Me: And you thought it was over.

Things had gone according to what everyone had hoped on the isles.

Yen Sid reversed the spell he had cast on the island, causing them to forget about Ven, Terra, and Aqua and everyone on the island held a huge celebration in honor of both them and their families. The great wizard also recast the spell on YRP and now they are 15 years old and the three of them plus Tidus and Wakka now live with Auron.

Terra, as a gift from the mayor, received a large house for himself, Zack, Riku, Fuu, and the new Destiny Island Disciplinary Committee to live in…but Terra made very sure that his and Zack's rooms were between Riku and Fuu's respective rooms.

The little robots Wall-E and M-O moved in with Terra to help keep the place clean, considering that none of the humans living there were exactly clean freaks. Wall-E and M-O are quite happy with their jobs…and Wall-e has also become good friends with Sora, Riku, Kairi, and their friends…even accompanying them to the island where they play occasionally.

Aerith had moved in next door to Terra, and the two were currently dating.

Aqua was fortunate enough that her old house had been left un-touched and un-sold, and was relieved when it was given to her for free by the people on the island.

Hayner and Pence, at Ven and Lulu's request, moved into Sora & Roxas's house while Olette moved in with Kairi and Namine.

All in all…everyone was incredibly happy with the way things had ended for them.

On the Playground Island

Riku and Fuu leaned against the sideways tree embraced in a deep kiss, as Sora, Roxas, and Namine came running over the bridge.

"Aww come on you two, now isn't the time to be doing that." Sora complained as the two teens broke the embrace and glared at Sora.

"Says who?" Namine asked as she took Roxas by the hand and they both looked out at the sunset together along with Riku and Fuu, leaving Sora feeling like the fifth wheel.

Then Wall-e poked his head up from behind the tree and looked hopefully at Sora.

"You're kidding?" Sora asked as Wall-E laughed and nodded as he ran…or rolled off.

Sora shook his head with a smile and was about to go off to find Kairi, when she came walking over the bridge herself.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Kairi asked as Sora nodded and took her hand and they both sat down on the tree.

After a while they heard a familiar squeaking noise…it was Wall-e as he came rolling across the bridge at high speed.

"So—RA!!" Wall-e yelled in his mechanical voice as everyone turned to look at the small robot who reached in a large panel on his front and pulled out a glass bottle with a rolled up piece of paper in it. On the paper was King Mickey's seal.

"Another message from the king?!" Sora asked as he opened the bottle and pulled out the message.

Everyone crowded around to read it as the sun finally set.

…Another adventure was just around the corner…

End Story

Me: Now it's over…for this adventure…

Now be on the look out for the prequel fic entitled...

Reunion: Birth By Sleep

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