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The ship was in motion.

The Doctor slowly began to lift from the tangles of an uncomfortable sleep, feeling the slightest bit seasick from the constant motion of the ship on the waves.

He slowly opened sleep-ridden eyes ever so slightly, coming around to find himself staring into a mess of soft blonde hair. Furthermore, his right arm was curled around the body of another, protecting them from outside dangers. Her name was Rose Tyler: pretty, fun and intuitive – and at the present moment wrapped in his trenchcoat sleeping away the night.

He sighed contentedly, closing his eyes once more and shifting his arm a little to a stronger position. He heard Rose's breathing rhythm change ever so slightly with it as she fumbled unconsciously for his grip once more, obviously lost without it.

Bunk space aboard the ship "Overdrive" was distinctly limited, which was why they were sharing the only non-bumpy/broken bunk surface together. Not that the Doctor needed sleep, no. Rose had been slightly anxious about sleeping on her own on a strange boat with a dirty male crew that hadn't seen a woman for ten years, so the Doctor had settled with her whilst Jack Harkness stayed on deck, playing Captain.

Save for the odd call of the deckhands or creak of the ship as it swayed on the waves, everything was still and silent.

That was until:


The word spread like wildfire across the open deck and it took Jack mere seconds to burst into the sleeping quarters of the ship, waking Rose with a start and the Doctor even more so as he sat up straight, colliding with the hard wooden roof of the bunk accompanied with a loud 'thud!'.

"Jack, what the he-" Rose started to speak, but was instantly cut off.

"Pirates!" He dived forward to the confused girl and pulled her strongly to her feet. Instantly the ship swayed to the right as the deckhands tried in vain to shake off the pursuit of the pirates. Jack held onto Rose by her waist as the Doctor staggered onto unsteady feet, just about keeping his balance by holding onto the bunk rivets.

There was the sudden sound of splintering and cracking wood and the Doctor instantly knew harpoons were currently being driven into the side of the ship. He turned immediately to the cabin door, wrenching it open and bounding quickly forwards to the ladder leading up to the deck.

He climbed up as quietly as he could, pushing up the trapdoor ever so slightly to see what was happening above their heads. Through the gloom of the foggy night air he could see perhaps two-dozen pirate-dressed unwashed men threatening the crew with sharp-pointed swords. Bodies hit the floor as the pirates' patience gave out and they turned their ravenous attentions towards him.

He shut the trapdoor, and bolted it.

He fell back into the bunk room, shutting the door hard behind him and making sure all the bolts were done up as securely as possible – although even he knew it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. He didn't even glance up at Jack and Rose, instead diving straight to where a half tattered unwashed rug sat on the boarded floor. He threw it back, feeling along the boards expertly for a few seconds, before digging his nails into a ridge of some sort and pulling it open. Beneath there was a hollow compartment that served as some sort of secret stash holder, a rectangular shape just big enough for one person to curl up into.

The Doctor and Jack guided Rose into it, helping her down. She looked up at the Doctor as she curled into a ball, her eyes wide with fear and confusion.

"Rose, stay still, " he whispered lowly to her, extending a hand and brushing over her cheek for comfort. "Don't make a sound. If they find you I'll never forgive myself." He could hear the sound of bloodthirsty pirates screaming taunts as they broke through the trapdoor from the deck.

The Doctor gave her one last grin, and closed the compartment door. With Jack's help they threw the wrecked rug over the area is had originally taken, and together they turned to face the door.

Mere seconds later it burst open in a mighty crash and the Doctor and Jack were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of dirt and sweat as an entire crowd of pirates toppled into the room. The Doctor's arms were wrenched roughly behind his back as he felt something cold and sharp rest against his throat, a filthy hand grabbing his hair and wrenching his head back.

"Cap'n!" one said in a pirate's voice as another, much more dignified then the other swayed into the room as though he owned the place. "These be th' swabbies th' crew be talkin' about!"

"Thank ye, I can be seein' that," the apparent 'Captain' answered his crewmember. "Now, both o' ye, I'm told by yer crew thar be a young lass hidin' somewhere on this ship - a lass I would very much like th' company o' - an' I'm told ye're th' men t' ask."

Jack risked a glance at the Doctor, who put on a frown of confusement.

"There's nay girl on th' 'Overdrive' Cap'n," the Doctor started in his best 'pirate voice'. "Tho me matey Jack here tends t' be a wee girly at times. We've had nay girl here fer what...ten voyages?"

"Aye, Doctor – ten voyages! Me giblets be in decline!" Jack replied with a grin, but his eyes widened as the pirate holding the sword against the Doctor's throat lifted it to his cheek, pressing ever so slightly down on the blade. A line of blood trickled down the blade of the sword and dripped to the floor, the Doctor taking in a sharp breath as the acute pain shot through his now wounded cheek.

"I dasn't like swabbies who waste me time," he grunted, "I ha'en't seen a lass in fifteen voyages now tell me 'ere she be, or I be floggin' th' both o' ye!"

"Obviously haven't seen a shower in fifteen voyages either," the Doctor muttered under his breath, prompting the grip on his hands to be tightened to shoulder popping point.

"Take them t' th' deck – let's be seein' if they decide t' talk when they walks th' plank."

Jack immediately felt himself being dragged roughly across the floor of the room, Rose abandoned as he was pushed up the ladder on the open deck. Someone else restrained him and dragged him over to the adjoining pirate ship, towards the mast pole with ropes wrapping around his wrists to tie him to the pole.

He watched as the Doctor was also dragged out and over, hauled roughly towards the plank sitting ready in wait in the darkness of the night. Two pirates wrenched his arms by his sides and tied a long rope around him, making sure his arms couldn't move. If he fell in the water he wouldn't be able to swim.

A sword was drawn and pointed at the Doctor's chest, gesturing for him to move backwards along the plank. He obliged warily, just about risking a glance at Jack before he backed along the thin wooden board seven metres above sea level. He stopped at the end, hair ruffling in the wind.

"Do ye want t' tell me 'ere th' lass be?" the Captain questioned, and the Doctor gave him a friendly grin.

"No thanks," he answered.

"Any last words?" the Captain asked, and the Doctor's eyes seemed to remain fixed on his, not even moving his gaze. Understandably, the Captain became unnerved.

"Yes, actually," the Doctor said cheerily, nodding to a point over the Captain's shoulder. "Look behind you."

Before the Captain even had a chance to consider what he'd said, he suddenly felt something cold rest against the back of his head.

"Hands up, m'hearty," Rose said with a grin, pressing the musket to the back of the Captain's skull. "Let them go or I'll decorate this ship with an interestin' new colour called 'hint of brain'…" – she caught the Doctor's bewildered look – "…saw it on Blackadder." She shrugged.

"Oh!" the Doctor exclaimed, nodding. He looked around at the crew, starting to feel slightly unbalanced on the wooden plank straining to hold his weight now. They were obviously confused by this new occurrence, before the Captain spoke over all of them.

"What be ye waitin' fer? Do as she says!"

Jack was freed from his ropes by the nearest sword-wielding crewmember to which Jack took the liberty of relieving his sword, making his way through the crowd to the Doctor who was now back on hard ground. With one slash of the sword point the ropes dropped to the floor and the Doctor launched out to another pirate bystander, taking his sword also.

"How 'bout you just let us go back to our ship, and leave us alone?" the Doctor proposed to the intimidated crew.

"Not without th'…" the Captain suddenly swung around to Rose completely startling both her and her companions, the musket suddenly taken from her already loose grasp as a mud-clad hand clamped over her mouth, the musket now pointing towards the Doctor and Jack.

Then, before either of them knew what was happening, the crew turned on them.

Jack gave the battle cry and instantly launched out with his sword to the pirate crew now gathered around him, the Doctor following suit as he tried to make his way towards Rose without hurting anyone. It was seemingly impossible as several shots rang out in his direction, narrowly missing him but the swords were a little more precise; though still no match for his agility. He swung out his sword in order to clear his path, ending up lacerating quite a few pirates in their efforts to block his path.

"DOCTOR!" Rose screamed in his ears as he reached them both, launching off of his feet to her and the Captain and diving onto them. Rose was quickly helped up by Jack as the Captain and the Doctor fought with each other, rolling around in the floor to try and gain the upper hand on each other.

A humungous wind suddenly issued a loud groan from the tied ships, the weight of their original boat pulling on the pirates' and dragging it downwards. Rose screamed out once more as Jack disappeared from her side to fight the last of the pirates still remaining, the Doctor grabbing the dropped musket from the already bloodstained deck and pointing it back towards the Captain, getting onto his feet as he stared down at his helpless prize before him.

"Last chance," the Doctor called as the last of the pirates toppled to the floor, Jack instantly resuming his place beside Rose and holding her in protection.

The Captain didn't speak; instead he clambered to his feet and looked sideward at the girl standing still in the night air, one word on his lips:


The Doctor fumed, and pulled the trigger with a perfect aim. Breathing heavily the Doctor looked up at Rose, eyes dark and still full of hatred for the man he'd just executed. The musket dropped to the floor with a thud, the object instantly submitting to the Laws of Physics and fell down the slanted deck, dropping to the deck of the other ship below.

Then everything happened so fast the Doctor was sure he could have done nothing about it, even if he had known about it before. Evidently Jack had missed a member of the crew, who had taken the time to pop down to the ship's cargo stores and take a free box of gunpowder.

Rose could only watch in Jack's arms as the pirate lit the gunpowder – and everything exploded.

Rose and Jack fell unconscious instantly, the blast throwing their helpless bodies smashing through the wooden fence of the ship and scattering into the sea below. The Doctor was sent careering over the fence and onto the deck below of the other ship, hitting it with a force that this time took him out cold. He slid down the deck and toppled over the railing into the sea, plunging down into the dark depths of coldness.

Level 1: Complete!


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