Explosions aren't fireworks

Chapter One

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"They're so beautiful...! It's completely breath taking." Hinata smiled at the night sky. It was the moon festival, and Kiba had taken Hinata up to his favorite hill to admire the blooming fireworks.

"Heh...I knew you'd like it." Kiba smirked. The shy and predictable kunoichi was his childhood friend and sweetheart. He couldn't resist cheering her up from time to time. Unlike others, she was quiet and respectful of how others felt, thus it was relaxing to be around her.

"Anou...etto..." Hinata fiddled with her index fingers as a blush crept up her cheeks.

"Hmm...?" Her timid ness intrigued him.

"Gomei, I missed your birthday because of a mission. So..." Hinata leaned over a planted a quick peck on his cheek. This shocked the Inuzuka. He never knew Hinata was this...bold and daring kind of person. He placed his hand on the burning spot where her scarlet lips touched.

"Ehh...etto, it was just to repay you for not coming." The flush upon her face was a complete contrast to her pale, milky skin. She placed her hands on her lap as she stared away from the Inuzuka at the grass, trying to distract her hands from twiddling any more. Of course that was a pathetic attempt since her hands clutched the fabric of her kimono so tightly that the boy thought that it would be permanently wrinkled.

"Hinata..." He placed his hand on her small ones.

"Eh, aa...h-hai?" Her tongue stumbled over the words she was searching for. Her fists opened and closed beneath his.

"Thanks...for the surprise." He almost laughed at how nervous she was but restrained his tongue from slipping. She cocked her head innocently; she was confused at why the boy bit his lip so hard that it began to bleed.

"Ahh-" He let out suddenly, but caught himself and shut his mouth.

"Ahh...choo?" She tried to guess what he was trying to say, or do.

"Yeah umm, ah-" before he would finish the "sneeze", he was interrupted by a fit of uncontrollable giggling. "Hinata?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"You ha you're so ha ha so ha fun ha ha ha funny." She managed to choke up the words in between laughs. The Inuzuka laughed along with her but the moment didn't last very long. He watched as she continued laughing and a smile of concern made its way onto his face.

Hinata...I just have this stupid gut feeling that you won't be laughing much longer. Damn, these visions. Through his thoughts, he unconsciously wove his arms around her thin structure.

"K-Kiba!" She jumped at the contact.

"Promise me you won't ever ever leave me. You're my best friend right?" A tear rolled down the clan mark on his face, leaving a damp streak.

"Kiba..." She whispered and responded as she wrapped her arms around him and stroked his back to comfort him.


Flop. Hinata plopped down onto her king sized bed in the Hyuuga manor and sighed as her petite figure sank into the bedsheets. She was exhausted after her long day of training with her cousin, Neji. As she thought about the day, she drifted off into a deep slumber.

"Don't cry, un. Your little friend will be alright, un." A blonde shinobi kept Kiba at a distance by pushing his forehead back.

"Give Hinata back you one eyed freak!" Kiba swiped but hit the air. The blonde's arm kept him at quite a distance since he was much taller than Kiba. Hinata was whimpering on the shinobi's shoulder. She had been tossed onto his shoulder and couldn't see Kiba, only the ground which seemed very far away. A big white owl landed next to the shinobi; it seemed to be made of clay. She placed a hand on the colossal bird and felt its cold, smooth texture.

"Like my art, un?" The shinobi smirked as he shifted his head towards Hinata. As he turned his head, Hinata wobbled on his shoulder and she clasped on to his neck even tighter. "Un! You're choking me, yeah!" Hinata lightened her grip.


"Why are you apologizing to the enemy?" Kiba grunted as he attempted to strike at the shinobi again.

"Whoa! Say good bye to your little friend before she's gone, yeah..." A sinister smile grew on the blonde's face. He hopped onto the clay owl causing Hinata to bounce on his shoulder and cry in pain as her delicate stomach hit his bony shoulder.

"Hinataaaa!" Kiba reached towards the sky as the owl took off.

"K-Kiba!" She cried and looked over the owl. Kiba was only the size of a grain of rice now.

"Kiba...Kiba-kun!" Hinata muttered in her sleep. Her mind jolted awake from the nightmare she just had. Wait...wind? Didn't I close the window? As she opened her eyes, she realized that she was far, far away from the ground...


"Kuso..." Kiba looked at his cup of tea. The glass had cracked. It was a bad sign, what could be going on now. His eyes widened from the shock. "Crap! Hinata!" He got up from the table.

"What the hell?" Naruto yelled.

"Cup...cracked...Hinata..." Kiba's whispered the last words before rushing out of Ichiraku Ramen.

"Huh...?" Naruto was confused.

"Oh my gosh...Hinata's in trouble!" Sakura pounded the table.

"We gotta save her-ttebayo!" Naruto stood up in fury after Sakura's words as his chair tipped over and crashed to the floor.

"Mendokusee..." Shikamaru sweat dropped. Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Shino, and Shikamaru ran after Kiba and Akamaru.

"Hinata!" Kiba jumped up to Hinata's windowsill. The window was open and the curtains were fluttering in the wind. "Chikushou..." The boy ground his teeth together as he saw that the bed was empty, and the sheets were messy. Hinata always made her bed after she woke up.

"Mendokusee, ne?" Shikamaru hopped up next to Kiba as he observed the scene left behind.

"Sonna! Hinata can't be gone!" The cherry blossom haired girl cried. Kiba grunted in frustration and was ready to jump off of the roof.

"Wait up..." Shino muffled behind his shirt. Kiba looked over his shoulder.

"Don't talk to me unless you can help!"

"I'm not that useless. I always keep a bug on Hinata, besides... you don't know when she's going to bump into trouble..."

"Shino, I could just marry you!" The excited dog boy tackled Shino into a hug.

"Mendokusee..." Shikamaru shook his head again.

"Would you stop saying that!" Sakura chucked a fist at his head.


Hinata rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming. She looked down.

"S-sonna...!" She stumbled backwards, clay. She dug her fingers into the surface and ripped out a chunk of what her fingers clasped and looked at her hand.


"Oi, don't break my bird, un. Sleep well, yeah?" A voice came from behind her.

This is impossible... She didn't dare to turn around and look at who it was but her curiosity took over.

"Oh!" She covered her mouth as her milky complexion paled. It was that man from her dream! She slowly lifted her finger towards the blonde man. "Y-You're..."


"Where am I...?" She looked at her surroundings. Suddenly they swerved into a cloud and she cried out as she toppled over, nearly falling off of the animated clay owl.

"Be careful, un. Can't risk failing my mission if you fall to your death, yeah?" The blond smirked as he pulled Hinata from near-death.

"Th-thank you…." Hinata shivered like a mouse that had just skirted death by a thread's width.

"Don't ask where because we won't even think of giving those damned Konoha nins a clue of where we Akatsuki are." Hinata looked towards the "floor" when he said such cruel things about her village.

"Why'd you take me...because I was weak?" Hinata hugged her knees.

"No one's weak, un. Honey, you've got power that we need, yeah." Hinata opened her mouth to thank him for saying that she wasn't weak, but closed it immediately after when she realized that they only wanted her for what she possessed: The Byakugan. Her eyes found their way back down to the back of the owl again. She buried her face in her knees afraid of what would happen to her.

"Stop hiding, un. If you do that you'll just keep shrinking, yeah" The man lifted her chin up, "That's better, un." He had a smile that was too big for his face. Hinata averted her eyes.

"Anou...etto..." She looked at him.

"Deidara, yeah."

"….Why me?"

"Cause...you're easy to take...yeah. Especially when you're sleeping so cute like that." He grinned. He couldn't help it, he thought girls were disgusting little creatures but Hinata intrigued him.

"Oh, I see..." She blushed. So she was easy to take. He could've taken Neji, but it was decided - this only happened because she was easiest to kidnap. She remained silent after what he said. Deidara grunted. He was so pissed, it was way too quiet and he needed some form of entertainment.

"You like dolls, yeah?" He digressed from the awkward topic. Hinata was surprised that an S-ranked criminal like him would ask this sort of question. She nodded. He grinned and reached into his pocket. This was the first time he was able to put his work on display from someone other than himself. Her innocent face amused him - he couldn't bring himself to act cold to her any longer. Leader had told him to never show his feelings, but next to this girl here, he couldn't help it. She emitted an aura that brought a calm in the atmosphere.

"Ah!" Hinata smiled at the little porcelain doll.

"It's baked clay..." He handed the doll that was the size of his hand to her. As she grasped the doll in her hand gently afraid that she was going to break it, he realized how small and fragile she was.

Damn, un. How am I supposed to kill her after? He frowned at his master's command.

"It's beautiful." Hinata stroked the doll; it was warm. She expected Deidara to be a cold and heartless person but he was warm and sweet. Being kidnapped by this him wasn't even half as bad as she thought it would be. She had expected that a kidnapper's looks would be below average and moreover, ruthless and cruel. She extended her arms to give the doll back to him.

"Keep it, un." He pushed her hands back to her.

"A-arigatou Deidara-kun..." He raised a brow. Kun?

"Hn, yeah." He turned around to hide the hint of blush on his cheeks.

Damn...what's happening to me? He smacked his forehead with his hand.

"Itai!" He yelled in pain when he had hit himself a little too hard. He looked over his shoulder; Hinata was giggling. His lips curved upwards, his first real smile.


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