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Background Info: Rachel Roth and Garfield Logan are head camp counselors for the Bucky Beaver Troupe. They had to camp out in Rachel's backyard, learn how to set up a fire (they almost burnt down the cabin at Smokey Oaks Trailer Park), and tie the Devil's knot. (Rachel did great on that lesson! She tied Garfield's neck to a pole!)

Now the young campers had to stay at Rachel's house for the end of the explorer experience. It was the tent party. Pillow forts, indoor tents, smores, and much more…fun. How did Garfield pull Rachel into this whole mess? After all, she HATED kids-----more than Garfield himself. Well, it started when Rachel's boss forced her to do volunteer work…then it was all chaos.

"Rachel?" asked Garfield, jogging up to her. She whipped around to see her friend, tugging on her jacket sleeve. She whipped back around. Rachel Roth kicked the leaves on the concrete, annoyed, and continued her way. The fall, cool air circled her body and she shivered as Garfield grabbed her shoulder. She turned around, curtly and flipped her hair.

"Yes?" Rachel asked, coolly.

He pulled a wrinkled brochure out of his pocket and immediately jammed it back inside.

"Okay, remember when you told me about your volunteer work you had to do, to get a raise?"

Rachel stifled a yawn.

"Well I found this thing we could do! It's easy and fun. We could-"

"Stop," she interrupted. He was confused. Rachel walked on clinging onto her purse as she crossed the street. Garfield followed her.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't do 'fun'."

He groaned. "Just listen, okay? You can do it with me and I'm not telling you what it is, though. But trust me, it's an experience that you'll remember forever…" Garfield smiled in a friendly way.

"Why won't you tell me what it is?" Rachel snapped. He grabbed onto her arm. She grimaced.

"'Cause it's special!" he grinned wider.

"Does it have anything to do with speaking to high school kids about sexually transmitted diseases?" she asked, cautiously.

"Nope. But that would be nice, don't'cha think?"

She shrugged a small smile and kept walking.

"Does it have anything to do with food?" Rachel guessed.

"I wish."

"Does it have anything to do with…kids?" Rachel speculated while staring at the sky. Garfield glared at her.

Rachel stopped in front of a bakery. Le Crème.

She watched him fumble with the brochure in his pocket, uneasily.

Rachel smiled coyly and plunged her hand into his pants pocket. His eyes widened.


It was a good thing that there was a scarce amount of people in this deserted side of town. Garfield had thought that a five star bakery really would attract people, but no. Suddenly Garfield had accidentally rammed Rachel in a streetlight: a car honked at them for a laugh. Both of them had toppled onto the ground now and were fumbling for a piece of paper.

"Give---it----to-----me!" she grunted. Garfield burst out laughing. And you call me immature, he thought.

The scene could have come out of the boxing match on television. I can't believe I'm doing this in public, Rachel scowled in her head. They were now kneeling on leaves. She had succeeded in retrieving the pamphlet but couldn't believe her eyes as she scanned the cover.

"Bart's Exotic Dancers?" she asked in disbelief. Garfield's ears turned a light reddish tinge and grabbed the brochure. He flipped it over and placed it back in her hands.

"Crash's Campfire Camp?" Rachel read in monotone. He grinned.

"Well that's an impressive and catchy name," she sarcastically said.

"Come on! We get to go on a wilderness tour with a bunch of kids and Wild Willy; doesn't it sound fun!?" he exclaimed.

"Kids? Wild Willy? Does it look like I need to go in a forest with a bunch of kids that behave worse than you? And…I just got a manicure…I can't risk it," Rachel held her French manicured hands in front of Garfield's face. He scoffed. Garfield placed an arm around her waist as they stood up.

"Please? Do it for me----your best friend that would do anything for you," he pleaded. Rachel rolled her eyes.

She feigned consideration. It's something she would not normally do but her job needed volunteer work to survive. Though this camp thing sounded a lot like her summer job back in high school, she would be doing it with a friend. A good friend.

"Whatever. It's not like I'll die," Rachel dusted off her pants as she walked in the bakery.

"Oof!" Garfield had klutzily fell onto the perfectly tiled floor from getting stuck in the revolving door. The aroma of chocolate and vanilla mixed in the clean, fresh air. Rachel made her way to the expensively but deliciously flavored pastries. Garfield looked over her shoulder, hungrily. He had decided to buy her something and then they would both take a short ride on the subway to Garfield's apartment. He looked forward to the volunteer work but Rachel on the other hand----wasn't to fond of foresty type things. But then again, she wasn't fond of anything.

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