Summary: People from the past show up in Radiant Garden. Who will appear? And what will this mean for the Restoration Committee? Crossover with Final Fantasy VIII, X, & X-2.

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A/N: I noticed a few things in looking at pictures of random FF characters and other members of Organization XIII, and I think that at least some of the FF Characters have Nobodies as members of Organization XIII…you will see what I mean eventually.

Enter Radiant Garden

Radiant Garden, once one of the most prosperous worlds in the entire universe, now reduced to near rubble in the aftermath of both Xehanort & Organization XIII. But the people were still alive…alive and re-building.

It had been a month since Sora, Donald, and Goofy, had last been there and helped them to defeat over 1000 Heartless. Cloud and Tifa had left and probably returned to their own world, the three little fairies, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, had decided to stick around and help in the rebuilding in whatever way possible. King Mickey had returned once to provide the Committee with some resources to help in their efforts.

As for a certain little blue alien known as Stitch, he had been dropped off personally by King Mickey, to help out…mostly because Mickey didn't know which world Stitch belonged to and figured that helping the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee was probably the best thing for him to do until he found his home world.

But all was peaceful, sure a few heartless would appear now and then, but they were always the small easy-to-kill heartless, on occasion a big one would show up but it would be soundly defeated by one of the committee members.

Ansem's now abandoned castle, had been transformed into the RGRC's (Radiant Garden Restoration Committee) new headquarters, for 2 reasons, 1 because they had a much better computer, complete with it's own…user friendly operating system, and because Merlin wanted his house back...everyone knew better than to argue with a wizard.

Leon sat in the chair behind the desk in Ansem's study, reading some of Ansem's experiment notes, not all of Ansem's notes were on hearts surprisingly. Yuffie was probably trying to cause some form of mischief with the three fairies, Aerith was sitting nearby, reading a book that Merlin gave her. Cid could be heard pounding away at the keys on the computer nearby, and occasionally be heard talking to Tron. Stitch, who had sort of become Yuffie's lap dog (much to the dismay of most of the RGRC), was probably running around with Yuffie somewhere.

Leon finished reading one of the notes and placed a ribbon, attached to the book, in the page as a bookmark. He pinched his nose from having stared at the relatively small print, and from having to try and figure out Ansem's hand writing, it was before he started writing in print.

"Hmm" Leon said putting the notebook down, catching Aerith's attention.

"Ansem's research that interesting?" Aerith asked curiously.

"Sort of, he was pretty much the ruler of Radiant Garden, or at least one of the most helpful citizens they've ever had." Leon replied while reaching into his jacket and pulling out a small piece of paper.

"How so?"

"Well…for example he designed the whole town's irrigation system, the original defense system that Xehanort 'conveniently' destroyed, and that device that allows us to enter Tron's world…well he was one of a few people who worked on it." Leon explained

"Hmm…I wonder, when Ansem's apprentices became heartless, and produced their nobodies, what ever happened to them?" Aerith asked curiously

"I wish I knew…then again I don't think I do." Leon shuddered as he turned his attention to the piece of paper in his hand.

He looked at it with the one facial expression that no one ever saw on Leon's face, no one could tell what that look was.

It was a letter, a letter from the person to whom Leon's heart belonged, his girlfriend.

"Dear Squall…" He read quietly

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