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Cherry Valance stared at herself in her vanity mirror and cringed. She heard
the sound of glass breaking and anticipated the yelling.

Her words to Ponyboy echoed in her mind

She smiled at the thought of him. She liked the way he talked. It wasn't
fake or censored. She could really be herself with him. After talking to him
for awhile, she forgot that he was a greaser. They were just regular people.
She wondered what her friends would think if they found out that she felt
bad for a greaser.

She glared at herself in the mirror at the thought of her friends. She was
just as bad as them – probably worse. How she just wanted to kick herself
when she had told Ponyboy: "If I see you at school and I don't say hi,
please don't take it personal."

She questioned herself out loud: "How could he not take it personal?" If
someone would have said that to her, she would have felt lower than dirt.

"Where are you going?" Her mother's desperate voice pulled her back into the

"OUT!" Her father's voice boomed through the house, and it made her shudder.

Cherry slowly and cautiously made her way downstairs to see the damage made by another raging war between her parents. When she walked into the living room she saw her mother down on the ground, picking up shattered glass. Cherry bent down next to her mother, and her mother put on a fake smile, one that Cherry herself had mastered pretty well. Her mother
looked her in the eyes.

"You know how clumsy I am," her mother lied to her. Cherry didn't fail to
notice the bruise forming on her mother's wrist as a sleeve of her sweater
pulled back.

Things are rough all over.

We all have our own problems