River again. She's catchy. Especially when SciFi has a marathon. Inspiration for this; River declared that she hates the good times because they'll end too soon... you know, in the episode with the apples and playing with Kaylee and Wash thinking that Mal and Zoe are doing xxx things.

River likes being by herself. It's quiet.

Not quiet like sleep is quiet, but at least with less interruption.

She likes the way the air moves just for her, and the way She pushes against River's cheek when River pushes first, and the way they're a little piece of warm in a lot of black and everything is close enough to suffocate her with pillows.

River likes being alone.

But River also likes being with Simon. She likes when she makes him laugh into her hair, or give her that silly grin that hasn't changed since he was thirteen, or hug her like he only started to recently.

Especially when he so-very-much wants to say the right thing, and so-very-much doesn't. He's endearing, in a clumsy, accidental way.

But, while she likes being with Simon, and she likes being alone, she doesn't like both at once. Being with Simon and him not with her, or having other people around that make him so grown up and not want to be as silly with her, or him worrying about her, or her staying back from the others and him not listening when she tells him to stay back with her.

She doesn't like that.

But she knows that the bad times will end, and there will be good times again. When there are good times, she hates them because there will be bad times again…

But there are always more good times than bad.

And Simon always comes back to be just with her and no one else.

River likes that…