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The hard floor was cold on my cheek but I didn't care. The musical song sang through my soul, reverberating in my bones. It made me feel giddy. What else did he have on his farm? I thrummed it out. E-I-E-I-O!

Figures moved all around me but I barely noticed them and drummed my fingers in tune on the floor. Roughly I rolled onto my back, staring at the overhead lights with wide eyes, the song suddenly gone from my brain. The light's…so bright. So high. Just like a fire in the sky. A night sky. My brain groggily shifted to the night. Beautiful. Cool. Lit only by the moon and the stars. I could clearly picture the profile of the city. The tall buildings. The surrounding bay. What city was that? I was stationed there, wasn't I? Yes. Yes, I was. But I knew someone there…no…several someones. Who?

For some reason my brain would not let this thought go.

With a low moan one of the nearby figures shuffled next to me, leaning over me to stare at me. The man had a putrid face. Probably an ugly person even before he lost his mandible. But while he did that he blocked the light above my face.

My brain was still on the New York night. Blocking the light…

Suddenly I could remember seeing figures run across the rooftops, their figures blocking the starlight as they passed before it. They moved like shadows. Stealthy shadows.

Four of them…




My eyes snapped open and abruptly I sat up, nearly knocking my head into the zombie that was still inspecting me curiously. Clumsily he toppled to the ground, crawling away, interest in me lost.

My mind clear, I angrily pushed it aside as I strode to my feet, staggering slightly. My back ached. I had a cut on the back of my neck. Furiously my brain worked, trying to remember what had happened within the last fifteen minutes even as I cursed my own damnable mind.

Leonardo! K9232! He has the dog!

Emotions swamped strongly within me with such a sudden speed that it left me shaking. All my plans. Everything. Lost. AGAIN!

With a roar I kicked a zombie that shuffled nearby. He fell to the ground with all the grace of a sack of potatoes. With a new target in sight my eyes narrowed, my vision hazed in red. Turning I stomped and kicked at him, crunching this bone, getting through the rib cage, and eventually caving in his head with a sickening sound. Still the fury coursed through me. My first thought was to move to another zombie but with a sudden thought I stopped myself.

No, Bishop. You need to learn to control yourself. Don't let this be your defeat.

The anger was hot in my system. My heart thudded hard, pulse racing, the red haze still streaking along the outskirts of my vision. Snarling I closed my eyes, struggling to concentrate. Clenching my fists hard enough that my tendons creaked, grinding my teeth I slowly took several deep breaths, ignoring the mindless zombies that slowly started to gather around me just like the nearly equally mindless people they once were.

When I opened my eyes again I felt clearer, though the haze and the insanity still tugged at the recesses of my mind. Yet I was able to keep it at bay, though it was a struggle. One that I wouldn't win. That fact made it difficult. But I was learning control, when this all started I couldn't stop it from swamping me constantly. I wasn't even aware half the time of what I was truly doing, so much time and energy was wasted. Now at least I could leash it, albeit temporarily.

Slowly I probed my own mental faculties. How long has it been? I didn't even know that. Damn those fucking turtles! Why did they ALWAYS have to RUIN everything! Each time, before all this shit hit the fan they were always there, catching me where the authorities and my own government could not. Why did they not die with the majority of the other human population? Why did they have to survive? Damn them!

As the anger welled the haze in my brain got stronger. I wanted so hard to just give in, roll in the sweet release, allow myself to do as my brain wished. But that wasn't me. I was always aware of everything that I did. The very fact that I had allowed Leonardo to escape with K9232 so that I could sing an idiotic children's song was so infuriating...he was right there...

Once again I stopped and struggled to calm myself.

Control. I had to learn control.

First thing's first. I needed to get that dog. He was the key to everything. Then my army could be a true army, not this mindless mass of dead flesh. Perhaps he could even be the key to my own sanity. He could fix this infernal mistake that has cost me my own mind.

Turning on my heel I swiftly walked across the warehouse towards the back. I vaguely remembered Leonardo escaping with k9232 in that direction. The zombies slowly shuffled around me, every once in a while mindlessly bumping into me.

I opened the door and peered out to the long parking lot skirted by the beginnings of a forest. I ignored the urge at the back of my mind urging me to run into the woods for the sheer joy of it. That wasn't me. Not right now anyway. Damn my brain.

He went out there, I was sure of it.

Something tugged at the back of my mind, an intelligent observation that struggled to make itself known past the haze and the dancing insanity. The zombies...what was it about them that was different?

They weren't attacking, but that was common for me. It was only a few times in the beginning that I was actually attacked. Even then the attacks weren't with the full furocity that they were capable of.

I looked slowly at the zombies that were sluggishly, calmly gathering behind me. They simply hung there, listless expressions on their limp faces. The intelligent observation broke through. A simple question: why weren't they attacking? All this time, I've never questioned it.

A smile crept my lips. I knew why. It had to be the solution, perhaps it would truly suite it's purpose. Would it work? In truth I hadn't tried before. As soon as I tried some of the modified solution on myself when it became clear that my so called superiors were going to shut down my progress...it was clear that I was not prepared for the havoc that it would play on my mind. A tragic mistake. But for the first time, I was wondering if it had truly worked and I never knew it. After all, I walked amongst the undead at the facility and none attacked me. For some reason, I had never truly considered that before. But now...they seemed to be following me. Maybe they had before, but I was never lucid enough to realize it.

Looking at the squishy, disgusting zombies I slowly backed up and walked, backwards, to the left across the parking lot. Slowly, with a definetly delayed response, they slowly turned and with low moaning sounds they shuffled in my direction before stopping several feet before me. They were following me! What else would they do? What else was the solution supposed to do? Damn it to hell! Why couldn't I remember! But never mind, I would remember, after all I hadn't even thought of the solution that I took until today. Who knew what else would come to me? The possibilities, the abilities that I have simply forgotten!

I shook. At first I thought it was because of the new realization, then I realized that my struggle was being lost. No matter, Bishop. One step at a time, get this out of you and try again. Perhaps next time I can maintain control for longer.

The haze was getting stronger, I couldn't fight it. But even as it enveloped me, the dreaded insanity dancing in my mind took control an intelligent smile played across my lips. If I could learn control, both of myself and of them, then I could have everything. More than everything. I could rebuild what I want upon this devastated society. It would all be mine.

Throwing my head back and spreading my palms to the sky I twirled and laughed, dancing upon my toes. A new song thrummed through my body, invigorating my very blood. How glorious!

"One little two little three little turtles! Four little five little six little turtles! Seven little eight little nine little turtles! Ten little turtles deaaaaaaaaaaaad!"

I danced and stomped across the parking lot, gleefully imagining their skulls crunching beneath my heels. What beautiful music! Twirling and giggling I leapt high into the air, leaping to my very fate even as my faithful people followed me, singing along with me with fantastic low moans.

"Four little turtles dead dead dead!"

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