Sekamu: okay, another song fic from me. Again, I wrote this quickly, so i'm not sure how good it is. I'd had the idea for a while, and I finally sat down and wrote it all out. The song is Southbound Train by Nanci Griffith. Hope you all like it!

Kenshin sighed as he boarded the train to Edo. Tokyo, it was called now. He jostled shoulders with businessmen and merchants. Kenshin kept a sharp eye on his wallet, wary of pickpockets.

Carefully he took his seat halfway down the train, next to a faded-looking businessman. One curious look from the man, and he was promptly forgotten.

Kenshin looked up at the darkening sky as the new train pulled away from the platform.

I'm sitting on a southbound train

Staring at the sky

Kensin ducked his head and hid his sword under the seat as a policeman walked by. Swords had been outlawed years ago. He smiled softly, imagining what his master would have said about that. The thought that he would never find out sobered him immediately.

I'm thinking of my childhood

And I'm trying not to cry.

Kenshin ligtly dozed, waking up when the businessman fell against him.


The word was answered with a snore.

Kenshin stared bemusedly at the businessman, and shrugged it off. A few minutes later, Kenshin woke from his catnap as the conductor asked, "Oh, are you two married?"

"No, sir," Kenshin replied, embarrassed.

The conductor also turned slightly red. "Sorry, sir! You just look like…"

"It's fine," Kenshin cut the poor man off. "It happens fairly often, that it does"

While a stranger sleeps against me

And it looks like I'm his wife.

Kenshin absently watched the woman across from him as she nodded off over her book. A window slid open, and the pages flipped quickly, waking her. The former assassin returned to staring out the window.

"Ah, Tomoe…" Kenshin whispered. "Will I ever love again?"

Some things I know

Some things I guess

Kenshin eyes focused on the sear again, but his mind was back in that wintry forest that he would never erase from his memory.

Some things I wish that I could learn to express

"I do wish that I might," Kenshin began speaking to the sky softly, "But I wouldn't want to put anyone into any danger."

Like the way that I feel

As I scare at the sky

"I would hate to have anyone in the same situation as you."

And I remember your voice

And the sound of goodbye

Kenshin's fingers absently traced the scar on his cheek and he remembered… He shivered at the wind coming through the still cracked window, remembering that winter was coming. The patter of the rain kept him from dozing off again.

Oh maybe it's the autumn chill

Maybe it's the rain

Kenshin shifted and the weight on his shoulder almost fell. He caught the still-sleeping man before he did fall, though. He sighed again, and adjusted the stranger to a more comfortable position, off of him.

The man slept the whole time.

Maybe I should wake the stranger

And ask him his name

Kenshin glance across the aisle again at the reading woman. She was watching him out of the corner of her eye. He gave her a large, silly grin. The stranger looked away.

But my eyes they would betray me

And my words could not defend

Kenshin sighed again and returned to staring morosely out the window, a blank look on his face. No Tomoe, I don't think anyone could love me.

So I must learn to wait my turn

Before I love again.

Kenshin watched the ocean sparkle in the moonlight outside his window. A whale tail slapped the water a few miles out.

Some things I know

Some things I guess

"It's better this way."

Some things I wish that I could learn to express

"No one else will die because of my being there." Kenshin gazed at the stars.

Like the way that I feel

As I stare at the sky

"Perhaps I should have left the swordsman's way. But at least," Kenshin drew the blade laying across his lap about an inch, studying the glint of the sakabatou in the moonlight. "No one will die if I can help it."

And I remember your voice

"Thank you, Tomoe. You're a good listener as always."

And the sound of


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