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Ten things the Yu-Gi-Oh cast would never say! (part 4)

31. Dark Magician: (to Pharaoh) Fight your own battles for a change! I QUIT!

32. Ishizu: I'm tired to talk about destiny all the time!

33. Yami: (to show director, again) Hey! I can't play Duel Monsters now! I gotta watch Naruto!

34. Joey: I gotta recognize, Kaiba has some serious skills. There's no way I can beat him!

35. Bakura: Ok Pharaoh. I forgive you. Now, can you make me high priest?

36. Yami Marik: There's only one way to settle this, Pharaoh… DANCE OFF! (music starts playing)

37. Serenity: Dammit, I'm sick of playing the sweet and innocent little girl! Time to get serious! Joey, hand over your Duel Disk!

38: Kaiba: Why Yugi, why can't you let me win a bit more often?!


40. Tea: Guys… I'm quitting the show… I decided to go audition for Pokemon…

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