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Garfield walked out of the cabin with a dazed look glued to his face. His hair was poking out in different directions and pink scratches lined through his collarbone area and wrist as if he had been pricked by a feline with large nails.

He started to giggle while sliding his heavy sneakers over the wooden floors. The eight children watched his actions, confused. Kelly pulled on his arm and lowered him to her level.

"What's wrong?" she wondered. Garfield grinned even wider and rubbed his eyes. Alan took a step forward and grimaced.

"What the heck took you guys so long? You were in the bathroom for forever!" he exclaimed. Alan looked around and peered at a cabin door where Rachel walked out of. She exchanged glances with Garfield, instantly making her blush a little. Lauren stared at the two adults with a blank expression and said, "You must've been constipated!"

"Yeah! You guys were making weird noises!" chimed in Emily with a stern glare.

Rachel shook her head no and grabbed a handbag from one of the children.

Garfield suddenly snapped out of daze and started to help the young woman with the suitcases. "Rachel, I'm a pretty good fireman, aren't I?"

Rachel began to cough with an embarrassing smirk and stared at him. "You're okay."

The children were now scratching their heads.

"How come your blouse is missing some buttons?"

Garfield started to laugh.

"Miss Rachel…what is that red spot on your neck?" inquired Willy.

Rachel turned pale.

"Okay Willy! You can let go now," smiled Garfield. They were at the main building. Parents surrounded the two counselors in a big crowd.

A large red-haired man stepped up Garfield. He held out a beefy hand and smiled a toothy smile at him. Garfield shook the hand while accepting the many 'thank you for putting up with my child's.

In the meantime, Rachel was sitting on a bench with a child's mother engaging in a conversation.

"So are you and your husband hoping to bring up children in your lifetime?" the woman wondered. Rachel stayed silent trying to understand the question.

"Excuse me?" she asked. "Oh! Garfield? He's just my…boyfriend," she blurted. The woman smiled. "Ah…"

Garfield walked to his car with Rachel following after him. Garfield would certainly treasure the time he had spent with the unusual kids.

"That was fun!" he exclaimed.

"That was hell."

"You never appreciate anything. These kids taught us a lesson. We had our laughs, we grew closer, they brought us closer, and we overcame obstacles!" Garfield said with a strange expression. Rachel ended up rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, whatever. I guess it wasn't that horrible. Kelly wanted me to give you this," she spoke, jamming the keys into the ignition. The car started with a roar. Garfield took a manila folder from her hand and peered in it. He grinned.

"They're photos of us."

Rachel looked over and halted at a red light.

"Look, that's us trying to cook that one day! And those are the boys hanging from trees….and that's us sleeping…hey!" Garfield pulled out the pictures and examined them. "You look cute when you drool," he said in a flattering tone. She scowled while speeding up.

"I like that pajama. You should wear it more often."

"Garfield…" she growled.

"Hey, there's a note!" Garfield stuck his hand at the very bottom and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper.

He scanned his eyes over it.

Dear Garfeeld and Rachel. You guys were the best camp countselors ever! I can't wait to see you guys next year for the next camp thingy. I hope you liked the picures and you better get married. Then when you have children we could babysit them! We left our phone numbers on the other side so we can keep in touch (that's what my daddy says.)

Gar, keep telling your jokes even if Rachel doesn't like them.

Rae, smile wenever someone's down. It'll always brings up the day!

Rachel felt a pleasured emotion in the bottom of her stomach.

"That was a nice note."

Garfield grinned. "Ha, yeah. They're so cute! Hey, would you ever marry me?" he asked nervously. Rachel loosened up her grip on the car wheel.

"I might have to after what we did in the bathroom today," she spoke, giving him a rare smile.

Garfield gave her a shy glance. "Uh-huh. Well I know you wanna admit that I'm really good."

"Shut up. Imagine what those kids were wondering!"

They were passing under a bridge when Garfield said, "I think Juan was on to us."

Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I really, really like you. I mean I used to not like you a lot. But you're pretty and stuff. I guess I think that I lo-l…..don't hate you," Garfield rambled.

Rachel's head swirled with thoughts. What should she do? What should she say? This was the guy she had known for a long time. Is this what it has come to?

Driving under another bridge, she smiled and said, "Yeah… well I don't hate you too."

Three minutes later, they were in an empty parking lot expressing a whole lot of emotion.

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