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Hey, Misuzu! What's up? Sorry, sorry; I know it's been a while since I've visited you last. The daycare center put some extra hours on me.

I could picture you one day working at a daycare center. I guess you won't now, but it would have been cool, don't cha think? Us working together, surrounded by families?

Yeah. That would've been great.

Ha! Then again, you would've probably tripped over all the toys! Nah; you'd just trip at random. That's you, my little clutsy daughter.

...Say. Did I ever tell you why I picked this spot to be your grave? It's near at the top of the hill so you can see the sky and ocean clearly. Well, okay, you're in the sky now, and I bet you're watching me right now, but I just feel a little bit better, knowing your body's where you would have wanted it to be.

...I'm not completely happy, you know, Misuzu. I miss you. It's been about a month now since you've gone to heaven. I'm sure you've seen Sora by now. Who knows, maybe you're keeping tabs on that freeloader friend of yours.

I should have listened to him to begin with, speaking of that guy. He kept saying how you were going to die after the last dream, how I needed to be with you. He warned me about your dreams. But I didn't listen. I thought he was just joking. What a cruel joke.

No. That's a lie. I knew he wouldn't joke about something so serious. But I wouldn't accept it. I didn't want to accept anything serious when it came to you. I didn't want to accept that I was hurting you. I didn't want to accept that soon you'd be gone forever.

That girl in the sky. You saved her, didn't you? I'm sure you did. I don't understand very well what happened that concerned her and you, but...

I love you, Misuzu. Take care. Whenever I see that disgusting peach juice, I think of you!

...Crud. Now I'm crying. I didn't come here to cry! I wanted to smile for you! Just like that day, when you smiled! Oh Misuzu! I miss you so much! I want to see you, and whack you on the head when you do something stupid, and laugh with you, and say, "Gao!" with you, and walk on the beach with you! Misuzu!


...Dang it, my nose is running. Gross. Okay, I'm good now. Don't worry. V, as you'd say! Mom's a strong girl, ha ha!


Ya know, one day, I'll see you again. I wonder if there's an ocean in heaven? I dunno, but until I get there, I'll keep working hard. I won't push people away. But I won't forget you, either.

I love you, daughter of mine. Tell your mom I say hi. Your birth mom. I guess it's okay to have two mothers, right? Lucky you!

I have to go now, Misuzu. When you see me someday, you better not say "Gao!" when you see my wrinkly face!

Bye-bye. Misuzu.