Things the Yu-Gi-Oh cast would never say!

I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh. If I did, there would be more seasons. And I'm using the dub names for this.

Yami (Atem): Screw the heart of the cards, the whole duel is a set-up anyway.

Joey:I'm not hungry…

Tea: Who needs friendship when you have money! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tristan: I'm getting a new haircut!

Yugi: The millennium puzzle's too heavy!

Kaiba: I need a hug… MOMMY! (cries)

Ryou: That's it! I'm dying my hair electric blue!


Serenity: Hark, Hark, Hark! I'm a really, really bad girl!

Weevil (grins): EEEEEEK, a spider, GET IT OFF!

That's all for now! This is not a one shot; I'll be having more Things the Yu-Gi-Oh cast would never say. Until then, or the next chapter of my other story Duelists in Hogwarts, Buh Bye!