To the Past from the Future

by CharmingSlayer/ Lumendea

Chapter One: Guess Who I

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who and gain nothing from the creation of this story

The Doctor leaned against the console for a moment unsure of how to react to Martha's departure. He felt a bit guilty, but was determined to brush it off. It was for the best, she had helped him keep going and had helped save the world. In addition, he really did understand why she needed to go. He sighed and stood, reaching for one of his levers to leave Earth when the door swung open.

Straightening up, he turned to look and froze as his eyes fell on Rose Tyler standing in the doorway of the TARDIS, sunlight pouring in behind her. The Doctor's mouth went slack as Rose grinned at him, her tongue slipping over her teeth in that familiar way. Closing his eyes, the Doctor shook his head before opening them again only to find that the figment Rose of his imagination had closed the TARDIS door and was walking up the ramp toward him. Rose stopped just a few meters away and smiled at him, she seemed very amused by his disbelief and outright shock.

Grinning, she coyly asked, "Doctor wasn't there something you were trying to say to me?" The Doctor blinked at her and she took a step forward, "Wasn't there something you didn't finish saying at Bad Wolf Bay?"

The Doctor seemed to regain his senses but he rubbed his eyes instead of answering her,

"I've got to get some sleep."

He turned away and began setting the controls, now Rose's mouth hung open in shock. Shaking it off Rose reached out and pinched the Doctor, hard, on the arm.

"That hurt! What was that for?" the Doctor snapped, jumping back.

"You seem to think I'm all in your head Doctor," Rose replied crossing her arms.

"Rose is in the other universe, this is just a reaction to the release of all the stress from the year that never was and being alone again," he looked at her sharply, "That's it. There is no way to cross the void so therefore you are just an illusion in my mind," he rubbed his arm thoughtfully and muttered, "One that inflicts pain apparently."

Rose wasn't sure if she should laugh, growl or bang his head in so instead she shook her head and sighed, sitting down in the captain's chair. The Doctor watched her movements carefully and they regarded each other from across the console.

Rolling her eyes, Rose started, "Suppose . . . "

"Suppose?" The Doctor pressed when she trailed off.

"Suppose in the future, your future you found a way to cross the void but you already had a Rose Tyler traveling with you that you met up within your past. You'd then have to send the younger Rose Tyler from the other universe back to the past to meet you when you remember meeting her again," the Doctor didn't say anything causing Rose to tighten her fists, "Oh come on you're a bloody Time Lord surely you can figure this out!"

The Doctor was staring at her again with a cautious look as he walked nearer to her causing Rose's gaze to soften a bit as she chuckled. Stopping in front of her, the Doctor leaned back against the console putting his hands in his pockets.

"Okay, so let's say that maybe just maybe you're not a hallucination but then how?"

This caused Rose to blush and drop her eyes down to her feet. After a moment, she answered him,

"Multiple Time Lords can open a passage between universes."

The Doctor frowned and stood again, his eyes darkening as he remembered the recent events that resulted in the Master's death.

"I'm the only Time Lord," he reminded her quietly.

"You won't always be," Rose said softly still looking at her feet, causing the Doctor to look back at her, "In the future you and your children are able to open a stable doorway to the alternate universe."

"Time Lords can't have children with other species," the Doctor replied firmly, shaking his head.

Rose still wouldn't look at him, making the Doctor inch a little closer, this hallucination was making a tiny bit of sense. Swallowing Rose played with her long hair nervously.

"Apparently you can if the mother has carried the Time Vortex, a spark of that makes it possible in the future for me-her to give birth to Gallifreians and lengthens her life span a couple hundred years."

The Doctor was perfectly still as he rolled it over and over in his head, it made sense even if it violated the First Law of Time in crossing his own time line although technically he hadn't, Rose had but not him. A grin spread over his face slowly as he focused again on the embarrassed Rose Tyler.

"So you're a gift from the future to the past."

Rose looked up at him and smiled seeing his grin. The Doctor stepped up to her and brushed his hand over her cheek. He took her hand and pulled her up so she was standing right in front of him.

"Now then Doctor, I believe you have a sentence to finish," Rose reminded him with a smile.

The Doctor beamed at her.

"Quite right too. Rose Tyler I love you."

Then the Doctor did the only thing he felt was proper in the current situation: he snogged Rose Tyler.