I haven't written much for these two besides For You to Like Me, and that was more from Kisa's point of view anyway.

Besides, I like the dreamy sort of style this has.

Read happily!

Hiro has a dream.

It involves Kisa.

It's more of a place, just a little room.

Maybe in a castle. Maybe guarded by the greatest dragon ever imagined.

Maybe it will be a little hard to find that, because you really have to believe in the greatest dragon to be able to keep it.

Maybe Kisa can do the believing for both of them.

But maybe there will be a room – it doesn't have to be little, it doesn't have to be anything, and maybe nothing can be big enough to hold all of what Kisa could be – and Kisa will stay there and Hiro will know that nothing can hurt her anymore.

Or – alright, maybe Kisa won't be happy in a room all alone like that, but Hiro can be in there with her and try to keep her happy.

And if Hiro can't do that for her, maybe…

Maybe it can be a room with a view. Something for Kisa to look at, the world at a glance, when Hiro isn't enough.

But Kisa definitely won't be happy with something like that, being able to see but not to touch. She never was, and never will be.

And maybe…

Maybe no matter how Hiro revises his dream, it'll never be enough for Kisa.

Maybe there's no good way for him to keep her safe.