I'm so going to beat you to the van."

He let go of her hand and got down into a running position. She did as well. "Is that a challenge?" she asked him.

"You bet!"

"Then let's go!"

And despite the fact of being adults, of having four children, and nearly being twenty eight years old they took off.

Who would win?

Rukia, of course.

Only a few moments of running, she stopped and started crying because she stubbed her toe in which Ichigo would quickly turn around to see if she's alright. When he bent down to check on it, she took off, beating him to the van. After cursing under his breath and smiling internally he took off too toward his wife, sister in law, and beautiful children.

Who could ever ask for more?

Not Ichigo.


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